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7 Inspiring Actions to Declutter Your Life And Mind

Decluttering your life and mind should be one of your regular routines. When you can’t focus, or you feel stuck, the chances are that you’ve been avoiding decluttering your life, and as a result, you’ve attracted misaligned energy into your reality.  To draw something we desire, we need to create more space in our energy field, our minds, and also at the physical level. I invite you to make a new habit of a regular practice of decluttering your life.

7 Inspiring Actions to Declutter Your Life And Mind

1. Clean up your life!

Write on paper each of your life areas  – relationships,  job, health, money, relationship with yourself – and then go one by one and ask yourself: What needs to go?

What (or who) is no longer serving me? 

I suggest you spend some time on this. Because the stronger foundations you build, the easier it will be for you in the following years.

Once you have the answers, commit to cleaning those areas one by one. Step by step. Otherwise, they keep draining your energy. I know that you know it, but our ego always tries to resist any positive change. So, you have to be consistent and use the power of your will to breakthrough.

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2. Speak your truth

This may sound like a lovely little phrase, but it’s so powerful when you liberate your voice. I know that we’re not always allowed to say what we mean because of others. 


But the best place to start with anything is within yourself. Be truthful to yourself.


When you don’t do something, don’t tell yourself that you procrastinate or it’s difficult. Instead, tell the truth that you’re afraid, you don’t know where to begin, and maybe you feel overwhelmed, so you choose not to do it.

Another way to practice speaking of your truth is to be honest with your feelings. Don’t try to numb them by watching TV, gossiping, shopping, or drinking alcohol. Instead, take power back and tell yourself how you really feel.


3. Get organized

Organize both – your inner and outer worlds. After you know what is true for you and what is not, get organized.

Go through the place you live and organize your things. Then go through the files and bookmarks on your computer and make everything clean and clear. Repeat the same with your books, clothes, office place, and any place you spend your time.

The more organized you get, the more space you create for better things that come your way.


4. Morning routine

Just as it’s important to declutter your space, it’s equally important to declutter your mind.

One of the great ways to begin is to have a morning routine that sets the tone for the rest of the day. I like to change my morning routines now and then based on what I work on and want to strengthen.

Every morning should be a sacred time for yourself. I know that many people say they don’t have time, but it’s so worth it.

For instance, I was getting up at 5 am for a couple of years, so I had time for myself. Now that I don’t have to, I naturally wake up between 5 and 6 am ( I quit having an alarm clock).

The bottom line is that you always find time for things you love, and you’ll love your morning routines when you see the benefits it has for you. You can read some inspiration on the morning routine here, but I invite you to create what works for you. Experiment!


5. Let go of people who don’t resonate with you

This is a topic that I always touch during my life coaching sessions. In general, people tell me that they want to change, but they cannot because of someone.

And I get it! It took me a very long time and a painful lesson to realize that I needed to let go of people who didn’t grow in the same direction as me. Some of our closest people can turn into energy vampires, and that causes you a lot! More than you think!

It’d be nice to have the same group of people since childhood, but it’d also mean that we’re not evolving. The moment you begin to grow internally, you change, and not everyone you know will change too. It’s natural.

When you let go of these people (and I know that you know exactly who they’re), you create space for people at the same wavelength.


6. Declutter your life

When I lived in China for 2 years, I realized how few things I actually needed. Now, I’m back in Asia for another year, and the only thing is my backpack with stuff for my work and books for studying Chinese and a few pieces of clothes.

That’s it. My backpack weighs about 14 -15 kg (for one year), and I know that I could still throw away some things.

I’m not saying that everyone needs to go light! But we need to own much fewer things than we think.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, but when we have fewer things, the lighter and better we feel. More space in our environment creates more space for our thoughts and happiness.

So, you can think if there is something you feel is weighing you down and then donate it to someone in need.


7. Simplify

Discipline didn’t use to come to me easily. It felt like restriction, but then I understood that when I know what I’m doing each day, I feel better and I’m more productive.

You can declutter your life by simplifying it. A good place to start is to ask yourself which media do you want to follow (I’m sure that a lot of space will free up :)).

Then you can think of your weekly schedule and see which activities don’t energize you, and you could choose not to do them.

Let’s say that you have some project going on. You can think which steps would generate you the result you want and then direct your energy onto it and cut off the distractions.

Another good way to simplify your life is a social media detox. It brings clarity and peace of mind.

I hope that you’ve found some inspiration in this article!

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