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Your Ultimate Purpose Is to Express Your True Essence

When we’re little, we’re connected to our true essence. Our essence pulsates through our being, and we feel the magic and unlimited possibilities that life on Earth brings. There is excitement and deep, knowing that everything will eventually turn out well. When we turn 12-14 years, most people disconnect from their true essence to discover their underworld – their shadow selves.

It’s only later, through an awakening, that we might reconnect with our true essence. This is the second birth. Once, we were born pure and untouched by our current life. To many, the second time of birth comes from the dark night of the soul. After we’re born for the second time in this life, we return to the heart’s purity and innocence, and we also begin integrating our shadow and turning it into wisdom.

You, beautiful soul, are on the journey of awakening and ascension. It’s time to reconnect with your true essence.


What Does True Essence Mean?

Just like anyone else, I’ve been on a journey to meet my shadow self, as you may have read in my memoir, Find Yourself. However, in my case, I’ve never disconnected from my true essence. The darker the external conditioned seemed, the brighter my inner world had become. This is a journey of a light warrior. The more you try to capture their true essence, the shinier they become. A light warrior knows that you can’t fight dark with dark. The only response of a light warrior is standing in their power and anchoring even more light in their system.

Ever since I can remember, I could feel the true essence of other people. It doesn’t matter whether they’re “random” people I meet on the street, or they’re my friends or my amazing clients. The original blueprint of the being can’t be manipulated or overridden by fear-based programs of 3D reality. It’s just there, in plain sight, shining through your being. Although we’re the same at the soul level, your true essence is unique to you.


Your true essence is like a cosmic barcode of your being.


Your true essence goes beyond your soul and your higher self. It’s the essence of your infinite being vibrating through you like a cosmic heartbeat. It’s the very essence of you untouched by your lives and experiences in and beyond the time and space dimensions. When you want to remember who you truly are, you’re unconsciously longing to reconnect with your true essence.

Welcome to the Mystery School

Step onto a journey of remembering, initiation, and integrating your soul’s wisdom across lifetimes.

The Heartbeat of Creation

There are many ways to look at creation, depending on the level of consciousness we’re tapping into. If we hold multilocation of our thought (I’ll talk about these things more on my YouTube channel), we realize that there are no paradoxes in the universe. One way to think about your true essence is to imagine it as your own unique set of frequency, light, tones, and geometry patterns. I like to refer to it as a cosmic heartbeat.

You’re an individualization of the cosmic heartbeat. This heartbeat forever pulses through you, and when you’re aligned with it, you remember your true self, your purpose, you manifest with ease, and you heal.

Yet our being is like an onion. There are layers upon layers that create and are an expression of your true being. Your true essence is like this original heartbeat of your being that vibrates through all of the layers of your being. It resonates through your cosmic and galactic self, and it streams down to your higher self and your soul and then all the way to your mental, energy, and physical bodies. If our vessel is pure, we’re one with our heartbeat – our true essence.

However, if we hold a lot of density in our form, which distorts our frequency, the heartbeat gets distorted the moment it reaches our human self. Doing energy and soul healing clears out your frequency and allows you to anchor in a higher frequency and eventually let your true essence shine through you.


Expressing Your True Essence is Your Purpose

When you reconnect to your true essence, your soul purpose becomes abundantly clear to you. There is no doubt about what you’re here to express.


Your soul purpose is to express the truth of who you are in a way that feels both natural and enthusiastic.


When you live your purpose consciously, you feel joyful and light. Perhaps not in every moment, but there is a deep sense of fulfillment and joy in what you do and who you are.

The purpose of your life is to express your true essence without holding anything back. It’s about letting your unique frequency and resonance be felt, seen, and heard. Living your purpose is about going within and then expressing your inner magic outwardly.

When people begin to harmonize with and tap into their being’s resonance, they become passionate and creative. They also manifest their dreams faster and with an energy that is focused like a laser beam. People fall in love with life at that point, and with all the duality and opportunities it brings to express their true essence. Knowing your true essence is a gateway to your uniqueness and your inner magic. It offers you a roadmap to self-mastery.

How does your true essence feel?
How could you work with it?
Where are you suppressing it?
And where are you expressing it?


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