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5 Tips to Access The Power of Your Presence

If you focus your energy toward your higher vision, you feel the power of your presence that helps you to create the life you want. Yes, in life, everyone has obstacles and challenges, but when you withdraw your consciousness from the present situations, you steal yourself from your powerful presence.


Have you met the power of your presence yet?

The power of your presence leads you toward a solution to any problem. When you remain rooted in the present moment and witness your feelings and thoughts, you regain control over any situation.


When you direct the stream of your consciousness toward your goals, it’s a matter of time when you achieve them. 


Without us realizing, one of the biggest issues is that we don’t stay present. It’s an endless list of things that can steal you of the power of your presence. Some of them are boredom, fear, tiredness, not knowing how to handle a situation, or feeling overwhelmed.


The vicious circle of not standing in the power of your presence

Discomfort –> Withdrawal –> Replacement –> Immediate relief –> Not being

present –> Getting rid of your power –> More problems –> More withdrawal from situations


Whenever we experience discomfort, or our mind doesn’t like something, it withdraws the consciousness from the present moment. Then the mind looks for something to replace what is with something more pleasant that brings immediate relief. However, when you follow the urge of the mind to look for relief, you deprive yourself of the power of your presence.

When you’re not in your power, the situation in front of you feels even more overwhelming, and you have fewer tools to deal with it. This inevitably contributes to having more problems, which leads to being even less present.


On the contrary, when you retrain your mind to stay present, you access your powerful presence. 


Imagine how much more energy you can have when you do what you need to do, and you face everything that is in front of you. Can you feel the power concentrating on your solar plexus?

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5 Tips to access your powerful presence


1. Why do you seek relief?

When you want to step into the power of your presence, the first thing is to recognize the reason why you find relief.

Let’s take a typical example; you have a deadline to meet. Maybe you should work on a project at work, or you have to prepare a birthday party for your child, or someone expects your help. You need to do something, and you procrastinate

Instead of focusing on the task ahead, you scroll social media, send a text message to your friend, or you go to eat. Your mind tells you that you’ll only take a five-minute break and then you finally start. Those things that you do instead of working on what you should make you feel better for a while before the guilt creeps in. You’re NOT lazy, and nothing is wrong with you, but there is an underlying reason for you to seek relief.


The chances are that if you find out what you’re not willing to face, you discover some belief or fear that brings you pain. 


So, next time, when you procrastinate and slip from your powerful presence, ask yourself this question: 

What discomfort am I trying to escape from?


2. Coping mechanism

When you aren’t in the power of your presence, your mind goes on autopilot. The pilot – your consciousness –  is taking a break now. However, the subconscious mind can only drive you back to where you came from. So then when you wake up, you realize that you’re further away from your goals. 


Everything that you do on autopilot while you should be present is your coping mechanism against facing reality. 


Write a list of your most common coping mechanisms, so next time, you’re aware when you choose them. It doesn’t have to be only the obvious like scrolling social media, but it can also be that you get caught up in telling yourself excuses. The moment you write them down, you bring your consciousness into those behaviors, and with practice, you can eliminate them. 


3. Don’t EVER complain

Complaining is one of the biggest ways that can steal you of the power of your presence. This behavior is seemingly innocent and widely tolerated, but it takes your energy. 


Each time you complain, you allow yourself to have excuses, and you push away that which you want to manifest. Your energy becomes repelling. 


When you are honest with yourself, you realize that when you complain, you don’t want to fix anything. Complaining about problems doesn’t bring you any closer to your goals. When you complain, you give away your power. Of course, don’t confuse it by acknowledging how you feel. But the pure act of complaining makes you powerless because it strengthens the inner victim. 


4. What if you COULD handle this?

Another tip for staying in the power of your presence is to choose to handle it. Whatever is in front of you, decide to either do it or not, but don’t let it half-open. If you face inner conflict about some situation, make a choice. The worst is to stand in between and not choose anything.


When you keep more doors open, your energy flees to all the possibilities, and you’re off your powerful presence. 


Every problem has a solution. You won’t experience something if there isn’t a hidden gem for you. It’s really about a decision to become the person who can handle everything that comes. 


5. Give your mind a toy

My last tip is to give your mind a toy so you can stay rooted in the power of your presence. When the mind doesn’t have any aim, it finds something to play with anyway. Then the mind looks for distractions, and it loves to create problems to solve. It also makes problems seem bigger than they are. So what you want to do is to choose the toy for your mind. 


Direct your attention to something that you desire and challenge your mind to find the best solutions. 


For instance, create a plan of where you want to be at the end of summer or this year. It can be anything from writing a business plan, work-out plan, or strengthening your relationships. 

Write everything down and experience the amazing feeling after you achieve it. Spend a while to accept that plan; check it whether it resonates with you, and you genuinely want it. Then commit to it. You may put the plan on a fridge and sign. When you tell your mind where it should direct attention, you’re more likely to remain in the power of your presence. 

To stay in your powerful presence, first, understand what discomfort you want to escape and what your coping mechanisms are. Create a plan that your mind likes, and thus it’s less likely to shower you with distractions. The rest is about mindfulness and noticing when you go into the victim mentality and choose to stop it. Everything is a choice. 

Step into your powerful presence and create space for your soul to reach out to you. 

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