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let go of controlling future

No.1 Way to Let Go of Controlling Future

When you let go of controlling the future, you allow it to be what it needs to be. We cannot control the future. There is no way how we can know what will happen. The change is inevitable. Yet, we try to make the future and our lives predictable.

The only way how to ensure the status quo is to repeat the past.

Many generations have lived in the same patterns and repeated the same old mistake. Every single of us has patterns too.

As I write in my latest book, Become the CEO of Your Mind, the ego loves dwelling in the past and getting our attention to what happened. By thinking and talking about the past we charge it with enough energy to create the same conditioning in the present moment and also in the future.

Although repeating the same experiences might feel secure, it for sure isn’t fun. I call it a personal hell. The ego loves drama, and it creates all kinds of scenarios to make us believe that these problems are real.

In reality, we cannot control the future – and that’s the beauty of it! There are always lessons for us to learn and we cannot skip them. No matter how hard we try.

We don’t need to worry about challenges since the difficult times are supposed to help us grow. Instead, we can develop the approach of welcoming the challenges with presence and willingness to learn whatever they have to teach us.

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No.1 Way to let go of controlling future

When we stop trying to rely on ourselves, and we rely on a greater power than us, the universe guides us. When we let go of controlling the future, we become teachable. Whenever we shift from reacting to creating, we put our egos aside our plans.


Letting go of controlling future is essential especially if we don’t want to repeat the old patterns.


When we’re genuinely present, we can be flexible about what is happening. Without controlling the future, we can make decisions that support us, and we don’t need to be strict about what we want to happen.

There is a much higher power than we are. The only thing what is wanted from us is to get out of our way.


By clinging to circumstances, we don’t allow the light to enter our lives.


When we want specific outcomes, we cut ourselves off the whole variety of other things that could have had happened.


Letting go of control requires strengthening belief in God, universe, and soul. Only when we try to make things on our own, we make everything unnecessarily difficult.


But we can change our perception and stop relying on our limited power and instead surrender to the universe. This can sound like a too out-of-reach approach, but it’s precisely what we need to do.

Practically, this can look like reminding yourself that you don’t need to figure things out. I like to tell myself that it’s okay, I can relax, and what is meant to be mine will be mine.

When we don’t get what we want, we automatically think that something is wrong. But it isn’t. We always get exactly what we need (not what we think we need).

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