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Unveil the 9 Pillars of the Self-Realization Process

At some point in your spiritual journey, self-realization becomes the most attractive thing you can ever experience. It’ll be calling you in dreams, captivating your mind when you should work, and igniting your heart every second of your day.

Yet, self-realization sounds too vague, too unclear, and ungraspable until we’re still more distracted by the ever-changing nature of this world. If you feel drawn to the concept of self-realization, it means that your soul starts to awaken in your body. This is the beginning of the most exciting path you can ever walk on.

What Is Self-Realization?

Self-realization is a path of conscious realizing of your highest potential. It’s the crossing on your spiritual journey leading toward the highest version of yourself. Unlike before, when your motives may have been driven by the desire to manifest a partner or career or to comfort deep pain in your heart, this time, you’re becoming your highest self because it’s the only meaningful way to live.

The moment you enter a path of self-realization, everything becomes your teaching tool. You no longer wander through life. But you feel, see, and understand that everything manifested and unmanifested is helping you to become your highest self.

When you decide to master every aspect of yourself, you realize that it’s the path itself that leads to self-mastery. At that point, you have well developed your inner observer, and now you can interact with the world without your ego getting in the way.

Self-realization is the seventh stage of the process of transformation. And it’s the next natural step in our evolution. First, we live unconsciously, and our lives are filled with pain without us always realizing it. Then we wake up and start to search for our meaning and to heal old pain.

At some point, we stop rushing through our evolution and surrender to the process. At that point, we’re no longer driven only by the mind, and we connect with our soul. This starts a long process. If you still continue and focus on embodying your soul, one day, your only silent prayer will be to walk the path leading to self-realization.

When our innate desire for self-realization activates, we’re drawn closer to our Source. This time not as fearful children, but as sovereign souls who have mastered their existence and being.

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9 Pillars of Self-Realization

These pillars co-exist with one another. The path of self-realization is not linear. Rather it happens all at once – at all realms of time and space. Thus, you’re going to move through the first six pillars back and forth before the new level of your consciousness safely settles in. Then you enter the next stage leading to self-mastery.

1. Light and Healing

The first step is to bring light and healing to all aspects of you. As a coach, I can see a clear pattern. People usually want to heal something that awakens in them the most intense feelings. Ideally, they want to get it done quickly, get over it, and get back to their normal lives.

Yet what they don’t initially see is that there is nowhere to return any more. Once you put your foot on the path of self-healing, you’ll change, and so will your environment. You’ll gradually build a new existence for yourself.

Then people understand that you can’t put a deadline on healing. It takes as long as it needs to, depending on your cooperation and willingness. Some people choose inner healing from time to time when something unpleasant comes to their conscious mind.

But there is a third stage. During which you’re committed to free yourself from everything that has ever happened on your soul’s journey. Healing isn’t a seasonal thing or a matter of necessity. It’s about becoming whole and sovereign being.

2. Complete Acceptance

On the path of self-realization, you can’t be living in fear of making terrible mistakes in your past or being in the wrong place in your life. You have to find a complete acceptance of your past and yourself.

Only when you completely accept yourself, you don’t hold your past against yourself. Instead, you learn from it, and you integrate the lessons.

Self-acceptance is about seeing yourself clearly. You no longer carry the distorted glasses of shame, guilt, self-hatred, and survival. You set yourself free and use that energy to heal yourself.

3. Release

Now, it’s time to release every person and situation you’ve been holding against yourself. When we can’t forgive or let go, we tie people to us. We carry these energetic strands from a lifetime to a lifetime.

If you wonder why your heart feels heavy or why your mind wanders back to the situation from your past, it’s time to release every actor of your story with love. When you light up your heart, you unleash a new capacity to deal with your present moment and to keep reaching the next levels.

4. Responsibility

Taking full responsibility is a necessary step on the path of self-realization. Why didn’t I mention responsibility earlier? Because unless you master all the previous pillars, you’ll not take responsibility for yourself entirely.

You’re not here to play it small. You’re here to embody your deepest essence.

When you take yourself and your life seriously, there is no room for feeling a victim or avoiding making crucial choices anymore. You don’t have interest and time to neglect and avoid your inner power that originates in the essence of your being. The games and littleness are over for you because you fully realize that you have responsibility for yourself, your gifts, your purpose, and your path.

5. Heart Center

For most of us, our heart chakra activates naturally when the time is right. But, my question for you is, what you’re going to do with the Source energy radiating from your chest?

Will you go back to sleep? Are you going to panic over it and wait that you go back to your “normal?” Or are you going to enhance it and use it to master your life and yourself?

The heart chakra is the center of our higher consciousness, and it’s truly a gift from the Creator that allows us to understand and realize our spiritual essence. You can literally do ANYTHING with that loving power in your chest. What will you choose?

6. Christ Consciousness

I’m going to talk more in-depth about the Christ consciousness later, or if you’re a student of the Crystal Light Healing, then you’ve been initiated into Christ consciousness already.

In either case, when the Christ consciousness awakens within you, everything changes. Our Christed self is the pathway to our sovereignty and liberation from the restrictions bestowed upon the worlds of matter. As you’re consciously walking the way of self-realization, you find out that aligning yourself with your Christ self is the key step to understanding your true self.

7. Remembrance

At some point, the desire to remember your true self and to recollect the memories of your soul’s journey and your multidimensional essence will become overpowering.

The veil of forgetfulness will start lifting, and you’ll understand new dimensions of yourself. Practically this means that you’ll begin to remember your soul journey across time and space realities. You’ll recall your spiritual and psychic gifts, as well as the understanding of how to use them to serve your highest good and others. You’ll also understand your Starseed origin if you’re not an earthling.

Together with your walk of remembrance, you’ll also get a deeper understanding of cosmology and our role within the great scheme of life. At this point, you’ll be able to channel and consciously communicate with your higher self, with your star guides, and ascended masters, to name a few. You’ll be reclaiming your star origin.

8. Purpose

The 8th pillar of self-realization guides you into the understanding of your purpose here on Earth. And even beyond, depending on how much memories you’ll recall. You always live your purpose, but you can awaken to a deeper understanding of it.

Every purpose is like a flower with dozens of beautiful petals. When you explore one petal, you’ll realize that there is another beautiful petal, which is the part of the same flower. In the same way, your purpose is always evolving and changing, and yet it’s a part of one higher cosmic purpose.

It’s up to you how many petals you’ll explore in this lifetime. You can stay with few or keep moving and expanding. Every approach is the best for you as long as you honor the rhythm of your soul.

9. Sovereignty

Each of us is a sovereign soul, but we need to go a distance to realize it fully and restructure our lives based on this truth. A sovereign being doesn’t diminish or neglect their gifts and inner power. Neither it perceives its existence through the lens of fear and ego.

A sovereign soul is a self-realized being that understands its wholeness, holiness, and connection to Source.

It does what needs to be done without overanalyzing or ignoring its intuitive power. A sovereign soul can’t be controlled, manipulated, or drawn into the games of human minds. It elevates itself above it with a complete understanding of what is real and what just likes to seem real. A self-actualized sovereign soul is what we’re here for, even though it may seem eons away from here. One day, we’ll all live it.

If you feel the call to remember your true essence and embrace your calling, I invite you to explore the Lightworker Healing, which represents two levels out of 9 pillars of my school for lightworkers.

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