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Are Your Spiritual Gifts Blocked Since Atlantis or Lemuria?

Do you feel like your spiritual gifts were open in one of your lifetimes? And do you sometimes wonder what has caused your spiritual gifts to shut down? And why don’t you remember more from your different lifetimes? Why do most people go through the veil of forgetfulness? I’ve been asked those questions frequently over the years of running the Mystery School of Remembrance.

It may be confusing to have an unshakable feeling that you’ve had your magical powers fully active at some point, and then something happened. Why would you close your spiritual gifts off? Does it mean that something went wrong, and this is some form of karmic payback? In this article, you’ll find four main reasons why the spiritual gifts of lightworkers have shut down. Naturally, this may not apply to all of you, so please, listen to your inner guidance. I’m sharing what I’ve seen while working with hundreds of lightworkers and doing my best to describe some common threads to help you remember.


Closing Down Of Spiritual Gifts

There were a couple of Golden Ages on the planet Earth. The most recent ones happened during the times of Atlantis, Lemuria, and ancient Egypt. (Please note that what we were taught about Egypt was actually a decline of a magnificent civilization; its history is more ancient). When we enter the Golden Age, spiritual gifts activate. This is a natural side effect of the cosmic rays hitting the Earth and impacting the pineal gland.

The spiritual gifts also need fertile collective soil for them to awaken. Usually, during the peak of the Golden age, many people naturally activate their spiritual gifts. We can already witness new generations being more psychically adept. For many people, their spiritual gifts dissolve naturally towards the end of a Golden Age when consciousness is falling.

Thus there have been times when it was easier to activate certain spiritual gifts. On the other hand, as consciousness was falling at the end of the Golden Age, lightworkers shut down their spiritual gifts.

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Four Reasons for the Spiritual Gifts to Shut Down

It’s worth mentioning that the masters have been able to keep their memories and spiritual gifts intact. Because remembrance is related to the amount of spiritual light that we can hold in our system. Others have to first build up the spiritual light for their spiritual gifts to open. We need to build up spiritual light to a certain level and be able to hold that light, and the spiritual gifts start to come online. To open up spiritual gifts, we need to reach a certain level of spiritual maturity.

Below we’ll explore four main reasons for spiritual gifts shutting down for lifetimes. Some of the reasons may also apply simultaneously.


1. Spiritual Gifts Shutting Down Naturally

The biggest reason for the spiritual gifts to shut down is due to the subsequent fall of consciousness at the end of a golden age. As the consciousness falls, the frequency lowers, and thus certain high-frequency spiritual gifts don’t have a bandwidth to run on. This is to be expected and has been the case for millennia. Another result of the consciousness falling is a loss of remembrance. This is why most people don’t remember their lifetimes without doing a past life regression. Therefore there can’t be much done about it. On the other hand, if you get to a state of a master during a golden age, you’ll be able to keep your memory and even your gifts active.

2. Someone Shut Your Gifts Down For You

Another reason for spiritual gifts shutting down is that someone did it to/for you. Or a master could shut down spiritual gifts for the group of initiates. I’ve seen some cases during the past life regressions when a person of a certain level of soul maturity would close the abilities of a group of people. This is a quite complex topic, and the reasons for this are more. Sometimes this action didn’t come from a loving space. Other times, it came from a loving space but perhaps didn’t have to be done. One thing about visiting past lives is that you can’t really judge someone else’s experience. Thus we look at what is and learn from it.


3. You Shut Them Down

The third common reason is that you shut down your spiritual gifts. Now again, there can be many reasons for it. Some are more conscious than others. But one common thread I’ve been witnessing is that initiates and what we’d call nowadays “spiritual people” knew that there was going to be a fall in consciousness. And it also means there was going to be a denser frequency for a very long time, so it was safer to shut down your spiritual gifts. It’s similar to when people use addictions or stress to check out reality. Similarly, it felt easier for some to close down their spiritual gifts so they wouldn’t have to remember what was during the dark ages.


4. Misuse of Power

The last but not least cause is a misuse of power. This is the most widely spread reason I’ve seen while guiding people through the Mystery School. The people who have misused their power have reached a high spiritual level, and then they’ve misused their power. This usually happens over some time; it slowly accumulates. Sometimes it’s a more sudden experience for why someone misuses their power. And in every case, this wasn’t an occasional experience.

When someone misuses their power, they burn down their higher chakra centers. Subsequently, they’re not able to carry the spiritual light anymore. In the following lifetimes, they’ve to build themselves up again. This is one of the reasons why some lightworkers fear they might misuse their power. So they don’t want to get to that point spiritually where this could happen again. Also, people may be afraid of spirituality for the same reason. Either because they’ve misused their power or they’ve witnessed others doing it.


Important Conclusion

There was a reason for shutting down the spiritual gifts in each of those cases. And this reason may not be valid anymore. You’ve evolved; you’ve changed. It’s time to learn to trust yourself. Let your intentions guide you, and take the time to connect to your heart’s consciousness. Look at why you want the things you want and why you do what you do. The solution isn’t to live in an unconscious fear and shut down those spiritual gifts forever. There needs to be some healing. Trust yourself more. In this current Golden Age, you can end many soul patterns and make new choices.

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