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What You Should Know About Your Psychic Abilities

Every single one of us has spiritual and psychic abilities. Regardless of whether you’ve awakened your psychic abilities and gifts, they are there waiting for you to tap into them. Again. At some point in your soul’s journey, you’ve already been using your psychic gifts. At this point, you just allow yourself to remember and reawaken them. You remember how to use them again. This is especially the case for the lightworkers and starseeds who are here to remember more than learn something entirely new.

Everyone Has Psychic Abilities

I remember guiding myself to remember and reawaken my psychic abilities as a child. Intuitively, I had known the process at the age where my thoughts were not fully formed into words yet. Some of my psychic gifts came in fully activated, while others were getting stronger over time. Many of you ask me where I get my information from, and it is coming from my soul’s memories and from tapping into the galactic and universal memories and to what we could call Source memories. Now, is this something that only I can do? No!

I’ve been guiding dozens of lightworkers and starseeds through a similar process within my mystery school. I know that each of us can remember and awaken anything literally should we choose this conscious path aligned with our highest selves.

The psychic abilities aren’t just for a few chosen ones. Yes, you might come into this world with one or more of your psychic gifts fully online. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have other gifts too. One thing that I don’t see people truly understanding is realizing that your psychic abilities will come online as you mature at the soul and human level.

Our gifts are like energy capsules deep within our soul’s memory, and as we reach those places with our consciousness, voila, a new psychic gift comes online.


So the question isn’t so much whether you have any psychic abilities or what these are. The question is when they will come online for you. The more you ease into this process, the faster it gets.

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The Veils Over Your Psychic Gifts

Your psychic abilities are already within you, but they might be in the places where you hadn’t reached with your consciousness yet. There is a whole process behind this. In this article, I can’t really cover all of it, so I’ll focus only on one aspect that can be blocking you from accessing your psychic abilities.

From my work with clients, I’ve noticed that most people (so far, 100% of my clients) have a veil over their gifts. The veil is there for numerous reasons, and they’re individual. Some are there to protect the person from awakening too quickly or at the wrong time. Others might be put there to control the soul over many lifetimes. The veil won’t allow you to go any further than to a certain point in your consciousness. It feels like bouncing back off when you reach a high state of being, and you can’t get past it.

Here I do NOT recommend removing the veil without understanding the bigger picture. And as is the case, you might not be able to understand the bigger picture alone because we all have blind spots through which we can’t penetrate because it remains to be veiled for us. If you remove it when you’re, it’s not the time yet, or through drastic measures like substances designed to plug you into “higher” consciousness quickly, it creates more fractures within your soul. It might feel okay for a while, and then you’ll go lower than ever before. This is also how people might artificially trigger another dark night of the soul. It’s like having a sore muscle, and someone would come in to cut it out of your body. That’s what we sometimes do to our psyches and souls.

Your Psychic Abilities Are Not Your Purpose

Here comes the most important thing relating to our psychic abilities; they’re not your purpose. They are only tools for your soul to fully express itself and navigate spiritual energy through your chakra centers. As I had said and explained more in the video below, you can access all so-called supernatural abilities. They’re just a side-product of expanding your consciousness.

As an example, you might realize that you can channel light beings. And it might feel like, ” Oh, this is it! I’ve found my purpose!” Well, it might be the case. But likely, it’s just one of the tools and aspects of your being that had come online. You choose how you use this psychic gift. One option is to become a channeler and thus make it your purpose. But it’s not the case for the majority of people. Because your life purpose isn’t about becoming something; it’s about channeling your unique soul’s essence consciously into your life. It’s like trying to limit Niagara Falls into a tiny stream of water. By doing so, you might cut yourself off something much greater without even realizing it.

Unique Soul’s Gifts

So, you have access to the “traditional” spiritual and psychic abilities already within you, waiting to be awakened. And then there are what I call soul gifts. These gifts and skills are unique to you depending on how you’ve shown up for your lessons and what you’ve mastered along your soul’s journey. Your soul has a plan that goes beyond this life, this planet, our dimension. It’s growing and learning. A part of your soul’s plan is to master some aspect(s) of the Source so perfectly that you become an expert in it. This is where the psychic abilities get very specific.

The whole purpose of this article is to motivate you and ignite the soul fire within you. There is simply so much more to explore. Don’t limit yourself. And please, don’t feel like you don’t have psychic abilities and that only some “special” people have them. Because this is not the case. It’s about stepping into your sovereignty and remembering who you truly are.

Now, I go deeper into this topic together with examples in the video below.


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What You Need to Know About Psychic Abilities

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