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how to manifest dreams into reality

5 Key Steps How to Manifest Your Dreams into Reality

There are 5 steps to how to manifest your dreams into reality that never fails. Regardless on which level of manifesting the life you want you are. But before we dive deeper, let me explain a little bit of how the manifestation works. A manifestation is a process when we turn our dreams into reality by the power of our thoughts.


Our thoughts emit frequencies that go into our environment and attract to us equal frequency. 


The Law of Attraction works 100% of the time. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that you create your own reality with your thoughts. It works nevertheless.

The universe is vibrationally based. You, me, flowers, houses, air, planets, and everything else are frequencies. If you’d see your body under an excellent microscope, you’d mostly see space and fast-moving particles. Not flesh or blood.

The reason why we see the solid matter is that our physical sight can’t catch up with the speed of these light particles. Simply, our body and everything else is energy-based – you can read more about it here.

Test the power of your thoughts

If you still don’t believe that you always manifest your dreams to reality, then do a simple experiment!

Find a quiet place and take a piece of paper.

Write down 20 (or at least 10) of your most common thoughts or beliefs regarding one life area of your choice. You can choose your relationships, for instance. And then, after you finish writing your most common thoughts, compare them with the reality you experience.

Can you see any similarities? If you need more proof, then go one life area after another and repeat the same process until you recognize the pattern.

How does manifestation work with time-lags?

We manifest our reality all the time, and therefore we always receive what is in alignment with our dominant vibration. When you look at what you’re experiencing today, remember, it’s not the result of your current thoughts – but your past thoughts.


There is a time lag between your thoughts and seeing their result in your reality.


Alternatively, you can think of it like today you’re creating your future.

Thus when you want to control the direction of your manifestation, bear in mind that it takes sometime before you see positive changes. So don’t disregard the whole process if you don’t see the outcomes right ahead.

With your feelings and thoughts, you build-up strong momentum that is like a fast-moving train that needs first to slow down, then stop and then change its direction.

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5 Key steps on how to manifest your dreams into reality


1. Know EXACTLY what you want

The first step sounds easy, right? But you’d be surprised to hear that very few people know their exact goals.

It’s like you’d like to get a raspberry ice-cream, but you’d just order an ice-cream, and you get a vanilla ice-cream that you hate. The problem isn’t that you didn’t get what you asked for.


The problem is that you weren’t precise while ordering it. 


The same logic applies to the universe.

I’ll give you another example from my life that I like to joke about. Many years ago, I was in Hong Kong, resting at the beach. At that time, I was single, and so I decided to write a list of qualities of my ‘dream’ man.

Down onto a paper, I put all the essential qualities – like having the same lifestyle, desire to travel around the world, having my own business, supporting and believing in my dreams, but…

Well, I love sunny and warm climates. But as I didn’t want to keep the list “superficial,” I didn’t add that I’d like him to be from some warm southern country.

Well, a little less than a year after I met my husband. He has all the qualities and much more! But… he comes from the Arctic circle 🙂 So be specific!


You see, if you leave one detail out, you might get something slightly different.


2. Face your fears

The moment you get clear on what you want, the universe will start working on it. But what happens meanwhile is that all your fears (or lack of belief) come to the surface.

Why? Because it’s the part of the process.


For you to have what you want, you need first to clear out the resistance you hold towards that subject. 


You can only heal your fears when you’re aware of them. Therefore, they’ll flow into your consciousness, the faster, the stronger your desire is.

This is the most confusing step because it’s easy to give up when all you see are seemingly the reasons why you can’t have it. But since you know that this is the part of the “fun,” you can become present with your negative thoughts and work on them consciously.


3. Embody the vibration of your desire

In order to have something, you must also become it. Since everything is vibrational, you can only attract the same vibration that you have. Like attracts like.

Imagine a very happy person – how likely is it that he’d voluntarily hang out with someone who is gloomy all the time and just complain about their life?

It’s not. The same is true for things in our life.


Anything that you desire has own frequency blueprint. So do you. And your two blueprints must match for you to allow what you desire into your life.


Therefore, this step is about embodying what you want. If you want more money, then embody the frequency of abundance. If you want to find love, then become loving. If you want a bigger house, take care of the place you live in now.

Simply become what you desire. Because then you vibrate at the same frequency, so you become magnetic to your desires.


4. Surrender your wish

Now is the time to let the universe do its thing. You can’t control the outcome anymore if you’ve done the previous steps correctly.

The universe acts through people and situations, so it must rearrange quite many things for you to have what you want.


If you’d hold onto your desire too much, you build up a strong field of resistance around yourself.


Therefore, even if the object of your wish would be ready for you, it couldn’t come nearer to you. You wouldn’t let it.

You know that we all have a selective perceiving, and we perceive only what matches the system of our belief. Therefore, surrendering your wish to the universe is crucial.

It’s a sign of trust that you can have anything you want, and so you’ll have it.


5. Follow your joy

This is an additional step to help you stay in the frequency of receiving. The glimpses of what you’d like to do are, in reality, your inner guidance talking to you.

Your inner guidance sends you subtle signals of what is best for you to do each moment. 

We can never see the greater picture of what is best for us to do. But we can always trust our inner guidance because it knows where we’re heading and which lessons we need to understand.

The mechanism through which we receive the guidance is the joy. When you follow it, you’ll automatically get out of your way and align with your highest potential.

If you want to continue reading about manifestation, you can read my article called: 9 Principles of Conscious Manifestation that I wrote for Thrive Global. 

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