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Spiritual Transition: 4 Tips When You Feel Stuck

During the spiritual transition, we often feel stuck in between the old and new world. There is no place to return, and yet we can’t reach the place we want to be.

We have changed, and yet there are times when we go back to old dysfunctional patterns. This time, we know we should know better, and we begin to judge ourselves and lose hope that the positive changes will last.

The spiritual transition can feel overwhelming, and thus, some people lose their faith. They might give up on trusting good things can happen to them as well. Instead, internal resistance builds up.

On the transformation journey, the spiritual transition plateau is inevitable. As we move through the 7 stages, our subtle bodies, as well, as the mental body needs to reset and align with our higher self.

The whole process happens in a spiral. Sometimes we move forward and then it seems that we take two steps back. Once again.

Just to remind you, the 7 stages of transformation are:

  • Stage 1: Cry for help
  • Stage 2: The Initiation
  • Stage 3: The Valley of Inner Demons
  • Stage 4: Distant Dawn
  • Stage 5: Stepping Into Life Purpose
  • Stage 6: Finding balance and laying foundations
  • Stage 7: Stepping Into Inner Power

The spiritual transition corresponds with stages 4, 5, and 6. Those stages feel long because we need to put into practice what we have learned.

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Spiritual transition: hitting the plateau 

After the spiritual awakening, everyone gets excited because everything is fresh and new. The sky seems to be the limit because compared to how we once used to think this is a massive change.

It feels like an invisible force propels our steps. We envision a glorious future and implement many changes in our lives. But after some time, and it can take months or years, the excitement wears off.


Suddenly, the progress doesn’t seem to be so fast.


And we sometimes go back into the old way of thinking and familiar patterns. During the spiritual transition, we might even disconnect from our intuition and soul’s guidance. In the spiritual transition, we judge ourselves because we’re aware of the tricks of our ego. We know when we’re aligned with fear and staying consistently in the light may seem unreachable.

At this point of spiritual transition, many begin to yearn for a different lifestyle. It can mean starting a business, taking a year-long vacation, or leaving an old relationship. 

But after a while, the reality check sets in, and we realize that achieving our dreams may take a lot longer than we anticipated. As we begin to doubt ourselves, the ego reinforces its attempts to keep us in the fear-based mindset. 


What to do when you’re stuck in between?

If you find yourself in the spiritual transition phase, the first thing I want you to know is that it’s normal. You haven’t gotten off the path.

Neither you have done something wrong. Everyone goes through this phase when you can’t go back, but you don’t see the light at the tunnel yet. You’re committed to changing your life, but your reality doesn’t support where you are going yet. 

Many people go back into their old habits. They go back to the friends and family who have judged them because the pain feels familiar. If we resist one thing the most, then it’s changing.


1. How strong is your faith?

In the previous article, I spoke about the spiritual initiation. And a test of your faith is one of them. The spiritual transition will test you at all levels. But mostly, it will test your faith and pure intentions. 

Keep in mind that the reality isn’t so real as it seems. Yes, financial or relationship problems may feel scary. But it’s in your powers to make a breakthrough. Nothing is set in stone.

The universe is asking you: do you truly want this?

How much are you willing to show up for your dreams? Do you still keep your faith when everything your dreams seem unreachable?

If you find faith despite how your reality looks like, you evoke inner power that can move the mountains. Don’t take no for an answer. Recommit to your vision. Let it inspire you each morning after you wake up.


2. Go to basics

During the spiritual transition, you’ll need to return to your basics over and over again until they become your second nature. Your basics can be meditation, chanting mantras, doing yoga, or taking long walks in nature.

What is it that always lifts you up?

How could you have more of it in your life? 


When you’re stuck in between, return to your roots. 


Going back to basics is essential for two reasons. One, you’ll create a safe and loving space for the phase of spiritual transition. Two, you’ll practice mastery over your reality by embodying the simplest of spiritual principles.


3. Support yourself

On this journey, you’re not the same person anymore. What used to bring you joy (like fast food), might not work for you at this point. But still, people try to fit into their old world.


When you grow up, you also don’t try to fit into the children’s clothing. 


Adjust your world to support your transition. Perhaps you need to spend time alone regularly. Or you need someone to help you work on repetitive patterns to break free. You might need to ask your partner to support you on this journey. Either way, there are hundreds of little ideas on how you can support yourself.


4. Become clear on your why

Why do you want the things you strive for? Are your desires aligned with your soul or ego?


The spiritual transition is also crucial to give you enough time to purify your ego.  


With each of your intentions, the universe asks you to go deeper. You may think that your intentions are noble. But is it still true when nothing happens? Do you become a victim and lose your faith?

Is it true that you want to help your family, or do you want them to fit into your new reality? Do you judge them for not being spiritual?

Do you want to travel the world or you subconsciously want to escape something?

When things don’t flow, look at your core intentions. Perhaps, you send out mix signals to the universe.

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