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The Descension and Ascension Timelines of the Golden Age

We access many timelines when we reach a golden age’s tipping point. Although those timelines differ, some are individual and collective timelines. We could generally describe them as ascension or descension timelines. In those tipping points, we gain access to information, energy, and consciousness from the previous golden ages. And they do impact the soul and also the whole collective.


What Happens During a Golden Age?

The golden age is a pinnacle of a particular evolutionary epoch when it reaches its peak. Every era nurtures a new level of consciousness. The period moves through various stages until there is a balance of the new and old, and we reach the golden age of the epoch. During a golden age, we experience enhanced light and consciousness on the planet. After the peak, a new cycle slowly begins, which disrupts the current energy of a dying golden age. And a new cycle begins. Lemuria and Atlantis both had their golden periods of consciousness and evolution. As we’re nearing a new golden age, the energy of the last golden age influences us again.

We face the effects of the previous golden times, both in their positive and negative aspects. When we look at those aspects through the lens of timelines, we can speak of ascension and descension timelines. In every golden age, we gain access to some of the wisdom of the previous golden times. Thus there is an ascension pathway opening for the collective. We’re influenced by personal energy from our past lives during the last golden ages. And then we’re also impacted by collective energy flowing to us from the previous golden ages. This is why we now talk about things like Christ’s energy, 5D consciousness, and so on. The energy of previous periods influences our consciousness ripping it open.


The descension timeline is the one that turns spirit into matter. It’s part of forgetting. Moving backward in consciousness.


Alongside positive stimuli of the ascension energy of the past ages, we are also impacted by the previous descension energy. Again, this can be the collective descension memory and the individual one. The collective descension teaching might sound equally calling as the ascension ones. However, if we follow that information, it makes us descend. And this is precisely why discernment is crucial.

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Discernment is a crucial skill to filter information through the lens of our consciousness. As we face the descension and ascension teachings, discernment helps us orient ourselves correctly along the significant ascension and descension timelines. It enables the soul to find the information aiding it to ascend. A substantial part of the discernment is not to be swept away by descension teachings. Those might sound interesting, but actually they tend to get huge followings but give way to the astral body and emotional body to fully control us instead of us integrating them and then raising above them. Thus our ability to discern grows with us as it is an expression of our evolution.


Individual Influence

For the soul, the golden ages are the key moments to review and integrate wisdom from previous soul cycles. Thus we begin to remember the past self, who seemed to be way more spiritual, using magical powers. We might also tap into a descending past version of self which might have contributed to some adverse event that brought about more descension for the collective. Just as in the Fall of Atlantis.


The past life self might teach you something crucial to advance your ascension. It might activate higher dimensional energy in you or enhance your auric body.

At the same time, the past self might guide you through releasing ancient soul patterns. Those are energies in which the soul got stuck, and they pull her into a denser form. When you read the energy of a soul pattern without the emotional attachment, you might realize that following that train of energy would pull you lower. And you find yourself looping in the same old energy. It feels like moving backward. Similarly, some energies move us forward. And this is where we need to develop discernment and strong willpower.


Ask your soul:
What do you need to let go of?
Is there something that has become heavy for your soul to carry?
What is it that you’re here to master?


Every golden age brings about a new understanding of something – a mastery of something new. Thus we still need to integrate something from previous lifetimes and release something that the soul has outgrown. For the soul to move forward, it’s about the endless cycles of integration and letting go of the old. Therefore, we open the book of our lifetimes in the golden times of evolution. And as we read through the book, we decide whether we have learned soul lessons and stepped into mastery. And we also need to release negative influences and attachments of the soul. Both the positive and negative effects are enhanced into a golden time.

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