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5 Tools to Master Your Mind

It’s not easy to master your mind. Back in 2011, I was thinking about the moments in which I gave up or accepted a compromise, I found a common denominator. It’s my mind. My fears. My doubts. The story that I’m telling myself about what I should want.

Each time I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, fears were telling me why I shouldn’t change anything. My fear voice was whispering me that having a stable, safe, and comfortable life was better. But, what about my soul? My dreams? What about what I want?

There is a reason why each of us has a different calling, talents, dreams.


What if we have our dreams to become the best versions of ourselves?

What if the purpose of life is to grow and not stagnate?

What if we live to break all the boundaries and become free creators?


Each of us has given up to some degree. Otherwise, we would live different, better and more exciting lives. However, we are the only ones who can help ourselves to make our dreams happen. Only we can get ourselves on the right track with the right mindset.

If we give up our dreams, we give up ourselves. It means that we think we’re not good enough to have it all. Yet, we wouldn’t have desires that we can’t make come true. There are no desires that cannot be accomplished. None. Zero. Instead of accepting our desires, we choose to listen to our fears. And then we wonder why we don’t feel fulfilled.

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5 Tools to Master Your Mind


1. What is right about being negative?

The first step to master your mind is to question yourself. How those thoughts help me to feel safe? Yes, you read right.

There is an excellent reason for being afraid and not doing what you truly want to do. We always want to protect ourselves from failures or not being loved. Although, we seemingly sabotage ourselves, yet we try to avoid even greater pain.

Thus the ego tells us that if we stepped out of comfort zone, we would find out that we do not deserve love or success. Thus being negative is a self-defense mechanism.


Instead of getting caught up in the web of negative thoughts, change the false belief.


2. Redefine your beliefs

When you know what belief wants to keep you safe, redefine it. Choose differently. Ask yourself how your life would unfold if nothing would change? Realize what you risk if you listen to the ego and its fearful talks. Think about the perfect job that you want to have or your other significant or healthy lifestyle. None of it will come if you keep the same beliefs.

3. Who am I?

Ask yourself who are you and write it down. Be as specific as you can. Are you a person who loves taking photographs? Do you love to dance a sing when no one is at home? Are you an individual who wants to change the world for the better? Do you feel there is an artist inside?

Finding who you are, will help you to realize other facets of yourself. Thus, you can stay motivated and let the diversity shine through you. Say yes to all these aspects that you have. Play with them.

4. Be there for yourself. Always.

Become the CEO of your mind. Take full responsibility for the way you think and the way you talk about your dreams. Don’t abandon you when there are tough times. Instead re-commit to yourself even more. There are always ups and downs.

Remember, the salvation isn’t in future. Nothing will change by itself or thanks to someone else. The change is just about you and now. Nothing else matters. If you abandon yourself, why anyone else should be there for you?

5. Guide yourself through difficult times.

Challenges help us become true selves. Think about your life and be aware of the same patterns and lessons that you encounter again and again. Realize what kind of thinking and behavior you chose in challenging times.

If you don’t believe in you and have negative thoughts about how can you then have the outcome you want? Rather learn to guide yourself through times when you step out of your comfort zone and keep moving in the right direction. Commit to always be there for you and you’ll help yourself to achieve your dreams. Since there is no one else, who can do it for you. You’re the one who knows all your doubts, thoughts, desires.

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