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Sovereign Self Masterclass

Spiritual Sovereignty is a 2-hour masterclass replay.

How would it feel to stand in your sovereignty? To transform your relationships? To find ease and joy in expressing your unique soul’s energy? To feel confident and at ease with who you are while co-creating with other people in harmony?

Explore the principles of spiritual sovereignty with practical examples. 

You’ll learn about humankind’s spiritual connection to the constellation of Sirius and how the consciousness of stars and planets impacts the awakening and ascension through the Lion’s Gate Portal.

You’ll receive a powerful guided activation visualization to awaken your Sovereign Self.


How Long is the Recording?

The class is 2 hours and 14 minutes long.


How to Access the Recording?

Please check your order confirmation to find the link to the recording.


P.S. You can get this masterclass as a part of the Leadership Bundle.



It’s time to remember and embody your sovereign self, yet it has always been there. Right under the surface, always waiting for you to remember who you are. You find a perfect alignment with the Source when you step into your spiritual sovereignty. Thus nothing stands in the way of a free flow between you and the Source. Spiritual sovereignty is our default state of being – the one we’ve forgotten. And it’s time to change that!

In this masterclass, we’ll look deep into spiritual sovereignty, how to move from co-dependency to sovereignty, and how to co-create with others from a loving and uplifting space without losing oneself in relationships. We’ll also speak about embodying the soul and what it looks like.

What does sovereignty mean?
And why is it such an attractive topic and yet hard to embody?
Was there a time when we were sovereign on every level?
What has happened? How did we forget?
How does the embodiment of sovereignty feel and look like?


In this masterclass, you’ll learn:

  • The spiritual meaning of the Lion’s Gate Portal and how to work with its potent energy.
  • The keys to unlocking spiritual sovereignty and why we have lost it.
  • What does the embodiment of sovereignty look like?
  • How spiritual sovereignty looks practically in daily life.
  • The marriage of cocreation, interdependence, and sovereignty.
  • What can we learn about sovereignty from the White Lions from Sirius? 
  • How to move from co-dependency to a sovereign self.