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How Accessing Your Soul Memories Transforms Your Life

Accessing your soul memories will allow you to remember who you are. It’ll help you fully step into your soul purpose and give you the tools you need to embody your soul. Your soul memories hold the remembrance of your soul journey and the lessons you’ve once mastered, so you don’t have to relearn them. When your energetic pathways are open enough to remember your soul memories, you simultaneously begin to magnetize the right people and situations into your life to support you.


What Is Your Soul Journey?

When you access your soul memories, you start remembering your soul journey across time and space. You gain access to not only what we call past or future lives but also your alternate selves. (Note, everything is happening simultaneously). At this point, we can say you go multidimensional or galactic.

To access your soul memories, you have to activate 5 strands out of 12 stranded DNA. When the ignition occurs, you become continually more aware of your lives in different places and times and use this remembrance to enhance your growth. These alternate/past/future selves will become your greatest teachers because you’re them and they’re you vibrating on a different frequency.

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What Is the Purpose of Your Soul?

Your soul is a focused field of consciousness that follows the evolutionary growth journey. The evolutionary journey has 2 aspects. The first aspect is universal (the ascension path) and your individual. The ascension path is a blueprint for ascension from lower to higher density, which is the same for everyone. To ascend, we have to activate certain keycodes in our DNA, restructure our physical, energy, and subtle bodies, integrate and heal the lower self, and align with our higher self. The individual aspect of evolutionary growth is your own specific curriculum and order in which this takes place.

After working with people’s souls for many years (and lives), I can read people’s individual soul signatures, which tells me the unique magic and gifts of your soul that no one else in the universe has. This uniqueness is a part of your individual evolutionary path as you learn to master it, express it, and ultimately share/teach it to other souls along your ascension path.


The soul travels from a lifetime to a lifetime and through different levels of density and frequency, called dimensions.


The purpose of your soul journey is to grow, learn, and eventually, to mold and sharpen your unique gifts and soul signature. Although our current, most important, collective focus is ascending from 3D to 5D consciousness, this is just a beginning. The ascension path extends well beyond it.


Accessing Your Soul Memories Is a Game-Changer

When you access your soul memories, you begin to remember your soul journey. You might remember your lives in Atlantis, ancient Egypt, or Lemuria. You might also recall your lives from different planets – the Starseed memory activation – which essentially is your 5D soul memories.

Another important aspect of accessing your soul memories is that you’ll be able to heal at the most profound levels of your being. This is exactly what we do during the Lightworker Healing sessions. Let’s say that you know you have a purpose and unique gifts, and you’re here to somehow contribute to humanity. But your actual life can seem and feel miles away from your true potential. It seems like there is an invisible ceiling above your head, and you can’t break through it no matter how much you try. Perhaps you’ve done some inner healing, you meditate and even do yoga, but still, something is holding you back. At this point, doing soul healing, which works with your soul memories, is essential.

All of you reading my articles are lightworkers, even if you might not be aware of it yet. This means that at some point, you’ll all access your soul memories. This is inevitable. And it’ll skyrocket your growth, and you’ll KNOW what your soul purpose is and how to embrace it. You’ll activate the sovereignty codex and the Kryst templates. This is one huge part of your purpose here. Even if your life seems “boring” or perhaps chaotic and not so great, you’re processing, integrating, and activating 5D consciousness within you every day.

And yet, as you might know, we’re collectively going through huge shifts in frequency and consciousness. Your soul memories want to come online so that you can become even a more conscious player in the grand awakening and ascension process.

For that reason, you’ll be drawn to certain teachers, guides, healers who will help you to access your soul memories, become multidimensional (which essentially means DNA restructure and keycode activations). You’ll feel an inner call to work with someone more deeply through a 1-on-1 or perhaps group calls. Because we’re here to help each other remember who we truly are and remind ourselves of our power. We’re not isolated, separated, or alone in this. And if you feel the resonance, follow it. Ask your heart if it’d expand your life if you received support and healing.

In the linear sense, there is no point in hesitating. We’ve all done hesitation. Now it’s time to explore expansion, growth, and the upward spiraling part of the cycle.


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