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How to Embody Your Essence & Activate the Heart

You become one with your inner light and authentic self when you embody your essence. Although it may sound poetic, this is something we can practice. Inner evolution and spiritual growth follow specific dynamics. There are lessons and initiation, levels of consciousness that we all have to move through. And certain thresholds grant us access to the higher levels. Although we should never put our expectations on our growth, we can find ease and glide through the spiritual air like the birds. And one of these practices is aligning with our inner essence and opening the higher heart chakra. In this article, you’ll find one way to do it and make it a part of your daily practice.


What Is Your Inner Essence?

Your inner essence is your spiritual light, which carries your soul gifts, memories, and your Spirit’s overall intent and design. The essence is the individualized Spark of God that flows through your I AM, Higher Self, Soul, and the human self. It’s the light traveling from the Source across every dimension. As you embody your essence, you bring this spiritual light into your chakras, and your body and aura begin to emit its frequency.


When the aura begins to pulsate at the frequency of our essence, we attract the situations and people aligned with our highest timeline. 


Unlike the soul, the inner essence remains the same. It’s whole and complete since the beginning. Connecting to the inner essence ensures that we feel the impulse guiding our steps on the ascension and descension ladder. Therefore, we never lose our way. The pulsation – the Breath of God – leads us through multidimensional journeys.

On a more practical level, when you embody your essence, you feel a sense of inner peace and alignment. Although embodying your essence doesn’t mean that no challenges ever show up again, we feel deeply centered and gain a Midas touch. Everything we touch grows and turns into gold – the golden Christ frequency. The aura synchronizes with the crystalline field of the Earth, and we feel the flow and ease even amidst difficulty.

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How to Access It?

We can access our essence through an awakened higher heart chakra. Actually, this is the only sustainable way to access our essence. Once the doors to the higher heart chakra open, we need to tend the inner flames of the heart.

One of the reasons why it takes time to awaken spiritual gifts and access past life memories is because the higher heart needs to go through a complete activation. How long this process takes differs from person to person. I’ve seen people opening the heart chakra over the years and have met those who have experienced an instantaneous activation.

Activating the higher heart chakra is the single most important thing we can do. But it doesn’t stop here. Because when it’s activated, the higher heart chakra goes through a series of further activations. Its whole structure changes. I explain the process in this masterclass which includes a powerful activation.

You must let the higher heart finish all its processes to embody your essence. This requires time, and although the process runs independently, we can stop it or make it longer. Therefore, when the higher heart chakra opens for the first time, it’s a new beginning. We are literally born again. But this is where the true spiritual journey begins, not ends. We need to tend to the higher heart chakra and let it finish all the nuclear fusion so it can transform who we are.


That’s why I keep repeating, Keep your heart open no matter what. No one and nothing is worth shutting down your heart. For this is the keeper of your Divine Spark. 

Can You Feel Uncomfortable Feelings When the Heart Opens?

Some people experience uncomfortable sensations or pain when they connect with the heart chakra. This is normal, and it should pass, but I recommend having someone guide you through this process or working on it consciously on your own. The heart is like a house we closed thousands of years ago; when we open the doors, we need to dust it off, clean it, be patient and repair what needs healing. The uncomfortable feelings were there, but before the heart chakra opened, we were unaware of them. Now, all that dust collected since childhood and even other lives comes to light and want to heal.

I recommend doing inner child healing work while working on your heart chakra. Also, pay attention to any limiting beliefs that may surface. For the higher heart to stay open, it needs to create an energetic space. Thus it’s beneficial to assist it by clearing away any emotional and mental patterns that aren’t aligned with our inner essence.


Embodying the Essence

Work on activating and keeping your higher heart open to embody your essence. Listening to the heart chakra meditations is a perfect way to hold space for the heart while it goes through all the changes. You can also listen to the guided meditation below, which will help you align with your essence daily. I recommend listening to the meditation every morning as a part of your practice. Try it out for 40 days and see if you feel more connected to your higher heart and essence. You may even notice more ease in your days.

Additional resources are my guided meditation album here and the higher heart masterclass explaining the deep energetics of the higher heart.


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