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11 Tips to Change Your Life and Yourself For The Better

To change your life, you don’t need to wait for the new year. But frankly, it’s the time that inspires most people. At least for the first 2 weeks. Then, according to the statistics, people quit their new habits and go back to the familiar.

Changing your life is about developing a lifestyle that offers support and space for the new you. I’m personally more interested in changes that last and habits that can carry me through decades rather than quick fixes.

Thus, I want to inspire you to think for a while about the lifestyle that would support your dreams. And I’ll offer you some ideas about what you can focus on while changing your life.

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11 Tips to Change Your Life


1. Pay attention to your finances

Most people are scared to look at their finances. They don’t have a precise overview of where their money is going. I know how not having enough money can send us into the feelings of inferiority and of being restricted. It also may make you feel like it doesn’t matter if you pay attention to your finances. But it does matter.

Look at all your bank accounts and credit cards and write down how much money (and debt) you have. Then look at the past 6 months and count your average expenses. 

Write down every category where you spend money and then the average amounts next to it. And then commit to updating your income and costs regularly. Clarity brings change.


Your attention makes your finances grow regardless of the amount on your bank account. 


Even if your finances don’t look even close to what you wish, by bringing your focus on them, you tell the universe that you’re ready for more.


2. Listen to your body

If you want to change your life, you need to be in tune with your body. It can teach you a lot! Although time is accelerating and there is pressure on how quickly we need to do accomplish tasks, the body needs to rest.


The body has its own cycles, and when we push against them, we hit an emotional and energy plateau. 


If you’re pushing yourself, sooner or later, you’ll be forced to slow down. This can happen through the body or through some external situation. 

Stress originates in the mind. Then mind pressures the body which can’t withstand it forever. Thus, focus on eliminating energetic ups and downs by tuning into the rhythm of your body


3. Simplify and declutter

To change your life, you need to simplify anything that you can. When our lives are filled with things and commitments, we don’t stick to any change for long. Because all those other things take our energy and we then lack it for changing our lives.


Mind and soul both need space.

The more you simplify your life, the more you create space for the situations that are aligned with your true self. 


Declutter your home, your computer, or the working space. With each thing, ask yourself whether you truly need it and if it makes you joyful. If not, donate it. 

Which activities can you simplify?

Which commitments can you let go of? (Sometimes we voluntarily do things that we actually don’t need to do.)

How can you simplify your routines and relationships?


4. Clean up energies

To change your life, you need a lot of fresh energy to make new habits last. Every person and situation in your life either give you or cost you some energy. Ideally, giving and receiving are balanced. But, it’s not always the case.

Some situations and people are like black holes, and they suck our energy and inner light. Don’t give away your energy blindly, but learn to become a responsible steward of your energy body.  

Is this person always taking? Do you need to be in contact with them?

Do you have unfinished projects that take your energy? 

Which habitual reactions cost you too much energy? (For instance, when you get upset over the same things. Could you change your attitude?).


5. Set boundaries

Even if you want to help everyone, you can’t be available 24/7 for others. Helping should work both ways. It shouldn’t be a one-way draining stream.

When you commit to change your life, be ready that some people will negatively react to it. Because energetically, you start removing yourself from the vibration they inhabit. 

Therefore, when you want to change your life, you must become a gatekeeper of your boundaries. You need to direct your energy on the changes you wish to see and not let it disperse among others who just don’t want you to change. 


6. Be honest

It’s impossible to change your life if you’re dishonest with yourself. Not telling yourself the truth about what you think, feel, want, what you need to improve, is the way of ego to keep you stuck

Self-honesty means that you have unpleasant conversations with yourself often. You can take a piece of paper to your aid and start with these 15 questions


7. Create routines

If you don’t have morning and evening routines yet, it’s time to create them. Routines keep your mind in check, and they help you to be more intentional with your days. 

Morning and evening routines don’t need to be long or complicated. Perhaps, you only have 5 minutes, then try this. Or you can listen to a guided meditation album and stretch your body afterward. 

Create also a simple evening routine that will help your mind to rest and get ready for the night. The way you go to sleep is the way you wake up. So don’t forget to have an evening routine too.


8. Talk from your heart

Speaking your heart will change your life too. Because it doesn’t feed the ego, and it creates more intimacy with people. Especially your closest family shouldn’t need to guess about what you truly want and who you are.

If you follow tip #6 and you’re honest with yourself, then it’s easier to share your true feelings with others. Don’t be afraid to open difficult conversations because it’s the unspoken that undermines trust and interest. 


9. Integrity

When you live in integrity, you live in alignment with your true self. Even if things don’t sometimes turn out the way you wished, you know that you did your best. 

Integrity will change your life because it cuts through the ego. When your actions and intentions are pure, you won’t get involved in other people’s games either. 

For everyone, integrity means something different. But a great way to start is to stop gossiping, lying to yourself and others, and begin to shape your life based on your connection with your soul


10. Stop seeking perfection

Life isn’t about perfection; it’s a process. The motive to change your life shouldn’t be to become perfect but to become real, authentic, and raw. And create the life that you truly enjoy. 


Give yourself permission to act on your heart-based dreams regardless of how messy it may seem to others.


Perfection means stagnation. But, the purpose of life is to evolve, grow, and live it fully. Stop seeking recognition and validation from others, and instead dive into the person who is aching to be born. 


11. Heal 

An unhealed mind takes us repeatedly into our old selves. No matter how much you desire to change your life, if you don’t commit to your inner healing, it’ll be extremely difficult. 

Decide to prioritize your inner healing, and don’t wait for life to make you face old wounds. We all have limiting beliefs and wounds that don’t serve us. But the people who create the life they desire are the ones who commit to facing whatever it is that stops them. 

To change your life, first create space, clear out old energy. Commit to your inner healing and then develop habits that will carry you through every change. 

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