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7 Principles of the Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance states that there is infinite prosperity always available to us. But with our free will, we can tune in or out the abundance frequency and thus not let abundance be part of our experience.

In this article, I want to share with you 7 principles that will help you to use the Law of Abundance to your benefit. Although some principles may seem basic and you’ll want to skip them, it’s by mastering and embodying them that you tap into the infinite flow of prosperity.

7 Principles of Law of Abundance

From the perspective of a spiritual coach, I came to understand that financial abundance is one of our greatest teaching tools. Since we’re little, society tells us that there is a shortage of something. They tell us that we have to work hard to deserve it. We have to strive for something whole life, and maybe one day it can be ours.

But these lies act like a virus in the subconscious mind. When we forget that we’re divine and that our true nature is infinitely abundant, then we don’t allow ourselves to experience prosperity. Needless to say that this conditioning is a perfect way of controlling people.

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1. Master Your Focus

Prosperity isn’t only about finance. Yet, when we don’t have enough financial abundance, it feels impossible to let it go out of our minds.

And that’s why I said that abundance is our greatest teaching tool. Because it continually asks us to choose our resonance. It demands that we become the masters of our focus, EVEN IF our reality is not the way we want to have it.

There certainly is an abundance of something in your life. Even if it’s “just” the air, you breathe or the soil you walk upon. Retrain your awareness from noticing a lack to recognizing the abundance in your life.

Right now, you’re privilege enough to have access to the internet and receive these words that have encoded blessings of prosperity for you. You can also give thanks to your breath and to your magnificent body that carries your soul.

The Law of Abundance will work for you as long as you recognize the infinite ocean of abundance in your life. It’s about catching yourself every day and bringing your attention to what you want to amplify.

2. Embody the Frequency of Abundance

One way how to use the Law of Abundance to your advantage is to tap into the frequency of abundance. Abundance is one of the inherent qualities of life. From the energy perspective, it doesn’t matter whether you bask in the abundance of love, creativity, gratitude, or finances.

So, if you don’t experience the financial abundance that you wish you have, choose to create a different form of abundance in your life that feels more tangible.

Ask yourself:

What does make me feel abundant?

When you feel abundant, everything amplifies in your life. For instance, you feel abundant when you take care of yourself and rest more. Although this has nothing to do with financial abundance, it makes you feel blissfully abundant and thus keep the Law of Abundance working for you.

Think about what makes you feel abundant. Usually, it’s something simple, like spending more time with family, starting a new hobby, walking in nature, or having “me time.”

You tap into the frequency of abundance by doing the things that make you feel abundant. For the universe, it doesn’t matter that the particular activity has nothing to do with finances because you vibe with prosperity. And thus, it must manifest in all forms in your life.

3. Frequency of Love

What love has to do with abundance? Everything! You literally have a stargate inside your chest that can open doors to any version of reality you want to explore.

When your spiritual heart is on fire, you magnetize everything into your life. You have the power to elevate yourself and everything and everyone with you when you’re in the frequency of love.

The Law of Abundance works closely with love. The more you’re in the space of love, the more you allow yourself and your reality to expand. So practice being in love. With everything. With life itself.

Sometimes people worry about whether someone loves them. But shouldn’t we be even more interested in whether WE do love? Isn’t it an even greater blessing that our hearts stay wide open, and the energy of love pulsates through them?

To embody the frequency of love, you don’t need to be in a relationship. You don’t need anything else than opening your awareness to that incredibly beautiful and mysterious life we’re part of. Have a relationship with life, and the Law of Abundance will activate for you.

4. Feeling Worthy of Receiving

The Law of Abundance can’t push financial abundance to you if you’re not in the space of receiving it. Most people struggle with receiving, and the root cause goes a lot deeper than you could imagine.


But for now, I want you to feel my words.

You don’t need to be perfect, flawless, work yourself to death, privileged, or worthy of receiving money. Your worth doesn’t come of this world. NO ONE and NOTHING can deprive you of your inherent divine worth. Abundance is the natural flow of life, and you’ve ALWAYS been part of it.

For thousands of years, we’ve been manipulated into feeling separated from who we are, from God, from our true essence. Everything that makes you feel not being worthy of experiencing the basic qualities of the universe is a lie.

5. Respect Yourself and Others

The Law of Abundance loves respect and equality. Look at the areas where you might not be respecting yourself, your energy, or your time.

Do you respect yourself? Are you overgiving? Do you live a balanced life?

Also, if you don’t respect the energy and time of other people, then you create nasty codependency between you. Codependency doesn’t go well with the Law of Abundance.

6. Energy Exchange

If you often want something for free from others without giving much in return. Then money will not flow to you because you don’t show respect to the money, and you don’t honor energy exchange.

I don’t say that we have to pay for everything. This is not true and certainly not the case with family and good friends. But what matters is the energy exchange is more or less equal.

When you want something, be ready to offer equal energy in return.

If you feel that you have relationships that are not balanced and people are just taking from you and expecting that you always help them, then it’s time to change it. On the other hand, if you expect things from people without offering something in return, it’s time to take your power back and realize that your source is within you. 

Make sure that your friendships become more energetically equal. The harsh truth is that people who don’t respect your energy don’t really care for you. So do you actually want them to be a part of your life experience, or you rather create space for something more genuine?

Since most of you are empaths, you can FEEL whether the energy flows equally between the two of you. Please, don’t ignore this feeling because it only creates more disturbances in your life.

7. Be in Service

The last principle of the Law of Abundance connects to the previous point. You have to offer something that is in service to others, and then financial abundance comes to you (as long as you master all previous principles too).

Being in service to others doesn’t mean that it must be something that changes human lives. But in some way, we can all contribute to the life of somebody or our community.

This comes easier for lightworkers who start to massively embrace their mission and find ways to use their gifts to assist others. However, you can do anything with the intention to be in service to other people. Maybe, you’re a shopkeeper, and you smile at your customers, and it changes their mood.

Or you’re a manager who asks himself how he can better serve his team today. Maybe you have a brilliant idea to create clip notes that make it easier for people to organize their work.

Start every morning by asking yourself: How can I be of the highest service to others today?

Being in service should come with joy. But it doesn’t mean that you start to overgive and disrespect your boundary – that way, you’re not in the highest service of others because you’re not in the highest frequency. Give from the place of abundance, not lack, or stress.

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