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This Is How to Make Decisions As Your Higher Self

How to make decisions that you don’t regret? Making decisions is an art. Most people second-guess their choices, seek advice, and spend lots of energy trying to figure out the best thing to do. When we hesitate, we leak energy. Even if we postpone making a decision, the subconscious mind still processes it. When we don’t make a decision, it’s a decision, too, but we might give our power away. So how to make decisions that move us forward in life?


Why Do Decisions Matter?

Decisions hold power. With every choice, we shift ourselves onto a different timeline. We open up a field of new possibilities that result from our decisions. Even the mundane and seemingly unimportant choice matters. Like walking through a long corridor with infinite doors, we choose which ones we open and which remain closed. Walking through one door leads us to a new passage with different portals to walk through.


Every choice is an expression of who we are and who we are becoming. 


Sometimes we might think that nothing important is happening. It may seem that the choice to spend an evening one way or another doesn’t matter, but it does. Every decision taps us into a particular timeline. Timelines are like strings of consciousness that cluster together a specific chain of events. When we make a new choice, we shift to a new timeline, opening a new chain of events resulting from the choice.


Is There A Right Choice?

One thing that paralyzes us is the belief that we have to choose the right thing. This comes from upbringing and generally with the way the society is structured. Everything is black and white, dualistic in its nature. As children, we may be punished when doing something “wrong.” Or it may seem that we’ve caused emotional pain to a parent if we aren’t obedient.

Thus we don’t have a space to learn to trust our inner guidance. Our intuition tells us to go one way, and others say something different. Therefore we feel torn on the inside. If only we could determine the right choice, we could avoid the potential punishment. But then, we live someone else’s life, and it becomes even more challenging to decide because we lose track of who we are.


Therefore, the secret to how to make decisions is to permit yourself to lean in. To learn to honor your inner guidance. Because as long as your choice is aligned with your heart and soul, it’s going to work synchronistically with the choices of others. 


To learn how to make decisions, we first must realize that rarely there is a right or wrong decision. Yes, there are some right and wrong in absolute terms, but that would be for another conversation. When it comes to everyday decisions regarding living our purpose, whether to move a city or the day-to-day choices, it doesn’t matter as much what we choose. We’ll get where we are meant to be, yet we can impact how that journey is.


Eventually, the soul will experience everything she intends to create and express. The only question is, how big a detour do we take? And how seamless or challenging journey is it going to be? 

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How to Make Decisions As Your Higher Self

A decision asks you to become a higher version of yourself. For simplicity, let’s imagine two timelines are available when making decisions. One reaffirms the energy of the current self or even the old version of us. The other timeline allows us to expand and grow into who we are. When we choose the old self or even the current self, we don’t expand. Depending on the situation, we might cycle back and forth in the same energy, which doesn’t generate anything new. The secret to how to make decisions as your higher self is to choose what the person you want to become would choose. Make a decision from the energy of where you’re headed, not where you’ve been.


When making a decision, ask yourself: 

What would my higher self choose? What would the person I want to become choose in this situation? 


When asking these questions, you collapse time. Remember, there is no right or wrong choice in most cases, but if we want to choose the most effortless path, then making a decision from the energy of who we want to become help. When you ask these questions, you may receive an answer that may feel outside your comfort zone. Your higher self knows where you’re headed and what is the most effortless way to your dream. When you act on the guidance you receive, it’ll collapse the time.

Integration Time Should Serve a Purpose

Sometimes we go through an integration phase which usually follows a time of leveling up. During the integration, we usually slow down and apply what we have learned as we step into the next level of our being. Integration is necessary to let the body catch up with the increase in frequency. However, the integration phase should always serve a purpose and should be done with intention. Integration doesn’t equal stagnation. Sometimes the ego can tell us that we should move slowly because it’s better when in fact, we stagnate.


So how to make decisions in the integration phase? You can still use the previous question, and you can also ask: What would help me to integrate the energy of who I am becoming? 


Daily Practice

How to make decisions that move you forward toward the person you want to become on a daily basis? Take a few minutes in the morning to think about the person you want to become. What is your highest version that is calling you now? Feel their energy and then ask yourself, what would the person I want to become choose to do today? What would they devote their energy and time to? Is there something the person I want to become says no to?


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