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My Top 32 Life Lessons in 32 Years to Inspire You

I didn’t think that I would end up writing my 32 life lessons in 32 years this year, but here we go!


1. Everything is Possible

The visions your higher self inspires you with are possible. The truth is that you probably don’t want just anything. If you’re reading my articles, the chances are that you want to become the best version of you and create a life that reflects who you are. And this is not only possible, but it’s also the reason why you chose to come to Earth. You might be surprised how quickly things can change when you act on your soul dreams.


2. The Timing Is Up to You

You decide how fast things move. The time in between where you are and your next level depends on your inner work. Everything already exists within you, and you only need to find a way how to tap into that space. How to allow yourself to go to the next level. It’s you who govern how long something will take. It will take as long as you need to be ready for what you want, including healing.


3. Your Essence Is the Key

Understanding your essence and knowing how to work with it opens the doors to your true potential. I could write books on what I’ve learned about working with my essence so far, and still, more is coming every day. And it doesn’t stop blowing my mind away!

Your essence goes far beyond your current self and your soul. It’s a light code that is unique to you since the moment you were created.


Your essence contains remembering of your existence across time and even space.


When you tap into your essence, you start remembering who you are, why you are here, where you have lived before, and even of your parallel selves. You see, potential timelines stretched out in front of you to help you to make better choices.

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4. The Lightworker Healing School

Among the 32 life lessons in 32 years, I couldn’t omit my mystery school, which has been the greatest source of growth. Many of you may know that the Lightworker Healing school is how I help people to remember who they are and how they can work with their essence and their gifts. The knowledge and curriculum are crafted around my own remembrance of times of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Lemuria, and then star constellations such as the Pleiades, Lyra, or Sirius.

The Lightworker Healing School includes many more pillars than you can see on my website, which I offer to people who have taken the pillars of the Gold Light and Crystal Light Healing. For many lifetimes, I’ve been initiating people into their soul’s power and into their potential. And no words can describe how life-changing and blissful experience it is for me to work with my Lightworker and Starseed clients in this sacred space that is always expanding because it’s built on the frequency of living light.


5. Light Language

Since I was little, I could speak the Language of Light and write glyphs that activate and initiate new aspects of my being or people I work with. There is nothing you can’t unlock or heal with the Language of Light, which we used to speak. The Language of Light is the universal language that contains living light, colors, frequency, and also the frequency of the person speaking it. Therefore, it’s never static, never constraining.


6. Multidimensional Self

Tapping into my 12-dimensional self has been one of the game-changers on my spiritual journey. It’s amazing how much you can accelerate your growth and understanding of reality once you connect to your multidimensional essence. And even happier, it makes me feel that I can take others on this journey with me.


7. Life Is Short and So Are the Best Moments

One of the key realizations of my 32 life lessons in 32 years is something I’ve been aware of since I was a child – life is just like a blink of an eye. We’ll all die at some point, and our current struggles will feel insignificant before we take our last breaths. So enjoy the time you have regardless of where on your journey you are. Savor the touch of your loved one and look into their eyes, and smile with them.


8. Let Life Be Easy

Undeniably, some circumstances out of our control. But some of our struggles are self-made. We don’t know how to enjoy life because our minds are stuck in the negative loop. Yet there is always a way how you could allow things to be easier. A little more fun. Lighter. Let things come to you in the easiest possible way.


9. Learn to Receive

Receiving isn’t only about receiving from people. It’s also about receiving the right kind of energy into your life, letting the universe to support you. P.S. The universe always wants to support you. It’s about receiving the life itself and all the experiences as they come and then seeing how to face them the best.


10. Work with Joy and Lightness

Work is a big part of our lives, and whatever we do, we can bring in more joy and lightness. Of course, it might not be possible for all of you. But how could you work with ease? How could it be more joyful? And if working with more ease feels impossible, then how can you truly enjoy and recharge yourself in your free time?


11. Live with Intention

Sometimes even greater question than what we do is HOW we’re doing it. Who are you in the process? When you bring intention into your actions, you’re expressing and calling forth the best version of you – which is the most satisfying way of doing life.


12. Embody the Frequency

Embody the frequency you wish to experience in your life. Do you wish to experience more fulfillment? How would the version of you that feels deeply fulfilled and purposeful live your days? Let the frequency teach you.


13. Follow the Resonance

There is a field of resonance luring you into your highest potential. Follow it. Let the energy guide your steps. Pursue the lightness.


14. Stay True to Yourself

It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about what choices you should make. Equally unimportant, is what and how others are living their lives. It has nothing to do with you. Absolutely nothing. You’re here to fall in love with your essence and find the best ways to express it. Stay forever true to that voice within.


15. You’re Enough

It’s like a pandemic that we believe that we have to become almost perfect to deserve love, abundance, even health. But it’s not so. You have to decide that you’re enough right now right here and act from the place of joy instead of being propelled by feeling inadequate and needing to prove something.


16. Challenge Yourself

Even though you’re enough, the natural expression of life is to keep expanding and growing. Nothing is static, and neither should we try to stop the motion. Keep taking risks that are meaningful. Challenge yourself by picking up a new hobby or learning a new language. Don’t stay confined within your comfort zone for no true fulfillment that can be found there.


17. Be Gentle with Yourself

As much as you keep challenging yourself, you should stay gentle with yourself.


The best soil for growing new life is finding the perfect proportion of pressure and ease.


You don’t keep evolving because you believe that something is wrong with you, and you have to change it. Or even more common, escape it. You change because it feels joyful, and you love yourself along every step of your journey.


18. Embrace the Void

I love emptiness, nothingness, and void. I love to be in the space where I’ve emptied myself of my thoughts, of rumors of the outside world. There is just a presence that is deeply nourishing. Don’t stuff yourself with external stimuli because you’re afraid of what you find within. Embrace the void.


19. Create Space

This is another crucial teaching on my list of 32 life lessons in 32 years. You need energy space in your life for your essence to come forth. If your life is filled with clutter, unhealthy relationships, or too tight to-do list, you can’t shine and feel ease. Therefore choose space overfilling your life up with things.


20. Your People Will Stay

Don’t dwell on the wrong people. Truth be told, if you feel resistance and like something is off, then it’s likely true. After all, you probably are an empath. Your people will not only find you, but everything will just flow with them without much extra effort. Don’t waste your time on the people that flatter your ego but neglect your soul.


21. Run Away from Envy

It’s easy to spot envious people who would like to be our friends, but they simply don’t know how to be happy for us. Even if you feel like you should fix the relationship, make an effort, or even put yourself down, so they feel better, this isn’t a true friendship.


These people won’t change because you wish it.


They don’t know how to be their own source, and they project their inner undernourishment on you. If you’re envied, it’s like a poison that dims your light. You don’t have to tolerate it no matter how special a relationship you have with the other person. Don’t put your energy into those relationships.


22. Don’t Live Below Your Potential

For most of my life, I had been consciously living below my potential to make other people feel better. And you know what? Not only they didn’t feel better, but also I felt like I was betraying myself. It’s this kind of knowing that you aren’t truthful to who you are, and you’re playing some weird game of waiting with yourself.

Your potential isn’t a fixed destination to reach. There is always more – a next layer, new space. Keep growing into your potential because this is one of the things you’ll wish to do differently in your life if you had a chance again.


23. Be Choosy

Be choosy how and with whom you spend your time. Your time and energy are your greatest currencies. Treasure them. Instead of spending time mindlessly, master a new field. Take a conscious time off to recharge. Be the guardian of your resources.


24. Find Ease in Expansion

Another critical teaching on my list of 32 life lessons in 32 years. Don’t restrict your movement.


The real safety only exists in the energy of expansion.


You can keep flying while staying rooted in the center of your being. You’re a living essence of light; you can’t put yourself in a box and be happy there. Give yourself wings.


25. Return to Your Center

Always come back to your center. And even better, learn how to stay there. You’ll find peace, stillness, and wisdom in the core of your being. It’s the eye in the middle of a tornado that keeps you rooted and shows you what the best choices for you are.


26. Don’t Judge

Judgment confines you in the same energy of what you judge. It narrows down the perception of your reality to that which you try to separate from through judgment. Even more importantly, don’t judge yourself by saying things like, “I can’t.” This, too, is a judgment and statement of fear, and it will become your reality if you aren’t mindful of your language.


27. Be Honest with Yourself

Dive beyond the obvious and be honest with yourself in every situation of your life. You have to be on the same page with your mind, heart, and soul. Any misalignment gives space for illusions and living a path that isn’t in your highest good.


28. Let Everything Teach You

As you may have read in my memoir, Find Yourself after my grandmother died, she taught me the greatest lesson – there are no ordinary moments. Everything from the way you walk, do dishes, to talk with your beloved matters.


29. Don’t Wait for Magic

This is one of the misconceptions that most people have, and I was guilty of it too – we wait for some big moment to change our lives for the better. It’s this global dream of waiting for someone to save us that keeps us in the waiting. For years. In some cases, whole life. But it’s the consistent action in the right direction that is your magic.


30. What You Do When No One Looks

Don’t focus on how you’re perceived; care about what you do when no one is around.


Life isn’t a competition. It’s not about being the best at something to be admired or accepted.


Don’t live your life to showcase something to others, including the closest people in your life. There is no one else to fool but yourself.


31. Listen to Your Initial Instinct about Others

When you meet someone, you know. Always. Something in your stomach warns you against a person who wants to be your friend. Or your heart chakra flutters with excitement when you meet a soulmate. Listening to your initial instinct will save you a lot of time, often years. When something isn’t IT, you can’t manipulate it to your wishes. Just respect the energy.


32. Work Efficiently

My last lesson from the list of 32 life lessons in 32 years is about honoring the how over how much. Spending time on something doesn’t equal efficiency or importance. Often we busy ourselves with something or procrastinate to avoid an uncomfortable feeling.

Maybe you don’t know how your next level looks like, so you rather keep yourself buried in the old way of doing things. When you have more space, you work with better energy and can accomplish more in less time. Therefore, honoring your inner rhythm of work will change your days for the better.

So, these are my 32 life lessons in 32 years. Of course, there many more lessons learned that have shaped me into the person I am today. But those lessons flew to me with ease, and therefore, I hope some of them have inspired you!

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