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How to Know When the Soul is Calling You

When the soul is calling you, there is nothing you can do to silence it. Of course, you will try. Almost inevitably, you’ll try to delay the moment you answer your soul’s calling. You’ll push it away, pretend it doesn’t exist. But deep within you, everything is changing. And it scares you.

It’s been a while since you’ve lived in a conscious unity and complete embodiment of your soul. It’s been so long that you may not remember those times, but there is much more to who you are within, you know.

There are 2 ways to experience life – the path of fear the way of courage. We, humans, love our comfort zone. Over anything. We don’t want to give it up unless we truly have to.

Thus the universe sometimes acts as a catalyst and shakes the little bubble we had built to protect us. Sometimes the walls around our life are removed, so we understand that there is a vast, beautiful life out there.

We don’t voluntarily seek to uplevel or change our lives. Stubbornness usually wins us over when life or love knocks on the door. We run to hide into our little shelter.

But what happens when there is nowhere to hide anymore? What if we’re indeed forced to go to the next level?

How to Know When the Soul is Calling You

As you may have read in my memoir, my first memory of my conscious contact with my soul happened when I was just a few months old. The call to remember who I truly am beyond all lifetimes, dimensions, times, and spaces had always propelled my steps.

This is the way of embodiment. The path of consciously releasing ego and creating the space for what is real – love, God, sovereignty, divinity, oneness, and purity.

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But how do you know when the soul is calling you?

The soul can enter your life in myriads of ways, but one thing is certain – it will touch you deeply. You know the voice of your soul when your heart calls you toward a dream, country, person, job.

You try to question this voice by coming up with the reasons why it’s not good timing, why it couldn’t work out, and why it doesn’t fit into your life. Yet, the voice doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It’s gently and steadily guiding you to the best version of your life.

Your soul can wait 40 years before you admit to yourself the truth of what you want and who you are. No amount of fighting against it will push it away.

If you surrendered to that inner voice, you know that the structure and security of your life would fall away. Deep down, you know that there is nothing more powerful than when the soul is calling you to step into a new version of you.


The voice of your soul is like remembering something familiar and yet so far away that it feels impossible to put into words or share it with others.

When the call of our souls grows in intensity, it’s a blessing, for we’ve just entered a crucial point in our lives. It means that right now, you have a unique opportunity to open up new timelines and potentialities within your life. You have the potential to realign your life to express the true you.

If something is rising within your heart, listen. You’re being blessed. You’re entering new levels of consciousness and have the opportunity to step into your purpose even more than before.

When Soul is Calling You


1. Crisis

When you’re experiencing a crisis, you can be certain that your soul is calling you. It’s our nature to pay attention only when something isn’t working out and when our lives get shattered.

When we experience the dark night of the soul, our ego loses its grip on our mind, and thus the soul can enter. When we stop being busy and running in the same wheel without stop, we start to reconnect with our inner truth.

During challenging times, our soul is closer to us, and those who answer her call will move much further ahead in their lives.

As a coach, I’ve seen that people can fight against their transformation; they can pretend it’s not there, but then it only takes longer, and it becomes more painful than it needs to be.

How do you respond when the soul is calling you?

2. Open Heart

When you experience something profound that opens your heart, it’s your soul calling you. When our heart chakra awakens, we become truly alive. Everything before seems like a long slumber, and now we finally feel with compassion, love, and purity.

Some people meet their heart opener, who ignites their hearts. Other people’s heart awakens amidst a challenging moment. In either case, this is your first deep connection with your soul.

3. Dreams

When the soul is calling you, you’ll keep thinking about something you’d wish to be your reality, but you don’t see how that could ever happen. The dream that you cherish in your heart and sometimes allow yourself to feel will become magnetizing.

When the soul is calling you, this dream of yours keeps coming unexpectedly. Over and over again. And at some point, you ask yourself, could my life be greater than I had thought? Is it possible that I could experience something new and beautiful?

Pay attention to your dreams, inspiration, and anything that ignites your heart, for these are the signs that your soul is calling you to expand.

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