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How the Fear of Your Potential Might Impact Your Life?

One of our greatest fears is the fear of potential. Rationally, you’d tell me that you want to succeed and be happy, but you fear your potential even more than you desire to have the life of your dreams.

Often it seems that something outside your control keeps you from the life you want, but it’s only an illusion. The outer reality reflects you that you don’t feel ready for the next level in your life.


Your fear of potential manifests through people and unpleasant situations.


I know that consciously you wouldn’t want that, but your subconscious mind is far greater than your conscious mind. It’s the subconsciousness that runs the show.


If you want success in whatever form it resonates with you, you need to dive deep into your subconscious mind and rewire your programming.


Often we’re too near to certain challenges; they always seem to catch up on us – like finances and love. Therefore, you may need help with rewiring your thinking from someone you resonate with. But do it anyway because, without it, you continue living the same cycles and situations over again.



Before we look deeper at the fear of your own potential, I want to talk about self-actualization.

Self-actualization is a realization of your talents and potential. It means that you grow as much as you can, and you face everything that stops you and turn it into your strength.


Self-actualization is a mastery of self. 


It doesn’t mean that you’re perfect at everything. It means that you’re becoming more conscious of every new challenge, and you learn from them.

You take one aspect of you and see how you can use it for your growth, and you go as far as you can. For me, the process of self-actualization is the most exciting thing we can do on this planet. Why else would we be here if not to grow?

But the thing is that the fear of potential limits the process of self-actualization. In fact, it may even blind your vision so that you don’t see how much you sabotage your potential.

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The fear of potential

In and out of my coaching practice, I see the fear of potential everywhere. I can read the potential of each of my clients, I can see their gifts and their soul’s signature, but when we first meet, they don’t allow themselves to step into their potential.

It’s my life calling to open them up to what is possible for them. The things they haven’t even dreamed of, but I can see them in their timeline. If they choose them, of course. Never forget that you have free will, and you can also not step into your potential if you choose so. 


The fear of potential blocks people so much that they develop illnesses, financial problems, fights with their spouses, just anything so they don’t need to change. 


You spend so much extra energy on keeping you within the framework of what you know that you don’t realize that it’s that energy that would create a change in your life. You don’t allow yourself to use your energy in a way that supports you. Instead, you subconsciously fight against yourself. 

Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.

Wilma Rudolph


How the fear of potential impacts you


1. Illnesses

The mind-body connection is strong and undeniable. The mind informs the body cells about how they should behave. You can consciously influence your body, including aging, as much as you want. (That’s also what we do in the Lightworker Healing). 

I’m not a doctor, so this is only based on my own experience and the healing I’ve seen in others and on how I understand the energies in our bodies work. 

But your subconscious mind can try to stop you because of your fear of your own potential. It can create pain and diseases in your body. It doesn’t mean that every pain is related to the fear of potential, but some can be. 

When you don’t feel good, you have a perfect excuse for not doing the things you want to do. 


2. Problems in relationships

When you fear your own potential, you want to distract yourself from making your life better. Because what if you fail? What if you invest so much energy, and there is no result?


We’re masters at creating distractions that keep us busy with things that don’t matter. 


You may consciously believe that you want to have a loving and peaceful relationship, but do you?

What if you create drama out of habit or out of fear of your own potential?


Some problems aren’t actual problems. They mostly happen in our heads. 


If you’re in a wrong relationship or you found the right partner, but you still fight, what if those fights just keep you busy because you know that otherwise, you might have to step up to your potential?


3. Financial problems

Relationship and financial problems are related. One of the reasons why people struggle financially is that they haven’t yet decided to live fully. They’re at the survival mode because it feels safe and familiar, although it’s not a nice place to be. 

We, humans, can incredibly sabotage our financial success because we fear what if it worked out. What if you were financially abundant and wouldn’t have those fears, who would you be then?

We love clinging on our identities; however, limiting they may be. People fear to change more than anything else. 

The first step to change the fear of potential is to admit to yourself that you have and recognize the ways it keeps you small.

I want you to take away from this article that not all problems are real. Most of them are results of the setting of our minds, and every single of us can change it. That’s the whole point why we’re here – to master our lessons and evolve. 

How Fear of Potential Impacts You?

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