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It’s Time To Master Your Soul Lessons From Atlantis

We’re at the age of mastering ancient soul lessons from Atlantis and Lemuria. This transpires through our lives. It’s woven into daily occurrences that may feel nothing out of the ordinary, but are they? As a person listening to your soul, you may sense the ancient vibe behind your life’s challenges and highs. You may sense that the soul lessons you’re mastering have started in the previous cycles of Earth. If so, this article is more of a confirmation to you.

One of the most fascinating things is observing how we go through our lives, yet behind the scenes, our experiences are tied to ancient soul cycles and their lessons. Seeing the threads connecting our experiences to a chain of similar events carrying the same soul lessons at various degrees is nothing short of a masterpiece. As you go through a challenge, your past live versions have perhaps encountered similar challenges, and it’s all happening at once. This is where the multidimensionality steps in.

You are still the same being. Like a house with many rooms. Refining and mastering your soul lessons originating in ancient times. And it contributes to the radiance of your essence. The more you integrate the soul lessons, the more your essence shines. You can reflect and shine your beauty like a refined diamond. This is your magic. Your unique, sacred dialog with the mystery of life. Remember this when life gets heavy. You’re more magnificent and stronger than you realize.

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What Are Soul Lessons And Cycles?

Our being experiences soul lessons across many lifetimes. Those lives can happen inter-dimensionally, in different constellations, or the past.  We master the soul lessons over soul cycles, during which we focus on excelling at other aspects of consciousness. A soul lesson can look like mastering humility, patience, stepping into one’s power, or a specific skill or gift.

A soul cycle is like moving through different grades at school. Each contains a unique curriculum and soul lessons. An individual soul cycle corresponds to the planetary cycles, with its peak during the Golden Age – and its subsequent refinement of the particular soul lessons in the following Golden Age.


The old soul isn’t here to experience everything. The soul lessons correlate to the overall purpose, and we choose our lifetimes accordingly.


The previous Golden Age occurred during the apex of the Atlantean epoch. By then, the soul has seeded specific intentions and mastered certain things that are now our default state. Those soul lessons, gifts, and intentions form the shadow and the elevated aspect of self. When we refine those soul lessons, we don’t carry them into the following planetary cycles. This topic is relevant because we’re at the brim of the new planetary cycle. This article can teach you more about the fifth and sixth planetary cycles.

The Atlantean Books Are Open

The Atlantean books are open now. This means that the Atlantean soul cycles want to come to an end. Thus, we must either master them or bring the soul lessons to the next planetary cycle. Therefore, we now work with the soul lessons we seeded during the Atlantean epoch. Those soul lessons play out in our lives, relationships, purpose, etc. As we work with those soul lessons, some things flow effortlessly. And some fall apart no matter how hard you try. Likewise, we may notice some deep ancient fears resurfacing.


The books of Atlantis are now open to those who were incarnated during the Golden Age of Atlantis. 


The Judgment Day

When the books are open, everything needs to be rebalanced and returned to its original state of neutrality. If something goes to one extreme, it must go to the other to find its equilibrium point. If you seeded beautiful things in Atlantis, it comes to you as a support, allies, good opportunities. Maybe you’re now able to break through some deep unconscious pattern.


Although the current life has a different frequency, what we master is the same soul lessons approached from a different level of consciousness.  


On the other hand, if we fail at some soul lessons, they’ll seek completion later. Let’s say you ran away from your power during Atlantis and didn’t stand up for the causes you believed to be important. Now, this weakness manifests in your life again. And you’re here to make a choice facing the same fault, likely in a lesser magnitude. By responding to it differently, you can bring what got out of its center to equilibrium. When it’s being brought back to neutrality, there is no purpose in experiencing those lessons again. It’s done.


The Echo of Ancient Soul Lessons

The lessons of the soul cycles create a holographic-like experience that feels 100% genuine but is an echo of ancient times. Those experience repercussions of the previous Golden Age(s). It’s an opportunity to clear ancient stuff. Once we clear it out, we unlock a new level. Since 2012, we have lived in a holographic paradigm created by the ancient soul cycles and the lessons to master. Naturally, there is also the collective reality we all contribute to and which impacts us. However, on top of the collective experience, we also see playing out and manifesting our own personal realities to clear them out. Some situations are new creations, while others echo ancient times.


Currently, everything manifests in our fields with more potency. We entered the time of instant karma. 


Pay Attention To Your Soul Lessons

This time invites us to pay close attention to what soul cycles play out in our lives. Usually, those soul cycles bring in similar situations, people, and emotions. We come closer to understanding the soul cycles when we look for similarities. Many soul cycles occur in time loops (you can learn more about the time loops in my masterclass here). It feels like being unable to push through some invisible ceiling, like experiencing Groundhog Day again. There is some soul lesson we don’t get yet.

You need to tap into your soul records to see what is required of you now. Perhaps you can read your past lives or connect to those soul cycles’ energy and lessons. You can “feel them out” energetically. We may also have two primary concurrent soul cycles from Atlantis and Lemuria. You can watch my video on the soul lessons from Lemuria and Atlantis.


What is the ancient pattern playing out in your life? 
What is the time loop you’re experiencing over again? 


How are you supposed to lead yourself through these situations? 
How would the highest version of you show up?
What soul cycle does want to come to an end?


How are you called to be visible and use your gifts?
What are you meant to forgive and heal?
What are you supposed to balance?



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