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the spiritual awakening process

The 7 Principles of the Spiritual Awakening Process to Master

The spiritual awakening process is an inner transformation, during which the way you think and experience life changes. There is no return ticket and life as you knew it disappears.

The spiritual awakening process begins with a quiet voice in your head asking you: Is there more to life? Can I accomplish some of my dreams? Is it too late, or am I just too scared to change?

Before you know it, your thoughts become deeper. You re-evaluate your relationships and also your life purpose. Gradually your heart opens up, and your feelings intensify to the point that it becomes challenging to suppress them.

I’m sure if you’re reading those lines that you’re in the process of spiritual awakening because otherwise, you wouldn’t have felt attracted to this topic.

What Is Spirituality?

Before I dive deeper into this topic, I want to make sure that you and I are on the same page when it comes to the term spirituality. To me, spirituality is the way of living. It’s not a weird sphere out of our reach.

Spirituality is another layer of our being. It’s the part of you that has a broader perspective on life and is more loving. When you begin to open up to spirituality, your perception changes, and you taste new colors that have always been there, yet you couldn’t have seen them because the logical mind put restrictions on your thinking.


Spirituality is about becoming a cosmopolitan and then universal being rather than a person confined in their box. 


There is nothing magical or fearful about spirituality, yet the logical mind does whatever it takes to prevent you from broadening your consciousness. It sabotages you whenever you take a step outside the comfort zone. It feeds you with fears and illusions so that you can keep hiding from love. The logical mind judges ideas that are different because they don’t fit its framework.

Learning how to deal with the logical mind which is conditioned by the society is the most challenging task during the spiritual awakening process. It’s normal to take a step forward and yet two backward. Be gentle with yourself during the process.

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The 7 Principles of the Spiritual Awakening Process


1. Don’t Rush It

When people first spiritually awaken, they get excited. The awakening is like seeing the world for the first time with fresh new colors. Everything seems appealing, and their eyes sparkle with the childlike joy.

Almost every spiritual “newbie” wants to learn everything now. They think that when you read spiritual books and understand its concepts, you’re spiritual. No, this is just the first step. You opened the gateway leading you to a different life.

Now, it’s time to get to work. Understanding the concepts won’t change you. Your mind will get more aware of new ideas, but the most important thing is to build solid foundations.

You don’t need to rush and look for the next bright spiritual idea. Instead, see what resonates with you and dive deeper.


The simplest truth is the most powerful one. 


I’ve seen many people who rushed the spiritual awakening process. They already wanted to reach another level because the more, the better, they assumed. But this isn’t a competition, and there isn’t a final destination. Remember that spirituality is a way of living.

The need to rush it comes from the ego. The ego is never satisfied and needs to distract you with new ideas or people. I don’t suggest that you stop evolving, but I suggest that you take your time.

The stronger foundations you build, the bigger your transformation will be.


2. Be Flexible

Many people think that they’ve figured out life. You can see it with any dogmas and strict thought systems that exclude other belief systems. The point of the spiritual awakening process isn’t to belong to some philosophical system, but it’s about finding what works for you and who you truly are. This search never ends because we forever evolve.

Thus when you become rigid with beliefs, you do a disservice to yourself. Instead of allowing spirituality to open up new dimensions for you, you close yourself into a box. No one knows what the absolute truth is. We all project our ideas on the world around us and then judge our thinking. Thus, don’t fear to stay flexible and ready to keep changing.


3. Don’t Let Anything Dim Your Light

Personally, this principle used to be one of the hardest to me. Like it wouldn’t be enough that we fear our inner light, others fear it too. When your inner light is on, your energy and essence shine through you wherever you go. You attract attention without trying. The more you connect with your soul, the more brightly you shine.

Naturally, there will be people who don’t like it because it reminds them of their shadows. Some may judge you, others may try to change you, and many will think that you’re too much or too crazy.

It takes inner strength to stand firmly in your light. Be ready to lose people, approval, or love. Those who are meant for you will love your light regardless.


4. The Art of Embodiment

The embodiment is the crucial principle of the spiritual awakening process. Without it, you’re playing with spiritual concepts in your mind but don’t act on them. As you read dozens of books, you find out that they all speak the same language. The core of all principles is identical and simple. The challenging task comes when you find out that you need to apply them in your daily life.


Spirituality without making it practical and turning it into your lifestyle is good for nothing. 


Embodying the principles takes practice, hard work, devotion, discipline, self-reflection, and commitment. In other words, it takes all the unsexy words to let it change your life. There isn’t any silver bullet. That’s why it doesn’t help you to rush it (#1 principle). At some point during the spiritual awakening process, you find out that you need to get back to basics and act on what you’ve learned.


5. Become a Laser Beam

A laser beam is a highly focused and condensed stream of raw energy that can cut through anything. With the help of meditation, you train your brain to become like the laser beam. When you focus on what matters and cut off the distractions, you become a potent creator of your life. You master the way you invest your time and energy.

Becoming a laser beam is about disciplining yourself. Not many of us were born as disciplined people, but it can be learned. One of the ways to practice discipline is to choose one activity and master it. Show up for it every day and push through the limits. When I lived in China, Iyengar yoga taught me discipline, and then I applied it to other life areas. It doesn’t matter what activity you choose as long as you commit to it and let it teach you its secrets.


6. Take Responsibility for Your Evolution

It’s advanced to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and developing the human vehicle. Most people don’t choose this path because it’s a lonely path.

Taking responsibility means that you take ownership of the changes that happen in your life. You’re aware of the impact of your thoughts on your life and others, and you stay honest with yourself, especially when the pain kicks in. And it will.

Don’t wait for someone to save you or to solve challenges for you. There is not such a person. Others may guide you for a period, but what you make out of your life is entirely up to you. The sooner you recognize, the more possibilities you’ll see.


7. Don’t Run Away

Sometimes, old life seems more comfortable and appealing. When you realize that you need to apply the spiritual principles to your life and the fear-based mind gets triggered, it’s tempting to run away.

You may want to run away from your feelings because they ask you to step up. Or you feel the desire to run away from your twin flame because he triggers the most painful feelings in your soul. There are tons of reasons to hide.

Running away is the easiest and the least satisfying road to travel. Anything that you try to hide from will eventually find you. Thus keep your heart wide open to anything that surfaces in your life. You’ll meet your soul there.

During the spiritual awakening process, it’s essential to find the pace that suits you and be flexible. If you don’t see the changes that you wished for yet, then perhaps it’s not the right timing, or you haven’t learned some lessons. But there are never concrete walls in front of you, keep moving and creating your path.

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