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5 Stepping Stones To Develop Abundance Mindset

For most of us, it’s not simple to develop an abundance mindset. Mainly if we’ve grown up in families with a negative attitude toward wealth. But it’s available for us to have abundance in life and we can develop the right mindset when we’re willing to work on it.

Abundance comes in many forms. It’s not only related to money, but it’s also the abundance of health, love, free time, positive energy, creative thoughts, etc.

All forms of abundance are connected. When you develop an abundance mindset in one of these areas, it becomes easier to cultivate the same attitude to other types of abundance.

I want to share with you 5  essential steps to develop an abundance mindset. I’ll share those steps with you in the same order as I’d been working on it by myself. Especially the first two are the most difficult, but it’s not impossible for you to make a breakthrough.

As with anything in life, we have to be ready to do the work and show up for ourselves. Most people don’t want to do it but there comes a time when staying in the same dysfunctional patterns becomes more painful than releasing them. This is the turning point.

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5 Stepping Stones to develop an abundance mindset


1. Unravel your hidden beliefs

Our subconscious mind is like a big storage of any beliefs and thoughts that we’ve ever received from our family and society. Any thought that we’ve accepted as ours is in our subconscious mind, and it creates false stories about what is real and possible for us.

The subconscious mind pulls these limiting beliefs out of the “databank” and plays them on a loop. The moment you believe that these beliefs belong to you, you cut yourself from your true self. You become a slave to your subconscious mind.

Thus the first stepping stone to develop abundance mindset (and anything else you like) is to understand what kinds of beliefs you’ve stored up in your subconscious.

Look at your hidden beliefs about the abundance that you have. This is the only reason why you don’t experience abundance in your life. Get very specific and don’t get satisfied with just one belief. Everyone has a web full of limiting beliefs that are intertwined. Go deeper and take your time to figure out what these beliefs are.


2. Change your conditioning

Once you know which thoughts don’t serve you, you can begin to work on clearing them.

What do I mean by clearing up your beliefs?

When you clear them up, you release those limiting thoughts and beliefs, and thus they become neutral. They aren’t emotionally charged any more, so they lose their negative grip on you.

During the process, you also understand what the lessons they were supposed to teach you are. Yes, there is a reason for anything that happens, and when we understand it, it helps us grow.

There are numerous techniques you can use to clear the beliefs. The basic idea is that you want to neutralize them at the energy level (exactly where they’ve been created) so you get rid of the cause.

Many great healers and coaches can help you with that, or you can feel free to try a process to release your suppressed emotions regarding abundance by yourself.


3. Open yourself up to receiving

To welcome abundance in our lives, we have to be open to receive it. Yet, I’m not talking here about the exchange mindset – I give you something, and you owe me.

This idea is based on the mindset of lack, and it only reinforces the negative pattern.

The way I see receiving is that there is only one source of anything we need and will ever want. You may call the source Higher power, God, Universe, unconditional love, or anything else you wish.

We receive directly from the source anything we need. It can come through different people, situations, and at a different time than we wish it to come.

The moment we expect something to come through a specific person or in a specific way, we’re in trouble. Because we become selectively blind to all other opportunities in our lives.


4. Practice the frequencies of abundance

When do you feel abundant? Is it when you relax and have more time for yourself?

I feel the most abundant when I have time for doing things I love. Creating own rhythm and balance makes me naturally feel abundant.

What does make you feel abundant?

It can be anything. Think about the moments when you feel the most abundant and then create space for these activities (or states of being) in your schedule.

The more often you practice the frequency of abundance, the more you’re in the flow, and more things can come to you.


5. Gratitude

I know that everyone talks about gratitude. But there is a good reason for it. When you feel grateful for what you have, you simultaneously enter the frequencies of abundance.

One of the ways is to set a regular time each morning or evening to remind yourself of all the blessings you have. You can either write them down or say it in your mind.

The list of blessings doesn’t need to be long but the more things you feel grateful for, the more your heart chakra opens.


Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.

-Wayne Dyer

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