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The Key to Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

How to understand your subconscious mind? Where are the negative thoughts coming from? And is it even possible to achieve the state of lasting inner peace? There isn’t a person who wouldn’t struggle with their mind. At least sometimes. The quality of our thoughts can support us in creating our own desired reality. On the other hand, the mind can easily make us doubt ourselves and sabotage our success before we even give ourselves a proper chance to succeed.

To change your thoughts and the direction of your life, you need first to learn how to understand your subconscious mind. Decoding the language of your subconscious mind will help you to realize where the root cause of your current situation lies. No matter how long we’ve been on our spiritual journeys, we all have to learn to work with the mind. There is no shortcut.

How to Understand Your Subconscious Mind?

Understanding your subconscious mind begins with realizing where the thoughts come from. Even though it looks like we’re our thoughts and our thoughts belong to us, this isn’t the case.

99% of your thoughts don’t belong to you.

The brain is a flawless capturing machine. It transcribes frequency, energy, the collective unconscious, and thoughts of others, as well as the inspiration and guidance we receive from our higher selves into the language that we understand – “our own” thoughts.

Rather than you thinking your thoughts, you’re receiving them from your environment.

And with this piece of information, you can regain a sense of control over your mind. Because often, I see people not trusting their minds and worrying that their minds can take over their lives and hinder their manifestation. But you’re NOT bad or a less-than person because of the thoughts you’re thinking. Your reoccurring thoughts are just a habit that originated in your childhood. And this is something that you can work with. Similarly, you’re picking up thoughts from others. Even more so, if you’re an empath.

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Decode Your Subconscious Mind

We can divide the mind into conscious, unconscious, and subconscious. For the purpose of this article, I’ll dive deeper into understanding the subconscious mind. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read everything mind related in my book.

The subconscious mind is a sponge that soaks in all information that you ever come across. Since you’d become crazy to be aware of everything 24/7 (the realm of the conscious mind), the details you don’t need are moved to your subconscious databank.

This is also the part of your mind that is in a full operation mode immediately after you’re born. Everything that you’ve ever heard from your parents, siblings, friends, teachers at school, television, fairy tales, is being stored in your subconsciousness.

Imprinting Your Subconscious Mind

The mind looks for similar experiences and groups them together. As you grow older, it starts to create stories about what and why something happened. And so you develop your own filter of your reality. When you come across a triggering moment, an alert is sent to your subconscious mind, and it finds an experience similar to your current one.

This is the moment when you remember the old experiences that are similar enough to your current situation and you go on auto-pilot.

Now, your conscious awareness moves to the background and gives space for the subconscious mind to perceive your situation through the lens of your past. You’re not present with the situation anymore. You don’t see the other person. Neither you think straight. You re-experience your past through the eyes of your subconscious mind. This is the main reason why we’re not happy in our lives. We’re not present, and we believe that something else is taking place than what is actually happening.

To understand your subconscious mind you have to trace your thoughts back to their original blueprints.

The original blueprint of your subconscious mind is the first imprint on your mind. This is the first experience that formed your beliefs. Throughout your life, the subconscious mind adds more evidence of why the initial experience was true. To make it more interesting, these blueprints aren’t just a matter of what your parents have told you. It’s also about energy!

When you understand your subconscious mind, you realize that it can also interpret the information contained in energy and frequency. One example of energy information is emotions. Emotions are released from our systems in the form of energy waves. So if let’s say one of your parents felt a certain way even though they didn’t verbalize their feelings, you could feel what they were feeling, and this contributed to forming your beliefs.

Your subconsciousness also remembers the overall emotional mood of your home. When you experienced something with high emotional charge, it imprinted a stronger surge of energy on your mind than something that seemed to be irrelevant to you. The process of imprinting begins before you’re even born, and it continues for the rest of your life.

Why Do You Experience Similar Situations?

Let’s make understanding your subconscious mind a little more practical! You experience similar situations in your life because of your subconscious mind. For why this happens, there are a couple of reasons. One of them is that your subconscious beliefs carry enormous energy that attracts like situations. You’re basically covered in a cloud of energy that draws in experiences with similar energy to match yours.

Secondly, the subconscious mind is also part of the reason why we experience karma. Karmic repercussions aren’t to make us suffer; they’re teaching vehicles for our souls. And also, they work as living biofeedback to the prevailing energy – which shows how spiritually mature we are.

Thirdly, for the above reason, your being wants you to evolve the quality of your beliefs – it wants you to heal from the dream of the ego (the separated mind). And therefore, it offers you new opportunities to approach similar situations with an elevated approach and to heal the initial wrongly assessed information – the blueprint.

An Example of Reoccuring Situations

Let’s say that you struggle in your romantic relationships. No matter how much you try, they all seem to end up the same way. You believe that you’re not lucky to meet a proper partner. But what if the reason was in your belief system?

By understanding your subconscious mind, you may discover your initial blueprint related to relationships. So let’s say that when your mom was pregnant with you, she didn’t feel loved by your dad. Often she would feel lonely and wondering whether she should leave. And maybe she chose to stay with your father, and things got a little better, but still, this was your first imprint of how relationships were.

Now, you’re an adult, and you struggle to let the other person come close. You doubt whether someone can genuinely love you, and to prevent potential pain, you don’t let other people see the true you. Even better, because you’re subconsciously afraid that there is nothing lovable and exciting about you, you don’t even know yourself.

You distract yourself with friends, hobbies, chasing promotions. Anything just to get further away from your true self because what if you found out that you’re shallow and uninteresting? And so you keep running away from love and from yourself too.

If you dived deep into your subconscious mind and worked with your initial blueprint, you’d change not only your beliefs about relationships but also the way you feel on a daily basis. Thus your life lightens up, and since you feel relaxed, you’ll let the right person in.

As you can imagine, we have hundreds of these blueprints that create our beliefs and subsequently, our life. If you need help with breaking the spell of experiencing similar unwanted situations, I invite you to explore my coaching options.

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