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This is My Simplest Spiritual Practice that Works Miracles

For me, a spiritual practice is the moment when I connect with the Divine, and when I dive even deeper into myself. When I began my healing journey in 2011, developing a spiritual practice was the smartest decision I could make. The second best choice was to move to the other side of the world.

As I was longer on my journey, I tried different spiritual practices. After I healed the deepest wounds and reconnected with my soul; I found out that I didn’t need to meditate daily anymore. Or do other things that would make me feel good. I began to feel happy naturally without any spiritual crutches to support me.



The side effect of healing is coming back to your true self. 



However, there is one spiritual practice that I still use daily, and that has the power to shift any energy or situation into magic. It sounds promising, right? But this is how amazing this one tool is when it’s done from the right space of mind and heart.


My Favorite Spiritual Practice

I love simple and practical things. So without a doubt, my favorite spiritual practice is prayer. I’ve always prayed, but my prayers have changed, and along the way, I figured which prayers get “answered” and which don’t.


Prayer is a simple and yet potent tool to shift your frequency and attract healing and abundance. 


There are two kinds of prayers – one that affirms love and one that acknowledges our fears. Some people manifest their fears into being by praying from a misaligned state of mind.

I used to pray from the space of fear when I was a little girl. I’d pray for my family members from the space of worry rather than love. Sometimes I’d also ask for something specific to happen because I didn’t see myself as a creator of my life yet.

I believe that this is quite a common way to pray. Yet, this way of praying CANNOT bring us the results we want. Whenever we pray from the place of worry, fear, or lack, we reaffirm those frequencies within us and make them stronger.


Pray from a space of deep gratitude, sincerity, and knowing. 


By praying, you reaffirm what is already within you even though you may not see it yet. This is not the place to state your demands and even less so if they’re based on the ego.

So instead of saying something like this: Please, God, I don’t feel good, save me.

You may rephrase your prayer like this instead:


May I be one with God today. May I invite God into the core of my soul so that only perfect love and harmony can exist within me. 


Do you feel the difference between these two prayers? The first prayer affirms lack – you don’t feel good. While the second prayer affirms your natural state of being – love and harmony.

As a daily part of my spiritual practice, I like to pray in the morning to align my mind with God. And I also pray throughout the day before I coach people (there, my spiritual practice gets a bit more extensive, but this is still in the heart of it).

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Why Will Prayer Change Your Life?

Prayer has the power to shift your energy and perception instantly. The most powerful prayers are the ones that realign you with your higher self and God.

Those prayers put your ego aside and remind you that you’re the creator of your existence, and if you choose it, then wonderful things can happen for you. 


When you speak out loud a prayer, you command your reality. 


You have the power to command your reality. You do it constantly, even if it doesn’t look the way you wish. It’s true that sometimes we need to go through initiations regardless of whether we feel that it was our choice, but most of the experiences are still our creations. 

Speaking out that which you desire sends out ripples of energy into your environment. Those ripples then interact with the greater matrix that exists beyond the visible world, and it brings back to you what you asked for.

And thus, you DO command your reality with every spoken word. When you pray first and the last thing in your day, you infuse your matrix with a Light Language, and when it reaches its frequency minimum needed for manifestation, then your prayers are answered.

So, I invite you to make praying a part of your spiritual practice and consciously work with your own matrix. 


How to Turn Prayer into a Powerful Spiritual Practice

Prayer is faster than meditation, and you can feel similar effects. So if you have only a little bit of time while getting ready for work, you can include praying into your spiritual practice. 


1. Higher Power

First, choose to whom you direct your prayers. It can change depending on your needs, but each prayer should have a receiver. This helps the transmission of frequency.

You can pray to your Higher Self to illuminate your path. You can direct your prayers to the Universe, Source, God, Angels, Ascended Masters, or any other being that you feel drawn to. 


2. Intention

Before you speak out loud a prayer, take a moment to contemplate on your intention. What is the final outcome you wish to achieve? 

Do you pray to be saved by some Higher Power?

Or do you affirm your own soul’s sovereignty and oneness with all that exists?

Do you affirm your fears or a lack?

Or do you acknowledge your innate power and strength?


3. Words

There are plenty of prayers that you can use for yourself. But I believe that one of the most powerful prayers are the ones that we create ourselves.

When you make your own prayer, you infuse it with a strong intention, and it’s likely to get you into the right state of mind. Writing your own prayer isn’t complicated. Use touching and powerful words and make it simple.


4. Certainty

Certainty is a key component of this spiritual practice. A good prayer is like an extension of your true self. You declare the reality you want and at the same time, realize that you’re the creator of your life. 

At first, it may take a while to get into space where you feel like this is what you want, and therefore, it will be yours. But you can always declare something that you already believe to be true.


For instance:

There is a perfect design in all God’s creation. Therefore I allow my body to reflect the impeccable health and genius that pulsates throughout the universe. 


This is the trick with prayers. You keep rephrasing them until you feel that this is it. When you’ve found the perfect words for what you want, then you feel powerful and have unshakable faith.

Listen to this free guided meditation that welcomes peace and clarity into your mind. 

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