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Decoding the Descension and Ascension Cycles of The Soul

To decode where we came from, we need to remember the descension and ascension cycles of the soul. When we understand the soul cycles, we apprehend the nature of ascension. We remember the future when we remember the past and where we came from. The past and the future exist at once. The separation is only an illusion, allowing us to direct our attention to a limited spectrum of consciousness so we can master it. With time, we learn to hold more multidimensionality – being aware of different times and selves at once.

The Descension and Ascension Cycles of the Soul

The descension and ascension cycles of the soul depict how the soul takes on a physical human form. We descend through multilayers of consciousness and dimensions. Originating from the Universal Logos, our essence begins its journey of descent. As we descend, we develop a different aspect of our being. Like an onion, we create yet another layer of our infinite being. Temporarily, we may forget that we’re the whole onion, focusing on mastering one of the layers at once.

Thus there was a time before the soul, mind, and emotions existed. In every dimension, we assume one of these aspects of ourselves. Another way of looking at it is to imagine that we come from the Light. And we keep bringing the Light into a denser frequency until it becomes a physicalized matter. Eventually, everything becomes matter, and Light becomes trapped in matter. This is where we reach the deepest cycles of the soul.

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The 7 Development Stages of Humankind

The spiritual evolution of the soul happens through various stages. During each stage, we develop a different aspect of ourselves. We need to learn something new in every stage, integrate new knowledge, and move on to the next stage. Currently, we’re in the fifth stage, the post-Atlantean or Aryan stage.

When we look at the recent development stages, we go back to the Lemurian stage. During that time, we inhabited etheric bodies, which were translucent. The body wasn’t yet physicalized. And so this was one of the steps of the descension and ascension cycles of the soul, gradually preparing for its descent into the form. During this time, we were more connected to the Spirit and remembered more than we do now because we were “closer” to the Source from our current point of view.

During the following stage, the Atlanteans were denser than in the Lemurian time. Gradually, we developed the personality, the ego, which didn’t play a significant role previously. The personality began to pull us into even a lower density. Thus the soul continued its journey of descending, moving further into the matter.

During the descension cycle of the soul, we have continued losing more light, knowledge, and memories. As we entered a new stage of development, we forgot more. And this is one of the reasons why you might find it confusing when looking at your past lives. You may ask yourself, what happened? In your previous lives, you seemed to be more spiritual. And this is an actual reason. Of course, there is a way to keep the memories intact, but this was what only the highest initiates could do.


Every descension and ascension cycle of the soul is unique. In every stage, we face diverse challenges and can learn something new that our ancestors didn’t learn. So we have new knowledge, but overall, our ancestors were more spiritual and connected to the Spirit. 

The Current Stage

In every descension and ascension cycle of the soul, we focus on mastering a different aspect of the self. In the current development stage, we center on the intellect. We learn how to apply intelligence to make sense of the world. Yet, it becomes misleading when the mind isn’t balanced by the heart. Since it can become judgmental and limited. Nowadays, we experience spirituality through the intellect. We read books, analyze, use X steps to manifest, etc. But this isn’t yet the real spirituality. In the previous stages, we were much more spiritual and had direct experiences with the Spirit.

During the present descension and ascension cycle of the soul, we’re also meant to master the astral body. The astral body can pull us into various emotions, desires, and passions. When we aren’t in control of the astral body, it can pull us into an even deeper descension cycle. Higher and lower forms of desires correspond to the higher and lower astral realm. As we master the astral body, we can ascend through the 4D density.

A new type of human is born during the present descension and ascension cycle of the soul. The future human will have strong psychic abilities and will learn to harmonize the mind and the heart. And many of you are now seeding this new type of consciousness, pre-paving the path for future generations.


The descension and ascension cycles of the soul happen along the main golden Christ timelines. There is no mistake in us descending into lower dimensions. It’s like an exhalation and inhalation of God. 

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