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This Is How Embodying Christ Consciousness Transforms Your Life

It took me 9 years to write an article about Christ consciousness, even though it’s something I consciously work with every day. Undoubtedly, it has changed the way I look at the world, my thinking, and I use it when I’m doing healing work with my clients. But I wanted to allow myself time to understand it better and learn how to work with it consciously.

What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ consciousness is a universal quality of consciousness that aligns the mind with the heart. Over time, it removes illusions and false perceptions of the world from our minds. As we’re plugging into the grid of Christ consciousness that exists around our planet, we gradually resurrect from our individual, separated self and merge with the universal consciousness of oneness.


Your humanity and divinity merge, which takes away the perception of separation.


When your Christed self awakens within your consciousness, you start to unite with your higher self, and you realize the sovereignty of your soul. You naturally begin to orientate from the focus on self to be in service to others.

You choose to walk the path of ascension, which means making conscious changes and acting in alignment with your soul. As your consciousness is transmuting, you begin to look for your soul’s purpose and take action because you no longer want to hold yourself back from expressing your unique essence.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Lead from Space of Sovereignty

One of the greatest things that Christ consciousness brings is realizing our sovereignty. When you’re sovereign, you don’t give your power away to worship fear or ego. You’re not swept away by the heat of emotions or wrong judgment. You’re rooted within the center of your being, and you take action from the serene space within you.

You’re a leader of your life whether you recognize it or you give your power away.

As Christ consciousness settles in within your being, you naturally gravitate toward leading your life from the space of love and power. You no longer wish to sleep and run away from challenges. Likewise, taking full responsibility for the richness of your human experience becomes attractive to you. You’re stepping into the role of a conscious creator of your life.

Accepting and embodying Christ consciousness marks a new chapter on your soul’s evolution journey. This is the way out of suffering and the bondage of this reality.

And just like with anything spiritual, Christ consciousness also depends on how much you’re collaborating with anchoring this frequency within your being. Christ consciousness activation is the first step, and then it also depends on you, learning to work with it consciously. Because the more you work with it, the greater the impacts it has on your life.

How much space do you have for anchoring the frequency of Christ consciousness within your being?

Anchoring Christ consciousness is all about creating more space for what is real. It’s about embracing the being you truly are and diving deeper and deeper into it. It’s like connecting with a new energy that is sending out first roots into your system.

You can either start building a bridge from your side to help the connection. Or you can ignore it or even put obstacles in the way. No one can escape from accepting Christ consciousness, speaking in terms of eternity, but we can keep postponing it – this is our free will.



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