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A Quantum Manifestation Secret You Need To Know

Quantum manifestation is an instant change of your consciousness and frequency which links you to a new reality. The only real secret to quantum manifestation is deep knowing and a decision that what you want can happen. And in fact, knowing that it has already happened. This process is seamless. You’re reconfiguring your biochemistry and frequency, which puts you on a timeline where your desire is already a part of your reality. In its essence, manifesting isn’t difficult. It’s the bridging phase you need to master.

The Bridging Phase of Manifestation

You’re always shifting and changing. Your frequency is continually spinning and adjusting to reflect the harmony between your mind – heart – body – soul. Even the things that sometimes feel unreachable are just a matter of a different frequency. This, of course, doesn’t bypass or take away the lessons your soul has come here to master. The real question is. Are you able to lock in and hold the frequency that matches the quantum reality you desire?

The biggest secret to quantum manifestation is managing the bridging phase.


The bridging phase of quantum manifestation is about making the frequency of your desired reality a new normal. After you quantum shift, you have to adjust yourself to the new frequency without falling back into the old energy. This is the sensitive phase of manifestation when we have an opportunity to adjust to the new reality.

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How Quantum Manifestation Works?

The quantum manifestation works like this. You decide that what you want IS possible for you. And that you don’t have to wait any longer for it to happen. This blend of vibration and consciousness shifts you into a parallel reality where that which you want exists. Initially, you’ll experience a moment of bliss, euphoria, a sudden success, or a pleasant change in your situation. Then the bridging comes into play.

The initial euphoria wears off, and it might feel like going back in your frequency. Perhaps some unexpected hiccups come along. Or you might go back into limiting beliefs. Something feels out of synch, and this is where the real work begins. Instead of taking obstacles as a sign that it’s not meant for you. (Although this might be the case sometimes as well). It’s indeed a sign that you’ve shifted.

Experiencing some dissonant frequency is a normal part of quantum manifestation. Unless your frequency is so pure and aligned with what you desire that you don’t have to go through the bridging at all. This is also the phase of quantum manifestation when many people might lose their faith. And on an unconscious level, they choose to go back to their old reality. Simply, we might give up because things don’t go as we had imagined them.


What Is Bridging and Why It Happens?

The bridging phase of quantum manifestation is a period during which you’re getting used to and anchoring in the frequency of your new reality. Bridging brings up that which isn’t aligned with what you want but is crucial to manage and integrate so you can fully stay in the new reality.

During the bridging phase, you’re honing skills and ways of thinking, which allows you to stay at the next level and shift for good.


The bridging phase isn’t a form of punishment. This is an impersonal process of adjustment. It needs to take place so that we stay energetically aligned with what we desire. What you do during the bridging period is crucial (learn more about it from the related video below).

Quite likely, in order for us to handle our next level, we need to learn or master something. So, a quantum manifestation isn’t about searching for the final blissful state or the perfect situation. Quantum manifestation and bridging help us to become more of who we are at the deepest level. Bridging allows you to understand yourself better and to shed light on any misaligned frequency. It enables you to become a better version of yourself.

We’re in a constant state of becoming. And this is exactly what we’ve come here to experience. When you shift and a dissonant frequency is triggered, you can bring it back into alignment, which will help you handle what you’ve asked for. Depending on the nature of your quantum manifestation, you might need to master your time and energy better. Or perhaps clear up toxic energy, situations, and thoughts from your life. You might also need to learn a new skill, like setting clear boundaries with others.


An Example of Bridging

The most fruitful approach to bridging is staying open to what it is teaching you. Let’s say that you’d like to have a better relationship with your partner. You use quantum manifestation and shift into that particular reality. After a couple of days, something triggers your old wounds, and you argue with your partner.

Now, you have 2 options. You can either take it as a sign that a happy and peaceful relationship with your partner isn’t possible for you. Or you can stay open and realize that whatever has come up for you will help you have the relationship you desire. In the latter case, you heal the resurfacing wounds. Healing them is exactly what allows you to create a relationship of your desires.

Of course, this is a simplistic example. With relationships where the free will of others is involved, it’s more complex. But the key point here is to see what your higher self is trying to teach you. What kind of person do you need to become to manage your new reality in a mature and responsible way?

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