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What To Know About Releasing Soul Cycles of Lemuria and Atlantis

Every soul evolves through soul cycles. There are individual soul cycles that are the most relevant for the individual. And there are planetary, solar, galactic, and cosmic cycles that set the tone and collective vibe. The collective cycles are like the stage and props in a theater. They offer a playground for the soul. And the soul cycle is the performance of an actor. Some of it is preplanned, and the rest is improvised. All cycles are weaved together. Thus a soul experiences the individual soul cycle, which is of its own making. And a soul has to operate within the collective cycle, which creates limitations and creative challenges.


What Are Soul Cycles

Some situations in the individual life are orchestrated to remind us of what is still unfinished on the soul level. Similar also applies to major collective events. During Atlantis and Lemuria, we made certain collective choices that resulted in a further fall of consciousness. Now, during the Aquarian Age, we can show how much we’ve matured by making different choices. Therefore, we revisit similar situations where identical decisions must be made. The lessons and the essence of those choices we face now and back then are identical.


Many current key events correlate with critical turning points of Lemuria and Atlantis. Some of those events are “negative,” allowing us to make different choices. Other events are positive, enhancing the upcoming Golden Age. 


You can imagine the soul cycle like a circle. The soul moves along each cycle until it reaches the end or a new beginning. An individual soul can’t jump out of a cycle before its end. As the soul moves along the edge of the cycles, it has to continue its journey until the starting point. When the soul reaches the original point, it has two options.

One is to elevate and integrate the lessons learned and move higher along the spiral of time. Thus the soul doesn’t repeat the same lessons anymore but moves into a higher level of consciousness. Two is to repeat the same soul cycle. The repetition of soul cycles happens when a soul hasn’t learned the lessons. Then the soul needs to stay for another round around. Currently, many people wait for their Atlantean and/or Lemurian soul cycles to finish.


What Is The Purpose of Soul Cycles?

As we near the individual and collective soul cycles, we face unresolved karma. Karma is a collection of lessons not yet mastered and energies put in motion which needs to find closure. The soul wounding binds the soul into the same soul cycles and events purposed to help heal it and make it whole. The purpose of the soul cycles is to help the soul mature through wise use of free will. Time allows a soul to learn from mistakes and choose differently.

As a being moves through the soul cycle, they become wiser by revisiting similar patterns. We can make a different choice whenever we enter the same waters and avoid falling into habitual soul patterns. 


Now we have an opportunity to release and heal any soul wounds and trauma and thus finish the soul cycle. Therefore we become free from those events.

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Parallel Events

Working through unresolved collective karma is why many souls incarnated previously are now incarnated again. We are to finish one long collective cycle. The soul can recognize the similar parallel situations between this life and the Atlantean and Lemurian lives.


Once the soul approaches the time nearing the end of a cycle, it goes through an exam period. 


Thus the soul can release anything it no longer needs. For example, the soul can be karmically tied to a group of other souls, and now it can remove those ties. As a result, nothing binds these souls together, and they can eventually move into oneness. Being stuck with someone and oneness are different levels of consciousness. 



When the soul moves into a new soul cycle, it’s like graduating from one grade and moving into another. Thus a soul can manifest more of the soul’s gifts and talents and embody more light. When a soul successfully finishes a soul cycle, it can go further than previously. To do that, it’s essential to heal soul wounds and learn from the mistakes.

As we move through the soul cycles, many things want to be remembered. Because remembering is the healing. 

Viewing the soul journey as a continuum speeds up healing and integration. The soul may get trapped in specific timelines and different times and get fragmented. By remembering, we weave those soul fragments together, allowing the soul to move to a higher soul cycle.

Examples of Soul Cycle Remembrance

To illustrate how remembering and soul cycles work, I’ll share examples from past life regressions with clients. Let’s say you were supposed to bring people certain knowledge in Lemuria. You were one of the wisdom keepers from higher dimensions. But something happened, which might or might not have been your fault, and you didn’t share the knowledge with others.

Now, in this life, you may feel a strong urge to share soul wisdom with others. The soul carries on along the soul cycles and is ready to continue where the soul had stopped the last time. But now, there are many soul wounds around sharing wisdom with others. Since it didn’t work out in Lemuria, the soul first needs to heal those memories and integrate any related lessons. Without this step, someone can feel a strong push to do something, and yet there are consumed by unexplainable fear or distractions from the soul’s purpose. 

Another example is being a spiritual leader in Atlantis. Let’s say that as a leader, you had access to information. You had some ideas about what was happening behind the scenes, contributing to the Fall of Atlantis. But you didn’t speak up because you knew that you couldn’t then preserve the spiritual knowledge for the future generation. You had to choose; are you going to tell the people what is happening even though it’s too late to change the course of events? Or will you focus on preserving the knowledge for the future because you know there will be a next planetary cycle starting soon?

In this case, the soul may feel blocked from speaking up and entirely tapping into the power of the voice. To finish the soul cycle, the individual must forgive themselves and heal what happened. And then see what best aligns with their soul purpose in this life.

These are essentially the things I help souls resolve in the Lightworker Healing.


Intelligence Guiding You

There is an intelligence guiding you through the soul cycles. You’ll become more attuned to the inner guidance as you go within. The intelligence speaks to you through symbols, synchronicity, triggers, and activating words. This intelligence also speaks to you through other people who help you remember. Those people may hold specific energy that will unlock your memory. Or they may have been with you in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Thus pay attention. Keep your inner eye open.

The intelligence guides you towards what you need to heal within yourself. For many Atlanteans and Lemurians, it’s about self-healing. This is a necessary step before stepping in and helping others heal. Many people rush through personal healing and become coaches, guides, and healers too soon. Hence, my Lightworker Healing motto is: First heal yourself, then heal others. 

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