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Your Energy is Your Currency: 5 Areas to Focus

Your energy is your currency. You invest your energy or lose it in every transaction of life, from doing dishes to following your purpose.

Can you recall anyone who has light around them and it makes you want to stay in their presence? They feel interesting, warm, and make you feel inspired. Their secret is the energy that they emit. These people have understood that ‘your energy is your currency.’ Our emotions and thoughts are energy waves that permeate our environment.

These energy waves are our most precious asset because they create everything in our lives. Your energy is your currency that attracts experiences and people into your life.

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How to use the fact that your energy is your currency?


1. Attractiveness

I know that it would be perhaps more comfortable to apply a magical cream to make skin glow. But no cream, no pill, or surgery can replace the power of energy. Some women are trying hard to replace their inner light with cosmetic products, yet you can still feel like it’s not real and the effects fade away quickly.

On the contrary, some men and women have what we call charisma, and we can feel their inner light. Regardless of how little cosmetics they use.


The beauty comes from within.


If someone has a beautiful soul and heart, then they are the most attractive. When you make caring for your energy your priority, the real magic happens.


2. Attracting abundance

It may seem that money almost effortlessly flow to certain people, while others have to work hard to get by. When you know that energy is your currency, you make your energy lighter and more spacious to attract finances into your life. 


Money follows the energy of abundance, joy, and lightness. 


The more abundant you feel within, the more energy you have and the more money comes your way. On the contrary, worries decrease our sense of worth and diminish your inner light. The energy spent on concern and doubts will never generate abundance. Since money is a form of energy, it likes to be attracted to another positive kind of energy. 


3. Happiness

Happiness is the opposite of feeling contracted. When we feel like we’d rather stay in bed, hide somewhere, or we feel ashamed – we are in a contracted mode. There isn’t enough space around us. It’s like you’d be swimming in a river (being in a flow) and then you’d get stuck on the rocks in the river (state of contraction).

Metaphorically speaking, we feel unhappy when we cut ourselves off the flow (get stuck on rocks). We forget that things can be easy, and we energetically contract. Thus we cut ourselves off the great energetic flow. We deny our energy abundance overflowing around us. 


4. Relationships

Love is flow and energy. When people fall in love, they love the radiance of the other person. They feel the same vibe, and thus they feel superfluous with their own energy. 

When they start to feel disconnected from each other, the energy doesn’t flow naturally between them anymore.

It doesn’t matter if you’re without a partner or in a relationship, the way how to be on the loving vibe and attract more love is to take care of your energy. Energy is what others feel from you and on what basis they decide to like you or not. 


5. Aging

Another great reason why to take care of your energy is aging. Body cells live from light and energy. When the energy doesn’t flow to cells in some particular area, we develop an illness, and we age faster.

Cells need to feel spacious and abundant with light to work at their best. Certain foods or physical activities bring in more light but also when we meditate; we allow the light to come in.

There are endless reasons why to take care of our energy. I named just a few but remember that your energy is your currency. The way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you.

Remember that your energy is your currency and you have to choose in each moment where you invest it.

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