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morning routines for success

8 Morning Routines for Success to Boost Your Energy

It’s not a coincidence that every successful person speaks about the importance of morning routines for success. I discovered the magic of morning routines in 2012 when I moved to China. Especially, during my second year there, I had to get up every day at 5 am, and to my surprise, that was a life-changing experience.

Not only that, I fell in love with waking up at sunrise when the world is still quiet, but I also fell in love with morning routines and could see tangible results in my life.

Morning routines have the power to set yourself up for success and to keep your mind focused throughout the day.

Naturally, my morning routines have been changing over the years. I also didn’t follow them consistently when I had a schedule full of travels. But even if I had to get up very early and didn’t have the environment or time for an hour-long routine, I’d always take a few minutes at least to pray and set an intention for the day.

I’d like to share some of my morning routines for success with you so you can get inspired and perhaps apply some of them in your life.


What is an energy-based routine?

I love to look at the world from an energetic perspective. In the language of energies, everything makes sense. Everything, yourself included, is made of energy. When we learn to work with the energy level, we manifest and impact our lives more profoundly.

Before we can see the result of our manifestation in the physical world, we manifest it in the form of energy.


The energy-based morning routine is the sacred space when you work on your energy and align it with your goals.


Thus you amplify your manifesting abilities and make your goals happen faster. Since during these routines, you’re building up a positive energy-momentum and aligning yourself with the vibration of your goals.

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The 8 energy-based morning routines for success


1. A gratitude list

I’m sure you’ve heard about the importance of gratitude. Many years ago, I ran a little experiment, and I was writing one page a day of things I was grateful for. Some of the items on my list hadn’t happened yet.

I wrote them in the present tense and was expressing my gratitude in advance. It didn’t take long before they began to happen. Your goals have no other choice than to come to you.


When you’re on the vibe of gratitude, your frequencies are high, and you magnetize your dreams.


You can listen to inspirational music while writing your list down. You can also think about what you’re grateful for in your head, but when you write it by your hand, it’s more powerful.


2. Connect with the love energy

Deliberately connecting with love energy is my favorite routine. Love energy is the mother of all Universe. I like to redirect my focus on love throughout the day.

To connect with the love vibe, you can use visualization, and while imagining what you desire, focus on feeling the love. During the visualization, you can envision a current situation that you’d like to improve and send it love.

Or you can visualize the desired outcome and connect with your goal with your heart.


When you sparkle love in your heart and send it to the situation or person you’d like to enhance your relationship with, it transforms quickly.


You become a love magnet. If the situation has been bothering you, it’ll change for the better. If it’s something you yet don’t have, it’ll be attracted to you.


3. Mantras and chanting

Admittedly I’m not a good singer. But I know that chanting mantras boost energy. I like to play relaxing mantra music at my workshops while doing energy exercises with the audience, and I can see how people start to glow.

Either you can listen to some mantra music on YouTube (I like this one), or you can chant by yourself. I like to chant, “OM.” The trick is to combine it with your breath and as you exhale sing om until you empty your lungs.

You can also create your mantras, which are statements that move you and energize you. I like to chant together with my Tibetian bowls, which alone sends powerful vibrations to the body.

While chanting the mantra, you may have a sense of relaxation in your chest (the seat of the heart chakra), or your body vibrates a little. Either case, you feel more energized and happier.


4. Realign with your vision

Having a clear vision that moves you is the key to success—knowing where and why we go is essential. If you don’t know what your vision is, be gentle with yourself and take time to figure it out.

Morning is a great time to realign ourselves with our vision. You can either visualize how you feel once your vision is fulfilled. Or you can write your vision down and stress out WHY this is what you want.


What is your vision?

What does move you to tears?

What is that something that you couldn’t live without?


5. Decide how you want to feel

What if how we feel was a matter of our choice? We can shift our perception and decide how we want to feel at any moment of the day.

You can set an intention for your day and commit to feeling peaceful, for example. Then you can write your intention to a visible place, so it serves as a reminder when you fall off the track. And you probably will. That’s okay. We don’t need perfection. What matters more is that when you don’t feel positive, you can take a few deep breaths and choose again.


6. Stretch your body

Not everyone enjoys doing sport in the morning, so that I won’t propose it to you. But everyone can stretch the body a little. It can take a couple of minutes or so, and you can also do it in the office or your workspace.

When we move, not just that, our body cells release extra energy, but we also make any stuck energy to shift. That’s why it feels so good.


7. Meditate

Of course, what kind of morning routine would it be without a meditation, right? 🙂

The benefits of meditation are well-known. Yet many people tell me that they don’t know how to start meditating. Meditation isn’t about perfection. It’s good to have realistic expectations and know that each time the quality of meditation may be different.

Meditation doesn’t need to be long, but what counts is that it’s a regular practice. In the beginning, it’s great if you sit down and quiet your mind for 5 to 10 minutes.

If you’re a meditation newbie, then I recommend you to listen to a guided meditation or relaxing mantra music. You can also focus on your breath or go swimming or running.  This will help you to get out of your head, which is one of the main aims of meditation.


8. The art of breathing

Another beautiful way how you can connect with your energy and body is through the breath. Breathing brings more oxygen to the body cells, and releases stuck energies. Thus it makes you feel expansive, grounded, and full of stamina.

Generally, we don’t use much of the lung’s capacity that can ultimately lead to other body malfunctions. You can deepen your breath by inhaling into your belly and exhaling to your lungs so that you move the air first down to your stomach and then back up to your lungs and then exhale.

I like to do Kundalini yoga, which is also full of breathing techniques. Another way how we can play and expand our lungs is while swimming.

I enjoy combining more of these morning routines for success each morning. If there is enough time, I like to do them all at once, or I do other routines in the evening. You can choose the ones that make you feel lighter because it’s your body cells, informing you that these particular routines are the best for you.

You have the power to become your biggest cheerleader to lead your self to your dreams. Don’t stop dreaming and working on what lights you up! There is always a way, and these morning routines for success can create more energy for you to pursue what you love!

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