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how to grow into your potential

2 Powerful Techniques on How to Grow into Your Potential

No matter who you’re, one thing is certain; you’re far away from your full potential. Our potential is limitless. Thus we can never reach the final destination and then not evolve from there anymore. At least not in this lifetime.


Everyone operates on a fraction of their possibilities and strengths. 


Our full potential isn’t an endpoint to reach. Until we reunite with our Source, we’re on the journey of growing into our potential.

Regardless of what you’ve been experiencing, you’re a soul in a human body who is evolving and learning valuable lessons. Sometimes, we learn the lessons through pain while other times we master them through joy. But we’re always learning and practicing our lessons until we get them right.

Examples of how to grow into your potential

As we master our life lessons, we also grow more into our unlimited potential. Likewise, we become more conscious of various aspects of our true self which would have otherwise stayed of sight.

For instance, if Peter breaks up with Sabrina who ends up heartbroken, now she has a precious opportunity to realize new aspects of her. If she faces the breakup with acceptance and open heart, she can recognize her inner strength.

In the midst of this unpleasant situation, she can become vulnerable and meet her soul. Sabrina can understand that her inner power comes from within and is independent of another human being. Thus she has grown a bit more into her potential.

Another example of how to grow into your potential is when you choose to be courageous and take more risks at your work. Let’s say that you had been shy, but you decided to get out of your comfort zone.

As you take up new projects and go an extra mile, you might learn that you’re good at leading people. Suddenly, you rewrite the story that you’ve been telling yourself, and you become more confident in other life areas too. Hence you realize your potential of being a good leader and positively impact your co-workers.

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It’s about the unknown

As you see, there are endless possibilities of how to grow into your potential. Yet the ones that I want to guide you into are the ways how we can tap into our soul and higher potential.

Soul, our higher self, is the part of us that hasn’t been incarnated in the physical body. We’re forever connected to our soul, and she guides us in mastering lessons and evolving from a moment to moment.

Growing into potential isn’t just about learning a new skill. This is not what I mean here. To me, how to grow into your potential is more about expanding the capacity of the heart and aligning it with the mind and soul. I look at the potential from the soul perspective which is different than the mind’s limited way of understanding things.


The right questions to guide you to the highest potential are:

How do I embody my soul better today?

How can I become more of who I know deep inside I’m? 

What can I do to express my true essence in the world?

How can I anchor more light in my body?

What else is possible here?

How can I be more loving?

How can I respond to this situation with an open mind and heart?


The question of how to grow into your potential is more about exploring new universes and possibilities. It’s less about what you can touch and see, and more about the invisible. It’s about stepping into the parts of yourself that you aren’t yet aware of.


Your potential is about the unknown, vast, universe of the most beautiful aspects of yourself. Explore them.


The 2 techniques on how to grow into your potential


1. Meditation

In order to receive guidance on how to grow into your potential, you need to connect with your innermost self. One of the ways is to develop a regular meditation practice.

Here is a specific meditation that will help you:

  • Find a quiet place and sit comfortably.
  • Take a few deep breaths and feel your body.
  • Place your palms to the middle of your chest and ask your heart chakra to show you how to grow into your potential more. Ask your heart to show you the ways you haven’t thought about.
  • Then sit back and receive the guidance. It can come as images, or you’ll simply know what to do.


You can repeat this meditation as often as you like. It’s also a great way how to start morning positively. Thus you can receive guidance for the day ahead and take it one step at a time.


2. Your ideal self

Another option to achieve your potential is to take a piece of paper and write down these questions:


What would my most potent self do in this situation?

How would my ideal self live my life differently?


Then write your answers without overthinking them. You can write for 10 minutes without stopping (too much). After you finish, read what you wrote and underline sentences that move you.

The sentences that resonate with you the most are your stepping stones to reaching more of your potential. Of course, it’s equally crucial to anchor them in your life by acting on the guidance you received.

If you want to learn more about why this technique works, you can read an article about how we can connect with our future self.

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