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Action vs. Inspired Action: How to Take Divinely Aligned Actions?

Do you know the difference between action vs. inspired action? The whole world is changing and what used to work is no longer valid. We’re used to forcing ourselves into taking the right action. The action is the best one according to how things have been done or according to others. But there is a more powerful source of directing your steps. That source comes from within and it leads you into taking inspired action.

We’re souls in the physical world. Thus it’s essential to learn how to align spirituality with the “real” world. I don’t believe that things are black-and-white. On the contrary, we’re here to embody our souls so that we express our deepest essence in the world.

The same is true for taking actions and making a decision. We have two options: either we can do what makes “logical” sense, or we can tap into our heart and soul and take inspired action from the place of love and inner strength.

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Action vs. Inspired Action: What is the difference?

We live in times when we’re bombarded with information and suggestions on how we should live our lives. Many people get caught up in information overload, so they stop living the life that reflects them, and they rather do things that make sense, according to others.

But there is a way how you can set yourself free from the expectations of others and tap into your innermost self. The key is to align yourself with your inner guidance before taking action. But let’s first have a look at what the difference between action and inspired action is.




An action is acting based on your logical mind, ego, fears, or reason.


An example could be having a business meeting at the company you work for and plan what needs to be done in the next quarter.

Depending on the type of corporation, it’s less likely that while creating the plan, you could divert too much from the company’s objectives and its common practice to achieve such goals. As you follow the guidelines, you become blind to new ways of how you could improve things.

Another example is creating a tight to-do list for your upcoming week when the things on your list reflect your fears more than love. Maybe you commit to helping your friend moving out, although it brings you a lot of time pressure. Your fear wins you over because you’re worried to say no as you might lose them if you don’t help them out, so you do it anyway.

Or you’re in your 30s, and you’re afraid that you’ll end up single and without children. Then you meet someone who is okay, but you don’t feel in love with them. Regardless you marry them because you’re afraid that you wouldn’t meet someone better.

Often people take actions based on their social conditioning without even realizing it. Your family has conditioned you to have specific values, lifestyles, living standards, etc. When you were little, you accepted these family patterns without questioning them, so you internalized their beliefs so much that now you can’t distinguish whether they reflect you or not.


Now you’re adult but you still unconsciously base your decisions on what your family (or friends) expects from you.


For instance, you love being creative, but you don’t pursue this passion because you’ve integrated the belief of your family that you should work for someone else and has a stable income.


Inspired Action

An inspired action reflects your heart and soul rather than fears and ego.

Let me share with you an example of inspired action. I like to connect with my soul each morning (and throughout the whole day as well) and then take inspired actions from that place.

During the meditation, I receive inspiration and guidance on what to do, and then I go and start acting on it.

This way of creating plans allows me to see more opportunities and simplify the processes because I don’t need to do any research or rationalize. I also don’t need to discuss it with anyone (if I don’t choose to) and follow some guidelines on how to run a business, for instance.


When you take inspired actions, you’re always in the flow, and you feel guided and grounded.


Your heart’s wisdom is greater than your mind’s. The mind works with past information, whereas your heart can tap into your intuition and help you see a higher perspective.

It’s a matter of developing your awareness of the glimpses of inspiration you receive and then aligning your actions with that.

For instance, you feel like you should call an old childhood friend. It doesn’t make a rational sense, and you may even push the idea away because you’re too busy. But the inner voice is persistent, and so you call him. As a result of taking inspired action, you find out that he has some amazing opportunity for you, or your conversation uplifts both of you.

Taking inspired action doesn’t mean that you’re just flying somewhere high in the skies. It’s about developing the routines and having tools that help you to tap into your higher self and heart whenever you want. So that you can then go to the “real” world and act on the guidance you’ve received.


The spirit is our home, so we dive there to recharge, gain perspective and answers, as well as, intuition. And then take inspired action and let the energy flow into the projects and little creations in your life.


It’s about letting the universal energy flow through you rather than counting on your limited strength. When you open up to the Universe and learn to trust, you find out that things can be easier and more joyful.

From that place, you take inspired actions, and everything comes together like a piece of a puzzle. When taking inspired actions, you stay flexible and don’t get stuck with something that drains you – which is one of the reasons why people stay in unhappy situations.

The universal energy flows through us all the time. However, you can build up inner blocks to it, so you feel separated from the universal abundance. As a result, you stress about the things you should do and how you should do them.

You don’t need to stress about how you do something when you learn to align with your heart and soul first.

Like anything else, learning to take inspired actions takes time. It’s a process. You can start small and ask your heart what it guides you to do right after you wake up or before you go to a meeting.

Little by little, you’ll get comfortable with consulting your heart first, and you’ll include more inspired actions in your life.

Take it easy and have fun with it. This really makes life simpler.

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