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Do You Struggle to Focus on Your Goals? 5 Common Distractions to Avoid.

The ability to focus on your goals is vital to success and creating a fulfilling life. For most of us, being focused on what matters and not allowing any distractions creep in, doesn’t come naturally.

Although I’ve always been focused on my interests, dreams, and hobbies, I had struggled with putting myself first when others needed my time or attention. Saying no and expressing my real needs used to scare me.


Until I finally recognized the fact that if I was allowing others to distract me from my dreams, I’d never achieved them. 


I remember one moment when I still studied business and was about to start writing the bachelor thesis. My piano teacher asked me if I could translate some papers for her thesis so she could use them in her work. As responsible as I am when it comes to others, I wanted her to have all the information, so I translated a couple of scientific papers word to word.

As I spent the whole weekend on it, while in the examination period, I was thinking that what I was doing was insane and that this was the last time when I put the needs of someone else in front of my own. Instead of starting to work on my own thesis, I spent many hours working on someone else’s thesis. (However, it was my choice and a form of self-sabotage.)

This experience was the tipping point in my life when it comes to getting distracted. It taught me the lesson that we can’t be there for everyone whenever they need us because there is always someone who needs our time or energy. Obviously, I don’t mean situations when someone really needs your help.

But let’s face it, many people need someone to spend their time with because they fear to be alone or they seek attention to feel more worthy. Having these kinds of people distracting you from your goals is a vicious circle.

You devote your time and energy to others while you know that you should start an important project. Or you want to learn a new skill or exercise more. But because we were taught to be selfless – meaning always sacrificing ourselves for others – we don’t act on what matters to us. 


When we get distracted by the needs of others, we’re caught up in the-forever-dreamland and we feel miserable because we know that we’re betraying ourselves.


Some people like to take advantage of the fact that we can’t say what we think and want. I’m sure that you have some friends who always need your help or they need to complain about their lives while never taking action on improving their situation. All they want is that you feel sorry for them. Again.

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The spiritual meaning behind distractions

Getting distracted by other’s needs is something that isn’t discussed enough. We’ve all experienced it, but we also fear that if we’d say it out loud, we’d be labeled as selfish.

I’ve said many times that the designation selfish is a powerful weapon used by those who determine which of our actions are selfish so that we instead do what these well-hidden manipulators want us to do.

Yet, there is also a more profound meaning behind distractions. As we awaken spiritually, our will and determination are put to the test. We’re tested through many distractions to learning to distinguish how best we can use our time and energy.


As we gradually begin stepping into our life purpose consciously, we need to learn how to manage our inner power, energy, and spiritual gifts.


In time, we’re being guided by the Universe to manage our energy well so that we create the most out of what we were given. Moreover, we need to become responsible for our words, thoughts, and actions as we become more powerful together with our consciousness raising. If we hadn’t been tested, we could unconsciously harm someone or ourselves.


Distractions in the form of people, but also fears, stop us from achieving our goals. 


In the previous articles (here and here), I was pointing out that we go collectively through an intense planetary energy cycle that supports us in our life purpose. One of the side effects is that the number of distractions has increased. 

You may experience that your colleagues, family, or friends seek your attention and time more than before. I’d be cautious about this pattern, especially now. Since you have limited time each day, if you give your energy away mindlessly, it’ll pull you further from your life calling.


The more you focus on your goals nowadays, the more intense shift you’ll experience in the near future. 


The 5 common distractions preventing you from focusing on your goals


1. People who desperately need your help

Some people take on the form of a divine teacher as they start asking you to be there for them whenever they need you. And they need you often.


You recognize these “testers” as they rarely act on your advice and the friendship is often one-sided.


It’s mostly you helping and saving them. On the other hand, they don’t care much about your life. Moreover, they may even think that you’re strange as you become more spiritually awakened.


2. Creating stressful situations

I know that it doesn’t feel like that, but it’s our mind that creates stressful situations in most of the cases. Subconsciously we recognize that we’re getting out of our comfort zone, but we also fear making that jump.

Thus our subconscious mind orchestrates stressful situations that we could have avoided. We may forget to pay the bills in time; we procrastinate until the deadline. Or we feel more irritated and create tension at home, which is all to mask our fear of change.


3. We want everything NOW

Another common distraction is feeling overpowered with many ideas at once and wishig to have them happen all now. This is a sure way to get you out of balance and paralyze you to focus on your goals.


Having visions and dreams is the food for our soul and heart.


Yet it’s a lesson to learn to prioritize your chief vision and understand which goals and dreams lead you there. Not everything needs to happen now, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your goals if they come from your soul.

Recognizing that you can make everything happen, but not everything right now helps you to focus and get things done.


4. Experiencing self-doubts

You may think that the doubts simply creep in, and there is nothing you can do about that. But it’s not true.

If you have self-doubts, then it’s a sign that something within you desires to be healed. Thus when fears show up, it’s a wonderful opportunity to integrate another unhealed aspect of our inner self.

Have you noticed that when you want to break free from your comfort zone that your doubts get louder?

It’s no coincidence that when you need to focus on your goals the most, the little inner voice keeps telling you that you’re not good enough, and you’ll not achieve your dreams. Having doubts in the moment of breakthrough is a distraction originating from our fear-based mind. Ideally, we heal and release the doubt quickly and refocus on our goals instead of letting the doubts paralyze us for long periods of time.


5. Postponing the day when you start

How many people think; I’ll change my whole life, but I’ll start tomorrow! 🙂

It may not be apparent immediately that this is, too, a lesson that helps us mature spiritually. The higher self (soul) sends us glimpses of inspiration continually. Although we capture the guidance, we don’t act on it. Tomorrow turns into next month, year. Or after I have more money, children grow up, and then it never comes.


Our soul tests our maturity and readiness to begin actively co-creating with the Universe. 


When we act on the inspiration before we feel ready, we show that we respect the guidance we receive. It shows that we’re ready to receive more of it. The reason why some people have more active psychic gifts and intuition is that they act on it more than those who don’t. It’s like learning a new skill; we need to practice until one day; it all becomes natural for us.

If you struggle to focus on your goals, realize that we’re not here forever. You can create a positive impact on your gifts, or you may not utilize your potential as thoroughly as you could.

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