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The Karmic Lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria

Understanding the collective lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria helps us to avoid making the same mistakes and move upward along the spiral of time. When it comes to dating Atlantis and Lemuria, it gets tricky. Since both civilizations existed in a higher density than we’re now, time works differently. That being said, both ended approximately around 10 – 12 thousand years B. C. When you think about it, it isn’t even so long time since the Fall of Atlantis and Lemuria. Now, many people are incarnated again to resolve the karmic lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria.

When we look at the karmic lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria, we have to remember that Atlantis and Lemuria both went through golden ascension times and darker descension times. Thus when you work with your past lives, you may tune into an epoch that was beautiful or not. Yet, there are a couple of collective soul lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria that apply to us. These collective lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria still run through our ancestral lineages. It needs to be cleared out.


The Lemurian Karma

The positive lessons from Lemuria revolve around fully awakened higher heart chakra and Christ-crystalline- energy. During the golden times of Lemuria, we learned how to use crystal technology and record memories and information on crystals. We’ve learned to live in alignment with nature and eliminate physical illnesses. In Lemuria, we knew the importance of the synergy between nature and the animal world, and humans. The Lemurians were the keepers of the Earth.

The essential lessons from Lemuria are about the awakened heart. Lemurians understood and embodied unconditional love, compassion, and how to keep the balance between giving and taking. These are the necessary prerequisites for ascension. Unconditional love and genuine compassion aren’t some buzz words. But they are the door to unlocking the crystalline consciousness.

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The Dark Time of Lemuria

The consciousness was falling slowly and gradually, and Lemuria had also entered the dark times. The Lemurians were keen on living in alignment with their intuitive guidance. That allowed them to live in harmony with nature and each other. But at some point, their intuitive guidance was less precise. Consequently, the third eye of many people was getting clouded. Not being able to trust their visions and intuition was something new fully, so they didn’t realize what was happening at first.

Women led Lemuria. And those women derived their power and leadership from their intuition which was getting weaker. As a result, certain groups of women started fighting against each other. Not all – but some women – started unconsciously taking in entities from the astral realm. This is very much what happens nowadays too.

When we channel or receive intuitive guidance, we need to make sure we dial into higher realms beyond the astral realm. Otherwise, we receive guidance, but it isn’t pure. It comes from astral beings.


The lower astral is what causes much misinformation and prevents us from ascending. 


And so, there was a division in the society. Some women strengthened their minds and were able to maintain pure visions. While others weren’t able to do it and instead became hungry for power. This stroke competition, envy, and jealousy amongst the women of Lemuria. The ones who run on the lower astral power instead of the power coming from the Source (higher dimensions) competed with the pure ones.


Thus, the fall happened through the feminine; this is still what the feminine collective karma is about. 


Of course, not everyone participated in this. We can have only a certain percentage of the population unconsciously keeping the portals to lower dimensions open. And, over time, it leaks into the whole collective consciousness.


The fallen feminine became highly ritualistic. 


When one runs higher dimensional energy through the chakras, they don’t need to perform rituals, psychedelics, etc. They don’t need substitutes for spiritual gifts. All these crutches are just illusions keeping people stuck in the lower astral realm. 

The Atlantean Karma

The lessons from Atlantis revolve around the misuse of power through the mind. Unlike through the emotional body as in Lemuria. During the golden ages of Atlantis, there was a collective effort to unite everyone. People were supported in the natural development of their gifts and in living their purpose. The Atlanteans were able to build a higher form of society than Lemuria. During Atlantis, we learned how to use the mind correctly to create a higher good, so the magician was born.


The Dark Time of Atlantis

The dark lessons from Atlantis started when we disconnected from the higher heart chakra and thus the Christ stream. Then the shadow was created, which could be described as a mad scientist with a tunnel vision directed only on technology. Everything could be sacrificed for higher technological growth. Ironically, the misuse of technology caused the final Fall of Atlantis. When one focuses too much on comfort and technology, it may stunt the development of spiritual gifts.


Natural spiritual development can never be replicated or replaced by technology. And this is what the Atlanteans understood only too late. 


Another key lesson from Atlantis was about pride. Pride is a very dangerous feeling when one feels superior. Some of the Atlanteans – again, not all – started to feel superior because of their strong mind and technology. Eventually, this led to the creation of a caste system and separation. This was in direct opposition to the original vision of unity and equality. The downside to the mind is that it can become harsh when used without the heart. Pride comes from not fully knowing oneself.


When we’re afraid to go deeper within ourselves, we project this lack of depth outside to create an external separation that we feel on the inside. 


The lesson from Atlantis is to find the balance of the mind. Not feeling superior or inferior. Knowing oneself and being right in the center of the being. When we know ourselves, we understand that we don’t have to fear others – which is one of the root causes of pride. The hidden aspect of pride is; “If I’m afraid of you, I will create a separation between you and me so I can feel safe. And I’m afraid of you because I don’t truly know myself – I’m afraid of myself. So when I feel superior to you, I’m safe from you. A wall between us exists. Because you’re different from me, you can harm me.”


The Elevated Aspects

The elevated Atlantean aspect is the humble, wise leader in the service to others. A good leader is in service to the divine and others, not their own self-interest. The elevated Lemurian form is an embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. Thus there are no games; you understand you’re the other person.

When we combine the two, we know how to correctly use the mind and heart and find their balance. When we look within and see where we still need to learn the lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria, we know to balance the heart and mind. And thus, we step into embodied Christ self who is in service to others – but not as a form of escaping oneself through focusing on “saving” others. But through fully knowing oneself, remembering who they are, and then choosing to be in the highest service to all.

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