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Everything is Energy: How to Use It in Your Favor?

Everything is energy: your body, consciousness, feelings, future, or even your fears. If you truly understand this, you find out that you can shape your reality. The energy permeates everything; some call it the Spirit, Ka, kundalini, Qi, or life force. In the last decades, quantum physics explained what the Ancients well knew and started to slowly tap into the essence of reality and creation.


Quantum physics

Quantum physicists believe that everything is energy. In fact, they say that about 99,9% of what appears to be solid is a space. The more they go to the subatomic level, the more space there is. According to quantum theories, the matter and light behave like particles and waves at the same time.


Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.
Erwin Schrodinger


Because both space and matter are waves, particles, and light, everything is interconnected. The light frequency permeates all objects, and it influences us as much as we impact the energy. In the Weizman experiment, researchers found out that consciousness influences the energy. When an observer observes an object, it starts to behave like waves instead of particles.


By observing, you can change the nature of the situation. 

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What does it mean practically?

You can think about reality like swimming in the ocean of energy. The vibrations both surround you and flow through you, and as long as you’re in the ocean, you can’t escape them.


The universe is an infinite ocean of energy. 


The fact that you (probably) can’t see the energy doesn’t make it any less real. Imagine that it’s like the water, but invisible. The ever-present energy flows through your body as well as through planets or solar systems. 


Energy waves come in and out of your body, heart, and brain. 


You can think that you’re separated from others, but it’s only an illusion. In reality, we’re all interconnected with every being on this planet and with everything in the universe. Every item impacts you just as you affect the whole existence. 

Some people believe that what their actions don’t matter because we’re just a grain of sand in a desert. But it’s far from the truth. Each of your actions affects the quality of the energy that surrounds you. Then it continues like ripples on the lake into the universal ocean of energy. 

Although you can’t remove yourself from the energetical ocean, you can impact the quality of frequency that exists in your life. This is the mastery of conscious creating


The energy waves that you emit impact your environment which in turn affects you. 


Thus you experience the results of your energy immediately. If you practice some form of frequency for a long time, like the belief that you must always give, it becomes your habitual thinking. Then it seems hard to change your mindset because you live in a vicious loop of your creation.

You send thought into your environment, and then it comes back to you because it has gathered momentum in time. 


The energy translates into feelings – thoughts – believes.



Everything is energy

The body is a perfect tool for transcribing energy waves from our environment. We know instantly what kind of vibrations surrounds us. Let’s look at a couple of common examples of how this works. 


1. Picking up other people’s energy

I’m sure that you have friends who can always uplift you while others push you down without fail. It may not even matter what they say; sometimes it’s enough to be in their presence, and you may feel low. 

The question isn’t whether we pick up other people’s energies. You’re not crazy if you think that you take in the energy of others. The question is what you will do about it?


Most of our thoughts don’t belong to us. 


Your body translates the energy which you pick from others into thoughts and feelings. That’s why before you know how to protect yourself from these energies, it may be beneficial to stop being in contact with people who take you down. 

There is a way to protect yourself from any energy in a lasting way, but that would be over the scope of this article. It’s a part of the process of self-mastery. 

Think who is impacting you in unwanted ways and then see whether you could eliminate contact with them. You can test it for a week or month and see whether you feel better. 


2. Energy of places

Places are no exception to the fact that everything is energy. Houses, cities, countries, and even furniture are energy. 


If you live in a flat or you purchased a house where someone lived, you also entered the pool of energy that is stored there. 


Since everyone emits frequency, these waves flow into furniture and buildings. The energy doesn’t stop existing when someone dies or moves out a flat. It stays there. 

One of my clients, let’s call her Tina, bought a flat with her husband. They had been looking forward to having the place that they can call home for a few years. However, after they found their home, they started to argue more often, and Tina felt anxiety and depression. After a couple of months, she felt her thorax clench before she came home. 

After I energetically checked the place, I found out that the couple who lived there before had problems in their relationship, and they probably separated, and that’s the reason they sold their flat. 

With every argument, the energy of blame, hurt, and aggression got reinforced in the flat. Until the point, it reached the negative momentum, and it led them to separate. However, this energy was still present in Tina’s flat, and it was now impacting her marriage.  After we cleaned the flat energetically and infused it with positive energy, the arguments between Tina and her husband got much less frequent. 


Your body informs you about the quality of energy. 


Tina felt the energies in her thorax, for you it may be elsewhere. But if you feel bad at certain places, then it’s worth cleaning up the energy of that place. 

Also, you may notice that you feel good in some cities, whereas in others you feel anxiety. This again isn’t a coincidence. Your body picks up the energy of places and translates it into emotions. 


3. Use energy to your advantage

The ways you can use energy are bottomless.

Here are some ideas:

  • you can use it for altering the process of aging
  • quantum leaping
  • manifestation
  • physical and emotional healing
  • falling into sleep
  • creating new opportunities
  • amplifying the results of your work

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