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The Age of Aquarius Is Born Through Your Choices

Many people ask how and when the Age of Aquarius, the current Golden Age, is born. What we may not realize is that it’s each of us that allows the Golden Age of Aquarius to materialize. And this is good news. Because you can choose to become the highest version of yourself as I spoke about recently. Actually, the whole universe conspires for your greatness. So, let’s seize those grand times!


What is the Age of Aquarius?

The Age of Aquarius marks a new 2160 year cycle of enhanced light and consciousness and it synchronizes with the beginning of a new Golden Age. The Light manifests more strongly during a Golden Age, enhancing spiritual development. The Golden Age of Aquarius allows us to end the soul’s karmic patterns and move toward the path of ascension. The soul can purify itself and subsequently liberate itself from the realms of form.

I call these times the Golden Age (of Aquarius) because golden light symbolizes the elevated human. Not elevated in the sense of being disconnected from the Earth. Quite the opposite. This is the spiritual human who has integrated both his human and spiritual self within his physical vessel. This is a journey that not too many people choose to travel. Because it requires us to step into full spiritual maturity and demonstrate our Spirits through our lives and bodies.


During the Age of Aquarius, light pulses and crystalline plasmatic light hit the Earth from the deep cosmos. This is a breath of Source permeating our souls, guiding us to wake up from the dreams of unconsciousness.


As this light enters our bodies and glands, our consciousness changes. The consciousness begins to rapidly accelerate to the point that you can make leaps that would otherwise have taken hundreds of years in one life. You’re a bearer of this new consciousness. You’re the new spiritual human into which we evolve. Therefore your choices do matter. They literally allow the Age of Aquarius to be rooted in the 3D. Because we need to choose to dance with that Light hitting the Earth, otherwise it stays visible only in higher dimensions. In other words, we have to claim the heaven on earth for ourselves.

Welcome to the Mystery School

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How is the Age of Light Born through You?

Source sends out the light from its center, which gradually reaches the Earth, initiating a new Golden Age. This light has already penetrated all dimensions; it’s already here. But since we still have free will and we are in the physical bodies in the 3D, we have to align with this light. As we align with Divine Will, light can descend through the chakras and become seen and known.

The Age of Aquarius is built from the top (Source) and the bottom, us. It’s within our hearts and human selves that this energy incubates and gets expressed in 3D. When we choose to align with the Divine Will for us and the collective, we give our free consent to those beams of light being birthed through us into this reality.

On a more practical level, we birth the Age of Aquarius through our choices and the frequency that we emit. If you ask yourself whether it’s a good time, given what is happening globally, to follow your life purpose, the answer is yes. Now it matters more than ever. Because when you choose yourself, you choose the future. You allow the future to be different than the past.

The Age of Aquarius is born through us. Even though it may not feel like it, you’re at the frontier of new consciousness. And therefore, your actions – or their lack – matter. When you decide to say yes to light, you’re birthing the Golden Age of Aquarius. Whenever you step into your sovereignty and soul power, you acknowledge your divinity and thus the sacredness of all Life. That which you allow moving through your consciousness is going to be anchored on Earth, creating a new paradigm.

Harsh But Important Truth

I felt deeply called to talk about this topic because sometimes people may think that what they do isn’t important, so why bother. The inertia of inactivity can easily swallow one up. Although it’s sometimes understandable, let me put this straight; the belief that what you do, think, speak doesn’t matter comes purely from the ego, which aligns with darkness – aka lack of consciousness. This is a dangerous belief because it comes from ignorance and gradually poisons the inner self.

So, I don’t know the details of your life, but everything comes down to a choice. When we choose to drift aimlessly through our days, we don’t choose to be masters of our reality. We don’t choose our inner strength and power. We don’t choose light. So with every door that we open (to inertia), we close the possibility of something else (more consciousness and light). And every choice should come from this awareness. Because we’re the stewards of the life force moving through us and through the wisdom of our choice we either manifest heaven or the opposite of it.

I’m very big on consistent daily choices coming from a space of light and love. Because there isn’t one big thing that will change our consciousness forever. It’s that constant awareness and a robe of quiet mastery that we choose to put on every day. So, our choices matter. In fact, our thoughts, intentions, and words matter too. And so what if you chose to see yourself as a steward of light? As a sacred temple through which only that which you want to embody is allowed? This path will take you to the deeper integration of your shadow and the healing of your emotional body. Once all aspects of you are integrated and joined in Sacred Union, you become unstoppable. You become a force of Light. And it all begins with the choice you make – or not – now.

A guiding question: By choosing this, what am I saying no to? 

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