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30 Inspiring Questions for Setting Intentions in Key Life Areas

All creation begins with setting intentions. Even if you don’t realize it, a subtle impulse enters your mind before you do anything. This impulse is a seed of new life. With each thought and intention, you set in motion the powerful energies of the universe. The purer your intentions, the more aligned with the Source energy you are.


A guide to setting intentions

To set an intention, you must know what truly matters to you. For that, you need to become clear(er) on who you are.

Intentions come from a deeper place than goals. You may set goals with your mind and choose the goals that you think are good based on others. However, when setting intentions, it forces you to unravel what your true desires and motives are.

The most powerful way how to set an intention is to write it down on paper. Preferably with a pen and paper (not computer). Thus you anchor the inspiration that comes from your heart and soul into this reality. You place the cornerstone of your goals and dreams into the realms of the matter.

Before you set an intention, take a few minutes to tune within. You may do it while meditating, listening to inspiring (yet not too loud) music, taking a few deep breaths. You can find inspiration in this article on energy-based routines.

Once you feel calm and peaceful, brainstorm what really matters to you. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to your mind. Challenge yourself to go beyond what you think you want. Make an effort to connect with your deepest WHY.


Look for the things that MOVE you. What does make you YOU?


While setting intentions, remember that the stronger feelings it evokes, the better. The intention is the moving force for creation. Thus, it leads to creating a powerful energy momentum that will magnetize that which you want.

Only you know your deepest intentions. Don’t look for the answers outside yourself, instead take time to figure out what essential for you is. The more specific, the better.


How to set an intention

Regardless if you set an intention for the new year or you want to become a powerful creator of your reality, the questions that I share will help you to connect with your why.

Step 1. As I suggested earlier, write your answers down on a paper. Make it a ritual and birth your intentions to reality.

Step 2. Divide the piece of paper into 5 sections.


The five key areas are: 

Personal – mental -spiritual


Financial abundance

Body and health

Work – business – life calling


Step 3. Read the questions below for each of the 5 areas and write freely what first comes to your mind. Then reread your answers and underline those sentences (or words) that speak to you the most.

Step 4. Form your intention statement out of the words that you underlined in step 3. Chose the words and sentences that galvanize you.

Step 5. Beautifully rewrite your intentions on a paper and place it somewhere visible (ideally, a vision board).

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The 5 areas of life 


1. Personal-mental-spiritual

I suggest you begin with the personal-mental-spiritual area of your life. It’s the easiest way to find inspiration for the rest of the areas. First, connect with your inner fire and then let it ignite your other dreams and goals.

I believe that when it comes to setting goals and intentions, there should be something exciting for us. Otherwise, we lack the motivation to follow through our goals.


Who do I aspire to become?

How do I wish to feel once I reach my goals (at the end of 2019 or this month)?  

What do I want to embody?

In order to achieve my goals, what do I need to let go of? 

What kind of personality and habits doesn’t serve me anymore?

How can I better nurture my soul?

What does make me feel alive?

Which hobbies would I like to have?

In which areas do I wish to grow?


2. Relationships

The relationships form most of our lives. Often, I can see clients who fear the intimate connections. It doesn’t apply only to their partners, but also to their friends. No wonder, we live in a world that values separation and judgment over love and bonds.

However, even if you don’t realize it, relationships do impact the person you are. If you don’t feel loved and you struggle to show your love, then you’re most likely struggling in other areas of life, too. So, let’s set some powerful intentions for your relationships.


What kind of relationships do I wish to have?

What are my key values in a relationship?

How do I wish to treat others?

Who do I long to let into my life?

What kind of friendships would I love to create?


3. Financial abundance

While setting intentions for financial abundance, remember that the state of abundance should reflect you and your mission. More (or less) doesn’t mean better. It’s not always smart to follow scripts of others if you may become a slave to money without the actual need to accumulate too much. Rather align finances with your soul.


What mindset do I wish to let go of around finances?

On the contrary, what mindset would I love to embody?

How do I want to feel around finances?

How do I wish my finances to look in a year from now?

What kind of person do I wish to become while dealing with finances?


4. Body and health

Sometimes we forget our bodies while setting intentions. It’s easy to get swept away by (more important) commitments and not take care of the beautiful vessels for our souls. Before answering the questions, feel into your body and connect with it for a moment.


How do I intend to honor my body?

Each morning, how much energy do I wish to have? 

What would the best (and healthiest) proportions look like for my body?

How would my body need to change so that I would feel the healthiest and best version of me?


5. Work – business – life calling

Most of our time, we spend in a job (or on a business). Thus, making it an area of inspiration and excitement should be natural. Sure, not always it’s immediately possible. But by taking baby steps toward our life calling, we infuse our days with a sense of purpose. Don’t be afraid to dream.


How do I wish to feel in my work (business, life calling) in a year from now?

Who do I need to become to achieve it? 

What does need to happen that I can feel that way?

How do I want to feel on a daily basis?

How can my work positively impact others?

What is my why behind the way I show up in my work?

How do I become the best version of myself in my work?


Before setting specific goals, it’s beneficial to connect with your intentions. That way, you make sure that your actions are in harmony with your highest potential. Have fun with setting goals!

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