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How to Follow Your Path and Align With Your Purpose

Only when you follow your path, you lead a happy life. Naturally, the biggest challenge is to know what your path is. To understand how to align with your purpose is an ongoing quest. It’s the only task that is we never accomplish because our life purpose isn’t anything static and set into the stone. We forge it and create it with each of our decisions.


What Does It Mean to Follow Your Path?

To follow your path, you need to work on two things continually. One is to look within, preferably every waking moment. Two is to allow yourself to act on what you find inside of you.

You can train to turn your awareness within yourself. The more often you practice it, the easier and more natural it becomes. It’s paramount to ask yourself profound questions, especially about your feelings, beliefs, and thoughts.


Only when you commit to finding yourself, you discover your core blueprint – the soul’s essence. 


Together with finding your true self comes the second step of following your path – act on what you’ve found. When you deliberately express your true self, you begin to align yourself with your path.

Just like aligning yourself with your purpose, expressing yourself is also a task that you never accomplish. The more you find who you are, the more you realize that there are other levels of you. Forever, you recreate yourself.


When you follow your path, you follow what is true to yourself.


Thus, you create the space in your life for your gifts, uniqueness, personality, spiritual self, wisdom, beauty, to show up. Following your path is never a complete task.

For a minute, imagine that you allow yourself to be who you know, in your heart, you are. How does it make you feel?

Do you feel spacious, joyful, and free? If so, then you understood what following your path means and why it’s crucial. In my opinion, no other way of living brings lasting joy.


I don’t want to follow in anyone’s footsteps. I want to follow my own path and do something unique. Kris Wu

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The Reason Why Most People Don’t Follow Their Path

As you may already notice, following your path isn’t that easy. Indeed, it’s one of the hardest tasks in life. Following your path is a matter of a constant fine-tuning. The more conscious you become, the more you see the ways you can align yourself with your path even more.

However, the main reason why people don’t follow their path isn’t that they wouldn’t know what their path is, but because they feel like they can’t do it. As strange as it may seem, most people stop themselves because they think that they can’t have and create what they most want.


The greatest pain comes when you don’t give yourself permission to be who you truly are. 


The part of the deal of being on Earth is that others influence you. Ideally, they inspire and support you. However, this isn’t the case most of the time. So far, I’ve met only one person who hasn’t allowed themselves to be negatively influenced by others. The rest of us allow it, even if it means that we postpone our dreams and happiness.

When I work with my coaching clients, I always see the same pattern – my clients are lightworkers with great potential and gifts, yet they don’t follow their path because of someone else. They hide their gifts because they think that they can’t express them. Thus, they allow someone else to decide their purpose.

Often, our subconscious mind gets in the way to our dreams. It makes us doubt our capabilities, worthiness, life purpose, and gifts. The fear-based mind convinces us that we can’t grow into our potential because of someone else. However, when this happens to you (and it happens to everyone), it’s not a sign that your path or dreams are wrong, but rather that you’re (too) near.


The fear that you can’t be yourself because of someone else shows you that now is the time to change it and become who you are meant to be. 


Don’t hold yourself back because of someone else. Your purpose is to be yourself and follow your path regardless of anyone else. Hence, don’t allow anything to stop you from creating your life the way you want it to be.


What Does It Take to Align with Your Path?

For me, aligning with my path is a major theme. You may wonder how do I know what my path is; well, it’s the art of tuning within constantly and not allowing any external opinions to stop me.


To align yourself with your purpose means that you tune within and adjust yourself (your actions, life, thoughts, and words) with what is true for you. 


Thus aligning yourself with your purpose is the art of a subtle attunement. You become better at it, the more you practice it. Although there is some guidance, the most valuable navigation you find in your heart chakra and the love-based mind.

However, here is an essential piece of a puzzle to help you follow your path. First, you must understand what does alignment means. The alignment means that you align 100% with who you (deep in your soul) are. It’s not enough to align yourself with your purpose from 65%. This would mean a modification of your actions; however, to align with your path, you need to align 100%.

When you align yourself with your purpose, you get out of your own way. This doesn’t mean that there will be no hardships because you meet challenges to evolve. However, it means that you don’t make it more difficult for yourself than it needs to be. Thus you learn to accept whatever is present in your life, and you’re willing to move through it and grow from unpleasant situations.

On your spiritual journey, when you begin to wonder about how to follow your path and align with your purpose, you move to a higher level of consciousness. For the majority of people, this equation is true; first, they care about their bodies, then about their minds, and then they take an interest in their soul and spirit.

When you move to the realms of the soul and spirit, and you’ve also integrated the realms of the physical world (body) and the mind, you find the answers on how to follow your path when you listen to your soul. It becomes much less about a 10-steps to gain confidence, but rather about feeling, embodying, and becoming.


You’re the One

You’re the one who decides to follow your path. Your soul is always ready to guide you. Will you listen?

You’re the one who knows when you live in alignment with your purpose. Since for everyone, the alignment looks differently. For me, it may be walking a path of purity of consciousness and embodying my soul. For Sam, it may be to follow her creativity and become an artist. And for you, it may mean something entirely different and unique.

You’re also the one who is responsible for letting it happen. Having doubts and fears is normal. Feeling lost and low at times is normal, too. Nevertheless, it’s you who decides if you let these things stop you or you grow from them.

The journey is about you.

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