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Do You Know the 4 Levels of Lightworker’s Purpose?

The four levels of the lightworkers’ purpose touch masses of people just like the ripples on the lake travel through the whole mass of water. A lightworker is a soul who agreed to volunteer on this planet and assist in transmuting darkness into light.

Although every lightworker is unique and has a distinct cosmic lineage and sets of skills, the primary purpose of lightworkers can be explained in 4 levels that are common to all.

If you feel attracted to the word lightworker and you think that you may be one, but you’re not sure if you’re contributing to the evolution of humankind, then you’ll find out that you’ve always been doing your light work.

It’s About Frequency

As you’ll read later, lightworkers’ purpose has always been present. You don’t need to go out and look for it. But knowing your life purpose is just the first step.

Tapping into your purpose consciously is where it all begins.

As a lightworker, you’ve always been living your purpose. But the question is: how much do you allow yourself to align with your core frequency?

You can either live your purpose unconsciously. Or you can embrace it fully and open up yourself to even more synchronicities and opportunities.

It’s not about what, it’s about how much.

How much do you get out of your way when it comes to your light work?
To what degree do you allow your higher self to guide you?

How powerfully do you choose to channel your light?

How much do you consciously impact other people?
Do you embody your life purpose in every moment?

How do you work with your gifts?

You see, even as a lightworker, you choose how much you collaborate with the universe and get out of your own way. You decide whether your purpose will be about you or you surrender yourself and step into it fully.

Even though you’re a master soul, you still have an ego and inner shadows that need to be transformed. In fact, this is the key to channeling your purpose consciously. Not one of us is a complete piece of art.

Just like we assist others, we, too, are on a path of inner evolution. This process beautifully goes hand in hand.

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The 4 Levels of Lightworkers’ Purpose

The purpose of lightworkers is to anchor and channel specific frequency codes that penetrate old structures and transmute them. There are many different ways how we can do it depending on our souls’ origin. But there 4 main means through which this process transcribes.

1. An imprint of Ancient Times

The purpose of lightworkers is to connect with the Golden times and key moments in human history and anchor those frequencies at this time.

The ancient times carry important frequencies for you as they help you to unlock and remember your spiritual gifts. But you also bring these frequencies to everyone else. This stimulates the remembrance of their higher selves.

Necessarily, you didn’t have to be born in ancient times to be able to do this. Yet you still feel very attracted to one of the civilizations like Lemuria, Atlantis, or ancient Egypt.

2. Unique Gifts and Skills

The lightworkers’ purpose is also about tapping into your spiritual gifts and skills. They’re the fruits of your soul’s journey throughout the universe and dimensions, as well, as imprints from your cosmic lineage.

As you become more conscious, your gifts will naturally return to you. You don’t need to worry about it. When our higher self sees that we’re ready to work with one of our gifts in a mature way (not misusing it), they suddenly come back to our lives.

However, you can also train yourself to use your current gifts more fully. Because there is always more depth, you can grow into even though you may think that this is all that there is.

3. Frequency Emitting

Frequency emitting is a beautiful life purpose of lightworkers. I know that you’ve noticed how other people respond to your light and how they want to be in your presence.

You may have also noticed that the way you feel (your current frequency) impacts others strongly. I’ve had a few conversations with my clients who told me that when they feel bad, they can “hurt” others with their energy without wanting to.

This is because your energy field is very strong, and it impacts people in your environment as well as people you think about.

The lightworkers’ purpose is also to tap into their core soul’s frequency and channel it. We, lightworkers, do it all the time. And you can tap into your frequency from 5% or 100%. This is where our free will lies.

The frequency emitting is beautiful, simple, and powerful. Some lightworkers have told me that they don’t want to be healers or yoga teachers. And the beauty is that they don’t have to.

Since every lightworker constantly emits its frequencies, it’s your presence that works magic. Even if you stood in a room full of people and said nothing, you’re unconsciously bringing more light to those people.

You don’t need to do something big in your life. The purpose of lightworkers can be much subtler yet equally powerful. So take the pressure off and align yourself with what is true for you. It’s not about what, but about how much you allow yourself to work with your core frequency.

4. Receiving Transmissions

Other non-incarnated light beings continuously send out transmissions that any lightworker can catch on. The transmissions contain new ideas that need to be born. They also carry messages and guidance either for you or others.

When you’re in your core frequency, you know which ideas are good to act on and when. Right timing is the key because when you feel overwhelmed, you stop your energies from flowing freely. As a result, you may feel ungrounded, anxious, and stuck.

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