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Unlock the Power of Spiritual Discernment

Spiritual discernment is one of the most critical qualities that we all should strengthen. The gift of discernment has always been important, but as we can now access any information, some of it might not come from the purest source or intentions.


What is spiritual discernment?

The spiritual discernment is the ability to judge the information well. As we spiritually awaken, we may assume that everything that we read is true. There are thousands of books about any topic, and we may think that other people always know better than us, so we accept the information.

However, on the transformation journey, we must learn how to apply the gift of discernment well. This is one of the main tasks for us collectively at this point.


Spiritual discernment means that you take every piece of information and evaluate it through the filter of your consciousness. 


Some of the spiritual information is twisted on purpose to mislead masses of people who are now awakening. While other information may come from people who unconsciously let their ego infiltrate their messages. Although those people mean no harm, it may still lead you astray.


We receive every piece of knowledge. It’s not us figuring out what the truth is; our task as teachers is to empty ourselves completely of own identity so that we let the right information flow through.


Ideally, we share information without attaching the ego to the messages we share. However, if people don’t empty themselves and let their fears to color the messages, then it’s not pure anymore. So some parts of their message may be correct while you need to apply the spiritual discernment to filter out the rest.

As I’ve written in one of my previous articles about spiritual tests, spiritual discernment is one of them during our evolution.


From a higher perspective, the Spirit wants us to step into our own authority and become a sovereign soul.


And for that, at some point in our evolution, we need to learn to distinguish what is true. Otherwise, we may always be dependent on others.

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The ego vs. the soul’s hunger for knowledge

When it comes to applying the spiritual discernment, we need to have a look at the ego and soul’s urge for knowledge. Although seeking information is useful, our motive may not always be inspired by the higher self and our highest good. The ego is the fear-based part of the mind that promotes our belief in separation. The ego doesn’t want us to realize our true nature and potential. Thus it often leads us astray. 


The ego loves everything shiny and special. It will try to make you feel special and being better than others.


Don’t forget that even though you may think low about yourself, you can still be special in being less than others. The voice of fear guides us to look for something magical and special, like having a special relationship. Or sometimes people get obsessed with past lives or becoming enlightened. The ego tries to get your attention, so you don’t recognize what is true. 

Thus it may guide you to look for extremes that may be impractical, and they destabilize you. Also, the ego may drive your attention to chaotic and contrasting belief systems and ideas. 


You know that the ego guides you to believe in something when the piece of information leaves you unsettled and out of balance. 


On the other hand, the higher aspect of you, your soul, guides you to information that benefits your inner growth. It always leads you to the best possible books, teachers, and healers that are aligned with your frequency. The soul’s guidance is gentle yet persistent. So even if your ego doesn’t want you to heal some aspect of yourself, the soul always brings your attention back to what needs to be resolved. 


When your soul guides you to read an article or book, you’ll feel a sense of expansion, lightness, and resonance. 


In both cases, you receive information, but when it comes from the ego, it will create more chaos within you. Eventually, it may lead you astray so that it blocks your inner growth. 

I’ve seen some people getting stuck for years with certain spiritual theories. Although these theories look nice at first sight, they leave people in a constant unpeaceful state of mind. When this happens, we may, without realizing it, get stuck, and we align with even more misinterpreted information. This can sparkle a negative energetic momentum. 


How to use the spiritual gift of discernment?

Learning how to use the spiritual gift of discernment takes practice. At first, it may be difficult, but the more you’re connected with your inner self, the easier it gets. 


1. Enhance spiritual discernment

To enhance the gift of discernment, spend time reflecting on your thoughts and feelings. Develop a perspective of an unbiased observer. For that purpose, meditation or having a journal is a perfect way to observe the process within yourself. 


Self-reflection is an essential tool that will help you to connect with your true self. 


The better you know yourself, the easier it is to apply spiritual discernment. As you connect with your true self, you find inner stability that creates an extra layer between yourself and the piece of information. 


2. Pause for a while

Another way how to apply spiritual discernment is to pause before accepting something. For instance, when you read a book, you can read it with the curious mind whether it may be true, but you don’t form any opinions just yet. 


The moment we form opinions, we align with the frequency of the message. 


When you’re unsure about the message, you can think about what you read like that it’s an interesting point of view. But you don’t have to make it your point of view. You can simply leave it in that protective layer between your inner self and the outer world. 

It’s the same as when you have a house. You don’t welcome everyone. You carefully choose the people who may enter your home. Some can stay in the garden, and you’ll see in the future whether you let them in. And those who come into your house should have your best interests in their hearts. It’s the same with applying the gift of discernment.


3. Resonance

Resonance is essential when it comes to using spiritual discernment. When something has a resonance for you, it feels right. It resonates with your being, and it makes you feel grounded and lighter. Now we come back to the first step, to spend time getting to know yourself. When you’re in touch with your innermost part, you develop the skill to feel whether something is true.

Your body helps you to distinguish information because it either resonates with it or it creates dissonance. You can read more about how this process works in this article

On the other hand, you feel dissonance when something is not right, and the information leaves you to feel unpeaceful. It means that the frequency of the knowledge is misaligned with your inner truth. 

Using spiritual discernment is about learning to tune within yourself and seeing how the information resonates with you. For that, allow yourself some time before accepting anything. 


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