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The 6 Levels of How to Access Your Higher Self

There are 6 levels of how to access your higher self which happen both in sequence and simultaneously. Some people want to have a quick guide on how to access higher self, but the connection unfolds over time. Connecting with your higher self is the same as you’d invest time and energy into having a new friendship. You also wouldn’t want to rush it.

For me, the levels 3, 4, and 5 happened instantly, and the 6th step has been an ongoing project and will continue to be because there is always more room for getting into perfect alignment with the soul.

In my previous article, I talked about how you can connect with your higher self. And today I’d like to guide you through the levels that you will move through while accessing your higher self.


How to access your higher self

The higher self, or soul, is the non-physical aspect of you that can see your life from a higher level of consciousness. Some people don’t think about their soul because they assume that it’s impractical. After all, we need to live in our material world, right?

But, in my own skin, I’ve experienced that nothing is further from the truth. When you know how to access your higher self, you raise your consciousness, and consequently, you step more into your potential.

Accessing your higher self and learning how to nurture this connection is the most practical thing you can do. It gradually improves every aspect of your life.

You can also start having a two-way conversation with your soul. And based on the knowledge that you receive, you can begin implementing it into your life and witness the beautiful changes.

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1. Activation of an old remembrance

The first level of how to access your higher self is to recognize that you have a soul. When you’re aware of your soul, in time, a deep desire is born within you. 


Sooner or later, your soul will guide you by activating an old remembrance of your true self. 


When you know how to access your higher self, you also begin to align with your true self. Your soul and true self are inseparable.

At first, you’ll have no idea who you truly are and what your soul is, but some part of you begins to remember that sacred connection with your soul. 

This inner fire will guide you toward a more intimate connection with your soul.


2. Opening up

The second level of how to access your higher self is to keep continually opening yourself up. Although you’ve always been connected to your soul, often you don’t realize it. 


First, that which doesn’t allow you to recognize that you already are connected to your soul needs to dissolve slowly.


During this level, your soul will guide you to work on your mind. It’s our perceptions that don’t allow us to communicate with the soul consciously. So your life may turn into a mess as the impact of your own limiting beliefs is intensified so that you must face them. 

As you let go of one layer after another of the fear-based beliefs that block the connection, you open yourself up. You open up your mind. The most important aspect of how to access your higher self is to keep inviting your soul into your life continually. It’s an active, daily practice. 


3. Occasional connections

On the journey to access your higher self, there will be moments when you can feel your soul just as she would be standing right next to you. Often those moments arrive when you least expect them. It may come when you’re on your yoga mat or meditation pillow. 


At first, you’ll not have much control over when and how the connection happens. And yet, when it does, you recognize your soul without a shadow of a doubt.


These occasional connections will make you feel better and more purposeful than anything you had experienced. They’ll install hope within your heart and propel your future efforts to work on accessing your higher self. 


4. Access your higher self at will

The next level of how to access your higher self is to do it at will. Whenever you want and while staying 100% conscious.


Although you can access the previous levels by chance – meaning your soul orchestrates it for you. The fourth stage is entirely up to you. 


By now, you’ve tasted how to access your higher self and how it positively impacts you. Now, it’s your turn to show the commitment and build the bridge to your soul. 

If you show up for your soul regularly, you’ll be able to access your higher self whenever you want. You invoke your soul. 


5. Maintaining the connection 

When you want to learn about how to access your higher self, you may assume that it’s enough to connect with your soul and download the answers you need. But there is so much more than you can benefit from the connection with your soul. 


In this level of accessing your higher self, you begin to crave for maintaining the connection. 


It doesn’t need to happen on the meditation pillow anymore. From now on, you can dial up anytime you want and feel your soul close to you for longer periods of time. 

You’ll not feel your soul only for a couple of minutes a day, but you may stay connected for hours, days, weeks, even months. You and your higher self become less separated. That connection gradually becomes a part of your daily life. 


6. Channel your higher self into your life

The deeper meaning behind learning how to access your higher self is to get into space when you can channel your soul into your life. Even if we don’t realize it at first, and we rarely do, this is where the sacred relationship always guides us. 

Channeling your higher self means that you unite with your soul. You become one with the higher aspect of your consciousness and as a result, you become the best version you can possibly be. 


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