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How to Follow Your Original Soul Blueprint and What It Means

There are three levels of the soul blueprint – the design by God, personality, and conditioning. The soul blueprint is the guiding star, the personality is what the soul develops over many lifetimes, and the conditioning is what we’re here to transmute and integrate. Connecting to your soul blueprint helps you cultivate the courage to follow your purpose unconditionally. It allows you to find inner strength when you face challenges. However, all three levels are essential to our development, so let’s unravel each one!


The Original Soul Blueprint

We need to start with the beginning to understand your original soul blueprint. At the beginning is the Source consciousness, which is undivided and beyond the polarity. Then the Source creates a divine Spark, which gives life and the first level of individuation to your I AM Presence. This is where your original soul blueprint is. This is where you can find your unique design by God.


The original soul blueprint – the design by God – is the unique aspect you share with One Source.  

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In your original soul blueprint, you carry the overall intention for all incarnations across all dimensions. I’ve mentioned this earlier; based on my experience as a soul healer, I can see that every soul has a specific intention for all their lives. There is this popular idea that everyone has had any experience in other lifetimes. Although there is some seed of truth, there is an undercurrent design and intention behind those. Thus we don’t experience a random series of lifetimes. Quite the opposite, with my Mystery School soul clients, I can witness how the original soul blueprint predetermines and shapes our cosmic voyage.


The original soul blueprint colors your experiences and represents your highest timeline.


If you follow your original soul blueprint, you operate with the highest efficiency – the ultimate timeline with the least resistance as designed by God. However, that doesn’t mean your life isn’t easy. Because easy doesn’t necessarily imply we’re on the right track. Much like, your original soul blueprint predetermines your incarnations; it’s a roadmap to how to live in alignment with the design by God – this highest vision God has for you. We align with the original soul blueprint once we’ve integrated the soul lessons resulting from conditioning.

The Personality – the Formation of the Soul

As the soul travels further away from the Source to gain experiences, it obtains a new layer of coloring – the personality. Although we often think of personality as something to overcome, the whole point of being incarnated on Earth and other dimensions was to form the personality. We’ve achieved This peak of individuation through the descension cycles. Now, you’re not only blueprinted by God but also initiated by the lower worlds, where your original flavor gets a unique expression.


This uniqueness is a pure expression of the aspect you share with God. 


Your soul develops a personality that further draws to you certain life lessons, people you meet, and situations. The personality becomes your soul blueprint – not the original soul blueprint anymore – however it adds new flavors and coloring to the design by God. Though we have free will when it comes to personality, it eventually aligns with the design of God. Although you can’t escape certain predetermined situations, you can apply your free will and respond to them as you like. The personality then chooses to be born into a specific family to receive its conditioning.


The Conditioning – the Art of Integration

People sometimes ask me whether something comes from childhood or another lifetime. Well, it’s both. The soul’s personality has mastered certain lessons in other lives and failed at refining others. Thus, the soul chooses a perfect setting that would help the soul to master the “failed” lessons in this life. Based on this, the soul chooses the family, culture, and conditioning the soul needs to master them.


Conditioning is something that is meant to be overcome. It’s not the reflection of who you truly are. Rather, conditioning shows you what you need to purify and integrate to align with your original soul blueprint.


Does It Matter What Your Environment Thinks of Your Purpose?

Let’s say that you feel a call in your heart to use your gifts as a healer and be a guide for people. But your parents have installed a belief in you that you’ll fail and that your dream isn’t realistic or important. Now, there is a struggle within you. One part of you wants to follow your purpose – the original soul blueprint. While the other part of you sometimes feels paralyzed by the limiting beliefs your parents ingrained in your subconscious mind.

Your personality, which is impacted by the experiences of your soul, wants to grow and be enriched by you transmuting this conditioning. The Design by God is that feeling of what you’re meant to do and become in this life – it’s why you’re here.

In this case, your parents fell victim to the conditioning they had received. They believed that staying small was the only way to feel safe, so installing those limiting beliefs in you was the way to keep you safe. And this is what your soul has wanted to experience due to some “karma” from other lives – which helped to form the personality. However, the Source wants you to follow your Original Blueprint.


Your parents chose to believe those limitations based on what their soul needed to experience. But it doesn’t imply you have to believe in what they believe. You can choose for yourself without making either of you wrong for the beliefs you choose.


So does it matter what others think of your purpose? No, it doesn’t matter. But it matters what you feel about what they think because it shows you what you need to heal, integrate and transmute in you based on your past lives.


Follow Your Original Soul Blueprint

To transmute conditioning – the result of “karma” – you must strengthen your belief in your original soul blueprint. Let’s say you feel paralyzed sharing your gifts because of the potential negative feedback it may receive.


In this situation, you need to align with God’s vision for you and make it more important than anyone else thinks – because what they think is a part of your unresolved karma to help you grow stronger. It’s not the Reality. 


You’re here to follow your original soul blueprint and transmute the conditioning which enriches and purifies your personality. In other words, we aren’t here to put the negative ego – karma – on a pedestal. We aren’t here to worship limitations and fears and have them run our lives. We’re here to face and transmute them so we can stay aligned with the original soul blueprint.

So whenever you doubt yourself, close your eyes and get centered. Then place your hands on your higher heart chakra and feel your truth. Feel the vision God has put into your heart about your purpose. And trust it. Make it more important than any limitation. Make it more important than what your environment thinks you should be because this is the truth of who you are.

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