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5 Life-Changing Ways How to Align With Higher Self

Learning how to align with higher self has changed my life. Our higher self is also known as a soul, and it’s the non-physical part of you that guides you effortlessly throughout life. You can imagine your higher self as the wiser you who can see EVERYTHING that you experience and also know WHY and WHAT it all leads to. It’s like having your best friend on the line anytime you need advice or help. Isn’t it great? I think it is!

Frankly, my relationship with my higher self is the driving force behind everything that I do. My soul guides me on my spiritual journey and also provides me with practical advice on a daily basis. Everyone can build this lasting bond with their soul. Your higher self always sends you information and guidance, but often we don’t recognize it and don’t act on it.


You can create a two-way connection with your soul by embodying your soul.


As you may know, embodying the soul is the bedrock for everything that I do. In a nutshell, it means anchoring your highest potential by each choice you make.

I’ll not lie to you, it takes a firm commitment, but it gets easier in time and with practice. However, nothing is more fulfilling than growing into the best possible version of you. And this is precisely what happens when you set off the journey to learn how to align with the higher self.

When you begin aligning yourself with your soul, your life naturally transforms because you’ll be asked to go way off your comfort zone and become more mindful. Your relationships deepen, and you start to be more interested in how to make the best out of your life – not to display it to others – but because it feels great to you. Slipping off the path is okay. On the contrary, this is expected because it’s throughout the process that we grow.


We never learn anything when we wait on the sidelines of the life we crave for.


One thing before I share the 5 ways how to align with higher self with you; alignment is about alignment. It’s NOT about having more or less of something. 


The alignment means that you align with what is true for you even though it means that you have to work harder or less. No comparison is necessary because this path is ONLY about you.


Thus, don’t waste your time by scrolling social media or thinking of what someone else has and that you should have the same (or better).


There is no real competition in life because your life is only between you and your soul.


Don’t limit your potential and happiness because you’re misaligned with what is true for you. Dive deep into your soul and find the courage to act on what you find there.

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5 Ways How to Align with Higher Self


1. Financial Abundance

What does financial abundance mean to YOU?

Do you need to work hard to earn the sum of money that looks good? Or would you be happier with less of finances but more of the free time?

Do you limit the money to flow to you freely because you’re afraid of your magnitude?

When it comes to creating financial abundance, it’s important to align yourself with higher self because you may found out that you actually need more or less money. In the media, we’re told that everyone should have as much money as possible. But what if it is not true?

What if there is a sum of money that is in deep harmony with your soul?

What that weekly or monthly sum would be?

When you become clear on what amount of money is in the energy alignment with you, then you can let it flow in. In my coaching practice, I’ve noticed that many people to struggle to receive money. And especially in an easy, natural, way.

In fact, I used to have a similar mindset around finances too. But when you tap into the frequency of your soul, anything that you need will start to flow into your life. Obviously, you’ll also need to show up and work, but the element of daily struggle will dissipate.


2. Your Rhythm

Are you too busy?

Do you postpone acting on your goals?

Do you clutter your time with things and people who drain your energies?

Do you regularly spend time on hobbies that you enjoy?

What is the rhythm of your soul?

It comes as no surprise that we live in a bustling world. Many people are overly busy out of subconscious fears that they may miss out on something or they don’t receive external validation when they slow down and get offline.

But what if you didn’t know how you “should” spend your days? What would change?

Would you rest more and spend time in nature?

Would you quit your job and move?

When you align with the rhythm of your soul, you’ll feel more energized and concentrated. Moreover, you’ll become more efficient too.


Not always doing more means doing something important.


3. Your Relationships

Do you behave in all of your relationships in accordance with your soul?

Do you mutually grow with your other half?

Do you feel loved in your relationships?

Or your bonds with other equal? Or does someone take without giving?

When we align more with the higher self, we notice that our relationships shift. They get deeper, more honest, and intimate. All of a sudden, we don’t want to “waste” our time with certain people because some people never change and we don’t let it drag us down any longer.

What kinds of relationships are in harmony with your soul?


4. The Relationship with Yourself

Do you support yourself in achieving your dreams?

Are you gentle and compassionate with yourself on your inner growth journey?

Do you allow yourself to seek help when you need it?

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. It’s the alpha and omega of the rest of our life. As you connect deeper with your soul, you find out that you’re more loving toward yourself.

When you work as a team with your soul, you comprehend that your only task is to grow and learn. It doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, it only matters how you approach it.

Do you give up on yourself when you make a mistake? Or do you learn from it?

What kind of relationship would you like to have with yourself?


5. Your Work and Purpose

Does your job (business) that reflects your soul?

Are you stretched enough to grow into your potential at your work?

Do you feel appreciated and receive an equal amount of money in return for your work (or services)?

Does your work bring deeper meaning to your life?

As you may see, living in alignment with higher self also requires changes. Often we fear and postpone making these changes until a situation gets unbearable or we find out that it’s (almost) too late.

We all need to finance our life, but at the same time, it’s not needed to stay in a job that doesn’t support the being you truly are. Hundreds of options are out there. If your work doesn’t fulfill you, have an honest conversation with yourself and think about what you could change.

Reach out for help, educate yourself, transition yourself at a pace that makes you feel comfortable, but don’t settle for less out of fear of change.

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