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Do You Feel Busy? Find Your Own Rhythm

For many, feeling busy seems almost inevitable. We live in such a bustling world. It seems that even if we keep ourselves busy, there are not enough hours in the day. New stimuli flow to us from each direction.

Many coaching clients have asked me whether it’s okay to feel busy all the time. For many of us, it seems that this is an endless run to nowhere better. And that is actually true.


Keeping ourselves busy can be addictive. We get used to having full schedules and overwhelming ourselves to the point that we don’t know how to stop.


Our mind gets used to being on a constant run, and it doesn’t know how to slow down. This can lead to additional problems such as insomnia, being easily irritated, or having difficulties focusing. Feeling busy is a habit.

Discover what makes you feel busy

Being busy doesn’t equal doing something important. Sometimes we need to work a bit harder because we have a deadline. But many people keep themselves busy by watching TV, browsing social media, or shopping.


Being busy shouldn’t be viewed as a badge of living life to the fullest. On the contrary, it can also mean that we don’t know how to use our time and prioritize well. Or that we unconsciously sabotage our goals.

The reals question are:

Why do you keep yourself busy?

What do you want to escape from?


There is always some reason why we keep ourselves busy. At some point, there must have been an (unconscious) decision that begins this vicious circle. Try to discover the root cause.

Often by being busy, we want to escape from something. It’s not uncommon that people start working harder when they’re in a non-functional relationship, or they feel that they have to prove their worth.

Sometimes, we’re busy because we don’t trust our inner guidance and we want to replicate the success of others. We do what they’re doing because we think that it will make us happy. It’s the case when you want to climb the corporate ladder since you believe that once you become the senior manager, you’ll enjoy life better.

Or you start a business, and you read about other successful entrepreneurs to find inspiration, but at some point, you get overwhelmed, and you realize that it doesn’t make you happy anymore.

Whenever the incentives come outside of you, it’s not sustainable in the long run, and it doesn’t lead to joy.

Discover your intentions behind your actions, and you have a chance to break the cycle of always being busy.

I have realized that everyone has their inner rhythm. Your rhythm is different from anyone’s else. This is one of the main reasons for stress and overwhelmed. We try to follow the fast pace of society without respecting what pace works for us.

We go against the natural rhythm of our bodies and souls. It leads to burnout and long-run stress.

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Why should we find our own rhythm?

What I’ve come to realize is that everyone has a distinct level of energies and different inner rhythm.


Besides the body rhythm, there is also a rhythm of our soul (higher self).


The soul guides us to particular activities at the best time for us. When we push ourselves into doing more when the time is not right or when we should rather rest more and connect with our inner self, then we feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

The soul guides us to specific activities at the best time for us. When we push ourselves into doing more when the time is not right, we go against the wall.


On the outside, it may appear as speeding things up, but on energy level, we create blocks that prolong everything.


This is rooted in the mindset of lack and scarcity. For if we believe that the universe supports us and that it wants the best for us, then we can relax into our being. We don’t have to strive for things because we know that what’s ours will come.

The universe is working for you. It brings you what you need at the right moment. When you understand it, you allow yourself to respect your inner guidance that comes in the form of feelings and intuition. And more importantly, you get out of the way!

When you want to fit into a rhythm that is faster or slower than yours, you don’t use your energy and time efficiently. Therefore you feel a lack of energy or inspiration because some part of your energy goes into wrong places.


I work on a project basis

Let me give you an example. I like to focus properly whenever I work. And I love to do things that make sense for me – there is always pure intention behind what I choose to do or not.

When I was starting my business as a life coach and public speaker, I thought that I should do it as others. Luckily for me, I wasn’t able to push myself into the direction “I should” which made me create a new way. The one that reflects my own rhythm.

I choose to work on a project basis. Let’s say that sometimes I have a monthly project when I create videos for my new online program. Or I have a weekly project when I create a guided meditation album.

During this time, these are my priorities, and I begin my days with them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything else during that period, but I prioritize and choose what can and what cannot wait.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed is that when I slowed down and got focused, I’ve got much more done.

I stopped wasting my energy on things that would not bring my business forward and began prioritizing what was more important. In the end, the results have improved, and I’ve felt more relaxed and calmer.

I also prefer spending a lot of time in nature and with people I love. Therefore, I selectively choose when I’m online and available to others.


What is your rhythm?

When you stop trying to be everything to everyone, you start to be there truly for you. Your rhythm is different from mine or someone else’s. It’s fantastic that we can get inspired by other people, but it shouldn’t make us ignore our inner rhythm. For everyone works something different.

We cannot fit ourselves into something that works for others and expect to feel happy. Each of you has own timing, own path to walk and own experiences. What works for others might be a disaster for you.

So what if you would give up the idea that you have to keep up with the always-bustling world and rather find your own pace?

Wouldn’t that feel liberating?

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