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How Your Multidimensional Essence Guides Through Ascension

The multidimensional essence is our most excellent teacher. Sometimes it can appear to us as an angel or higher Light being. We might think we communicate with something outside ourselves – and that can also be the case – but often, the multidimensional essence guides us through levels of spiritual initiations and development. Let’s look at how the multidimensional essence relates to ascension and its meaning.


Tapping Into Multidimensional Essence Through Psychic Senses

Has it ever happened to you that you’ve connected to a higher being, and you KNEW that the being was you? Perhaps the higher being had a different form of a luminous translucent body, yet you felt it was you too. One can tap into their higher dimensional form and be firmly rooted in the 3D because we’re multidimensional beings. It’s our multidimensional essence that connects us with every version of us.

We’re a part of one conscious being – or the Consciousness –  that exists everywhere. As an individualized part of the consciousness, we reside in all dimensions simultaneously. Therefore, our being is much larger than this one person we are. As we grow spiritually and mentally, we become aware of those other aspects of ourselves. In fact, they can become our best teachers. So, we begin to feel and experience our multidimensional essence more tangibly.


This Will Help You to Understand Your Multidimensional Essence

We can also visualize our multidimensional essence through geometry. Imagine yourself standing in a middle of a circle. This is your focal point from which your consciousness relates to this reality and the present moment. Horizontally, you can find a line extending to your left and right in both directions. Along the horizontal line exist your parallel selves. The parallel selves can be similar to you or be very different the further along those lines you travel. They represent the alternatives of your choices. When we choose something, we shift ourselves to a different timeline. Since the choice creates a new set of possibilities leading to different outcomes.

Vertically, we stand in a Pillar of Light that stretches under our feet and above our heads. We can find our soul, Higher Self, the I AM Presence along the vertical axe. Under the feet, we can access the shamanic realms and the forms connected to the consciousness of the Earth. As we travel above the Pillar of Light, we begin to access our being in higher dimensional forms.


Some can access themselves in their angelic form or what appears to be a starseed form. Or we can connect to some Light Beings who are evolved, yet they are an aspect of us. 


And finally, we also have an axe stretching from our body backward and forward, representing our past and future lives. (Note, there are also diagonal axes representing our ancestral maternal and paternal lineage). All of this is you; it’s your multidimensional essence.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

Why Do We Connect To the Multidimensional Self?

Connecting to the multidimensional essence is a part of enlightenment and ascension. Gradually and naturally (not by forcing the consciousness to open before it’s ready), our multidimensional essence sparks the ascension process and the remembering of who you are. Your multidimensional essence is a part of you; you’re literally within your being and aware of only a fragment of its totality.


As we’re exposed to the radiation of the Light of the multidimensional essence, it gently transcends our consciousness. It also alters our energy bodies, and we practice holding the Light in our spiritual bodies. This is the true path of self-mastery and illumination. 


In other words, you – your multidimensional essence – are initiating you to higher levels of consciousness. YOU walk yourself through the process of ascension. Of course, your multidimensionality also manifests help and guidance through other people who are, too, a part of the One Mind; and mostly, you’re the one leading yourself. And sometimes, the multidimensional essence can appear to people as more evolved and separate beings, but often it’s not the case. This is where psychics must practice discernment and the correct orientation in spacetime and beyond.

As we integrate the Light emitting from the multidimensional essence, we begin to radiate that Light ourselves. And this is when the ascension begins. As we ascend, we retrace our footsteps of how we descended into this dimension.

When Does It Happen?

When the multidimensional essence starts working more closely with you, it initiates your ascension. And there is a natural order and timing to it. Before the ascension even begins to take place, certain things need to happen. We have to heal and balance our emotional bodies first. Since emotional wounds can make us unconsciously cause harm to ourselves or even psychological pain to others or make choices that aren’t aligned with our highest path, it’s essential to work on this first. And we also have to learn to master the mind and face our fears so they no longer hold power over us and the astral body.

During this time, the higher heart chakra needs to awaken, strengthen, and find a balanced energy flow. The higher heart chakra then sparks memories of other lives on Earth that need to be integrated.


When all this is done, the multidimensional essence starts paying attention to our human self and initiates the ascension – illumination –  process.


Attaining New Skills

Another helpful thing that the multidimensional essence does is to teach us new skills, gain higher levels of mastery and enhance our psychic gifts. Let’s say that you connect to your 5D self in meditation and this part of you teaches you the nature of time. Having that knowledge, your relationship with time shifts. You learn to bend it at will, collapse time, or view different timelines and lives. Similarly, your multidimensional essence will teach you the art of resurrection and prepare you to remember and adequately understand cosmic memories. And all of this will make you feel grounded more than ever before. For we don’t only ground ourselves on Earth but also in the stars.

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