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how to start your day positively

How to Start Your Day Positively with this Powerful Prayer

In this article, I share with a powerful prayer to start your day positively. Mornings are precious because they set the tone to the rest of the day. When you start your day right, you create momentum that will attract more ease to your life.

How do you start your mornings?

How much time do you devote each morning to your body by choosing clothes, being in the bathroom, eating, and drinking coffee?

And how much time do you invest in your mind and spirit?

It’s a prevailing trend to start our days by being plugged into all kinds of social media. We have a certain amount of energy and time. Some activities deplete energy (like checking Facebook too often) while others make us feel more energetic.

The way you start your morning influences your mood throughout the whole day. Therefore morning is the most valuable time when you can devote a few moments just for yourself. Anyone can do it.

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How to start your day positively

Before jumping into the busy world, it’s vital to reconnect with yourself and set an intention for your day.

It can be something so simple as spending 5 to 10 minutes observing your breath and then visualizing how you wish your day would unfold. Or if you’re a more active person, you can do morning yoga or play your favorite song and dance.

By doing something just for yourself, you’re showing yourself that you matter. It doesn’t matter so much how you choose to do it but what is important is the intention behind.

By setting the intention for your day, you direct your energy into meaningful things for you, and you make sure that you don’t end up being distracted. Our energy and time is something worth treasuring.

The way I love to start my days with is a long meditation that I end by setting intention together with the Universe (God or Soul – you can feel free to choose any name that works best for you).


When we surrender our plans to God (Universe, Source), we reconnect to the universal matrix.


It’s like the last piece of the puzzle (us) comes to the place. In this state, we can create anything we want while going with the flow.

We’re here to do things and grow beyond our nowadays limitations. Each has lessons to learn and challenges to overcome. We have not been dropped here by accident and left alone. When we align with the universal wisdom, we click back to a system and begin to function interconnected way.


We need to surrender our agendas which can sometimes lead us to be too far from this connection.


How I begin, my morning is by a simple prayer which is very powerful. I say out loud or in my mind:


God (Universe, Spirit, Soul) show me and guide me how I can live my dreams today. Show me how I can be of the highest service. Please, use my life to the highest good of all. I surrender myself to you and accept your will as mine. 


You can change this prayer in the way that best resonates with you. This prayer creates amazing things in my life. The only key is that you have to mean it while praying. But the good news is that even the slightest willingness is enough.

This beautiful prayer realigns our energy and makes everyday situations fall into the best place. This is the way how we can reconnect with the Universe. If we make this prayer a part of our morning routine then little by little it changes us completely.

It serves as a kind reminder that we’re united with the Universe and that also we accept the fact that we figure everything out.

This prayer keeps the little self out-of-the-way and enables us to receive universal guidance. From our limited perspective, we cannot know what the best for us is.

We can assume that we know, but the fact is that we don’t. And that’s alright. We don’t have to. We need to learn to listen and go with the flow. The Universe guides us to live our lives fully and completely.

It guides us to reach our potential and share our gifts. So let’s leave it up to Universe which way we should go and then act on inspiration and guidance that comes!

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