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why some people are more successful than others

5 Reasons Why Some People Are More Successful Than Others

During my coaching practice, I’ve met many amazing souls with great ideas, but they don’t believe that they can succeed in achieving what they want. They don’t feel in charge of their lives. I’ve noticed that they usually, they have similar reasons why they don’t think that they can make their goals happen.

Here are the most commons ones:

  • lack of time
  • having a family and responsibilities
  • being too old or too young
  • lacking the knowledge how to do something
  • not knowing where to start
  • it seems too complicated or too difficult
  • the results haven’t appeared yet, so this is the sign that what they’re doing is wrong
  • being afraid of what their parents, spouses, or friends would think
  • the good things can happen to others but not for them
  • they don’t believe that they deserve success

I could continue adding more reasons which people use, but the bottom line is that if you want to succeed in anything – you must decide for it entirely.


Success isn’t an accident, it happens intentionally. 


When you want something so much that there is no other option, then it must eventually occur. It’s not enough to try a little or occasionally, the success is done on purpose.

Think about all the great people who have succeeded despite adversity. One of them is  Nelson Mandela who spent a significant part of his life in prison. Or Oprah Winfrey who was told that she didn’t have any talent and that she will never be successful.

Anyone can be successful

Before reading the reasons why some people are more successful than others, I want you to understand one thing; anyone can be successful. It’s your choice. 

For me, success means knowing your desires and passions and deciding to fulfill them.

We can either live in an unconscious way which makes us live a dull and somewhat shallow life. Or we can choose to be faithful to our dreams and trust that we have them for a reason.

The harsh truth

I know that the choice to succeed no matter what can be scary because it requires a lot of hard work, but no other way of life will make you feel fulfilled. You can lie about how amazing your life is by posting perfect photos on social media. You can also lie to yourself how much you like your job and that it’s fine to sit in an office at least 40 hours weekly.

It’s also not a problem to persuade your friends and yourself that it’s fine to have a relationship where you’re more like friends than partners.

Sure, this all can be done, and many people are playing this theater day by day. But you can never convince me that this is what makes you happy. I don’t think that it’s fine not to live life fully. And I believe that you should never try to fool yourself that you’re happy if you aren’t.

Going into discomfort is fine as long as you realize what you want to change and then do it. We don’t need to avoid uncomfortable emotions because they teach us what we should change.


Becoming a successful person is about being honest with yourself about what you want and then commit to it. 

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5 Reasons why some people are more successful than others


1. They don’t give up.

When things go wrong, they learn from their mistakes. Challenge isn’t a sign that it’s better to give up but rather that there is something valuable to learn.

When things don’t go as planned, they evaluate what they can improve next time. For them, adversity isn’t the end of the world, and they don’t dwell in self-pity. Or at least not for too long. If a successful person wants something, then there is nothing that can stop him. A determination is one of the most important qualities successful people have in common.


2.  They value their time. 

Unsuccessful people are everywhere and anywhere at once. Each new message distracts their focus because they don’t dedicate their time towards their goals. They don’t even know what their goals are.

On the other hand, successful people know exactly what they want to achieve, and they make sure that they align their decisions with their vision.

It means that they often say no to others because they know that being in charge of their schedule means being in charge of their lives. If you feel like you have a boring life, then you’re quite likely wasting your time on unimportant things.


3. They are willing to go into discomfort.

Unsuccessful people want to avoid pain at all costs. If there is something that seems like hard work, they aren’t willing to do it. They want to have everything the easy way. Going to work which they don’t like, complaining about it, and then coming home to watch TV or spend the evening on a computer or drinking in a pub with friends.

Successful people are okay with challenges and discomfort. They understand that they have to grow and learn new things continually. When there is an opportunity,  they say yes to it and then figure out how to do it.


4. They take action. 

Unsuccessful people stay only dreamers. In a pub, they complain about politics or their job, but in reality, they never do anything about it. For them, it’s enough to complain and get the approval of others.

While successful people align their actions with their dreams. They understand that it’s only them who can make their dreams happen, so they don’t wait for miracles and go for it.


5. They don’t get influenced by the opinions of others.

Every successful person knows that other people ( who aren’t happy and successful) try to get them into their fear town. They project all kinds of fears and “good” reasons why something shouldn’t work and why it’s too complicated.

The successful person recognizes this kind of people, and he doesn’t bother about their own limiting beliefs. He thinks ‘whatever’ and he does what HE wants anyway.

On the contrary, unsuccessful people get scared. They believe that; ”Mary was saying that she tried it once and it didn’t work so I shouldn’t try it either.” They get easily influenced by the opinions of others, and they’re not willing to go against the majority.

I hope that this article was inspiring for you. If you know anyone who could benefit, please, feel free to share. Sharing is caring 🙂

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