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What Is Your Soul’s Purpose Across Lifetimes?

Could your soul’s purpose begin in other lives? Is it possible that the soul’s purpose originates from higher dimensions? We must look at the bigger picture to understand the soul’s purpose. As with anything, nothing exists separated from everything. Life is a continuum impacted by many interconnected particles. And only by tapping into their synergy – the immense journey and mystery of all – can we understand who we are and what we came here to do. In this article, I want to share my perspective on the soul’s purpose that results from working with hundreds of people in an intimate one-on-one setting in my Mystery School.


What Is Soul’s Purpose?

The soul’s purpose is what you’re meant to do in this life. It’s the highest timeline when you release blockages and limitations to follow what’s true to you. It brings a sense of fulfillment which is lasting. Even though you might have a bad day, you know that, ultimately, you do what you love and what brings you a sense of meaning.


You don’t choose your purpose. It chooses you. 


Many people have experienced a sense of purpose as children. Back then, when you believed you could do anything, you knew what you wanted to do. To find your purpose, you need to let go of any limitations. Family and societal conditioning are what constitute karma. It’s what we haven’t fully grasped in other lives and is here to free us. Your purpose emerges only when you dare to go beyond what others told you you could become.

When you let go of the rumor of the world, who are you?
Who are you if you let yourself become limitless

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Does Everyone Have a Soul’s Purpose?

Some people know their soul’s purpose since they are little. Others discover it later in life, typically after experiencing heart chakra awakening. Heart awakening isn’t identical to spiritual awakening, although they may happen around the same time. And a certain percentage of people don’t have a clear-defined path. They have some hobbies and interests which they enjoy doing, but there is not one purpose.

Regardless of your case, you have a soul’s purpose. It’s essential to trust the journey and the timing. Even if you never fully discover it, what you do somehow contributes to your overall soul’s purpose. The only indicator here is that you see meaning in what you do. Not everything brings us a sense of meaning. And the older the soul, the fewer activities one can engage in that feel purposeless.


An Expanded Definition of Soul’s Purpose

The soul’s purpose results from a long string of lifetimes in which the soul has cultivated the gifts, talents, and strengths and transmuted the negative ego. The soul has experienced a journey across lives and dimensions. The soul has traveled down from the One Source – the descension arch – to give rise to the personality. The personality is the individualized spark of the Source. It’s when you know that this is you, and this “you” is unique. That’s why the oracles have constantly reminded us to Know Thyself.

When you know yourself, you begin remembering your past lives. We don’t want to recall previous incarnations just because we’re curious. Instead, we want to focus on mastering the soul lessons. This sparks the process of ascension – tracing our footsteps across dimensions.


What’s Your Soul’s Job?

Just like one can be a baker, secretary, or personal trainer, the souls also have jobs. These jobs don’t change rapidly; rather, they evolve. I’ve reencountered this pattern time and time – at least for the old souls. Different lifetimes aren’t random.

I know there is a belief that everyone is to experience everything, but there is a deeper design to it. What we experience and to which intensity isn’t random. It also depends on the type of soul. 


The soul continues with the particular job in this life, too, and this is what we perceive as the soul’s purpose. 


Also, the soul has the same job in higher dimensions. This is what I’ve noticed, particularly with my Starseed clients. And putting together this intricate puzzle is the most fascinating thing to me. This is how remembering your true self looks on a practical level. You remember what your soul experienced in different dimensions, why you came here, and how what you do here contributes to your multidimensional essence.


Your soul has cultivated specific gifts and skills for lifetimes, and they all contribute to your overall soul’s job. 


Soul’s Gifts

The soul nurtures certain gifts over lifetimes. Those gifts contribute to that particular soul group. An example can be a leadership gift or being an excellent communicator or networker. Since the soul has those gifts, it doesn’t have to learn specific skills from scratch. We need to reach across the veil to remember them. It may have happened that you picked up a new hobby and could become very good at it quickly – this is the path of a master.

Some gifts come to us quickly since we’re children. Other gifts are blocked from the descension cycles, and we need to heal soul wounds preventing us from utilizing them fully. When you use your skills, you help your soul group. This is a part of the jobs of lightworkers.


I invite you to watch the video above as I share specific examples of a soul’s purpose and a soul’s job.


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