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How to Trust the Universe to Align With Your Highest Good

Perhaps you assume that the universe wants only the best for you, but deep in your heart, do you trust the universe? Finding the way how to trust the universe, especially amid challenging times, isn’t easy. Sometimes, I’ve definitely struggled with letting go of control when I got attached to one idea out of fear that nothing better would work out.

For me, learning how to trust the universe has been one of the big lessons of my life. Although I’ve never questioned the existence of a higher power (universe, God) and I knew that this power was always ready to support others, I didn’t think that it was here to support me at all times.


How does the lack of trust the universe reflect in your life?

I know that many lightworkers struggle to trust the universe deep within. Even though it’s one of the key relationships in their life calling to anchor more light on this planet, there is a lot of ancient pain that must be released before we can trust the universe again.


When we don’t trust the universe we unconsciously cut ourselves off the abundant flow. 


Without trust in the universe, you may fall victim to the trap that you’re never good enough. No matter how much you evolve, it’s never sufficient to create the reality you wish.

If you examine the innermost parts of yourself, you’ll see that it’s the fear and lack of self-love drive your decisions. When we don’t trust the universe, we repel financial abundance, love, and even emotional and mental support of friends or family. Moreover, after a while, we begin to feel stuck and unable to move toward achieving our goals.


If things don’t currently flow in your life, take a closer look at your relationship with the universe (God). 


It’s a bit contradictory to do a lot of inner healing and not trust the universe. Since the lack of trust in the universe undermines the positive effects of your healing. After you make progress, the fearful mind can recreate similar issues like the ones you had wanted to let go of.

At some point, everyone needs to strengthen their trust in the universe. Otherwise, we don’t allow ourselves to be supported as fully as we can.

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How to trust the universe 

If you want to learn how to trust the universe, I invite you first to examine your subconscious fears and beliefs around this topic. I’ve found out that healing the trust in a higher power goes much deeper than we may realize. It stands at the heart of most issues. 

The 3 tips of how to trust the universe that I share with you work more on the mental and heart levels. But to create an unshakable trust, don’t forget to work with the programming of your subconscious mind.


1. You don’t know what is best for you

As I was strengthening my trust in the universe, I realized that the ideas of my mind block that paramount connection. I assumed that I knew what was best for me and the “ultimate” vision for my life when, in reality, it was a limited version of what is possible. 

Sometimes we have those clear ideas about what career position, what kind of house, or relationship we want. But as long we allow only this one specific option, we shut the door on greater possibilities. 


Often we control outcomes because we don’t believe that something better can come our way. 


I have hundreds of examples to show you that when you let go of the fixed ideas of what is best for you, something much superior will show up.

For instance, one of my clients was working on financial abundance. After we cleared out the subconscious programs and healed the energetic patterns, she realized how much she was trying to force things to be a certain way. 

We built up an unshakable faith in the universe, love, and herself, and so she was ready to accept something far greater than she ever imagined. Then just within the next two weeks, amazing opportunities showed up, and she earned more money than in the previous couple of months altogether.

Now, she is transformed. My client understands that she doesn’t need to have fixed ideas because as long as she trusts the universe, things beyond her imagination come her way. I want to invite you to take a look at your ideas and see whether perhaps you limit yourself. How would it be to trust the universe and open up for something better?


2. Cultivate love in your heart chakra

It’s not easy to trust the universe at all times. Especially when we begin to practice this muscle, we need to create extra efforts to not slip back to our fearful mind. However, one of the essential tools that will help you to trust the universe is to open up your heart chakra. When your spiritual heart awakens, everything changes. It’s like waking up from a long dream. 

But you must consciously maintain your heart chakra opened. If you struggle to trust the universe or you generally have fears, then one place to look at is in the center of your chest. 


When you feel loving open energy flowing in and out from your heart chakra, it’s effortless to trust the universe.


Because your sacred heart connects you with the rest of creation and you stand firm in the oneness consciousness. Then you don’t even doubt whether the universe has your back. 


3. You can’t control anything

The attempt to control things limits you and costs you a lot of your energy. I say attempt because we can never control anything. For a while, it may seem so but eventually, that which we control is taken from us. 

When we control circumstances, we bring fear energy into our life and then what we’re afraid of must happen. I like to remind myself to stay humble. Because I know that if I tried to control things, I misalign with the will of God for me. Thus my ego tries to play god as I describe in my book about the mind


What belongs to you will be yours. But you have to allow it to come by releasing your control. 


So remind yourself that there is wat for your life that leads to the most joyful experience that you can’t even imagine. Align with that universal will every morning and before making crucial decisions. 


You and your soul have an ultimate design – a perfect pathway to follow. Let go of the resistance and align with your highest good.


You don’t need to know what that highest good is. Just choose to open up to the universe moment after the moment again. Trust the universe that has far greater possibilities for you than your mind can imagine. 

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